Crocheted Nativity

What a whirlwind season it’s been. I have to admit to being sad to see it coming to a close. In this week’s final challenge, you selected Erica’s amazing crocheted nativity set as the winning project.

This is Erica’s fourth win.

Crocheted Nativity

This Crocheted Nativity Set is probably one of my favorite things that I have made. I really love the way it turned out.

Learn how to make this crocheted nativity set.
Crocheted Nativity Tutorial

When I was trying to think of what I could make for the finale of So You Think You’re Crafty I went back and forth on what kind of project I wanted to do. I thought about making some kind of quilt or something but every time I thought about it I kept coming back to crochet. I feel like although I enjoy sewing and doing other crafts, crocheting is the most representative of me and of my blog.

Visit 5 Little Monsters for the full Crocheted Nativity Tutorial. 

Crocheted Advent Calendar

Handmade gift week is one of my favorite weeks of the entire year. All of our challengers entered fantastic projects and we share a load of fun semi-handmade gift ideas. 

This week’s winner was Erica, with her Crocheted Advent Calendar. This is her third win and she moves on to the finals to face off with Holly.

Crocheted Advent Calendar

Crocheted Advent Calendar Tutorial

Instead of making a gift this week, Erica concentrated her efforts on a gift delivery system.

Her kids love advent calendars. Christmas is such an exciting time of year and getting a little treat everyday makes it even more fun!

Her stockings are about 5 inches tall and about 2 1/2 inches across the top and they’re all different colors and designs. She used a total of 7 different colors of cotton yarn and made some stockings with thick stripes, thin stripes, dots, heels, toes and cuffs in different colors, etc!

Head on over to Erica’s blog and check out the full tutorial for her awesome Crocheted Stocking Advent Calendar.

DIY Photo Stand

It’s no surprise Erica’s awesome DIY photo stand took the prize in our paint challenge this last week. The project was lovingly pieced together and serves as a wonderful inspiration piece.

DIY photo stand. I love that this is made from scrap pieces. She shows you exactly what to use.

DIY Photo Stand via 5 Little Monsters

Erica’s inspiration was drawn from a wooden photo stand she was given as a gift. It was a bit larger, but similar.

She loved the idea of having something to set on her desk and display all of the pretty, inspirational quotes she loves. This DIY photo stand allows Erica to change out the quotes as often as she wants!

The best part? Erica created this stand out of pieces you can buy at the craft store – no special tools required.

Hope on over to Erica’s site – 5 Little Monsters – and pick up the tutorial.