Summer Bounty Crafts {week 3}

How was your weekend?  Some friends invited us to spend the day with them at the beach on Saturday.  It was out first real beach day at the Atlantic Ocean and we had so much fun.  I forgot our camera and accidentally left my phone in the car so I didn’t get any pictures, but believe me, it was a blast!  And since I have to have a picture for you, here is one from a 5 minute stop at a beach on the cape.

So this week’s theme is a brand new one…Summer Bounty.  Remember that voting closes a day early this season, so make sure you have your vote in by Thursday night.  And if you want to craft along, remember there’s the I’m Crafty! Linky Party every Thursday as well.

Craft #1 – No-Sew Summer Picnic Basket -ChiWei @ One Dog Woof

When I think about “Summer Bounty”, all I think about is food.  I see lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, breezy picnics, refreshing drinks, and evening bbqs with friends.  Since there were so many aspects of summer and food I wanted to represent, I made a No-Sew Summer Picnic Basket that I think would capture all the bounty of summer!
For this project, I weaved the basket using a heavy duck canvas in two coordinating colors.  I also did not have any access to a sewing machine while on vacation, so this entire project was done without a needle and thread.  All it took were a pair of scissors, fabric, some hem tape, an iron, a hot glue gun, and everyone’s favorite craft item – a 4 foot dry wall T-square!
This basket was planned to be approximately 10 inches by 12 inches, but once it was complete, it felt a lot bigger and held more than I expected.  I was able to carry 2 placemats, a picnic blanket, some fruit, some snacks and a bottle of wine, which would make for a perfect little summer afternoon outing at a park or even just our backyard.
I hope you like my No-Sew picnic basket!  Enjoy some good food, good friends and good times this summer!

Craft #2 – Decked Out Pool Towel – Allie @ Miss Lovie Creations

So for this week’s Summer Bounty Challenge, the first thing that came to mind was sunshine and the pool. Being in the sun and relaxing while reading my book at the pool is one of my favorite things to do in the summer.
Making a pool towel that had some fancy details on it sounded like fun. Using terry cloth and cotton twill tape to bind it, I created a pretty easy pool towel.
 This towel has a removable pillow and a flap that goes over the back of the chair that keeps the towel in place. The pillow is stuffed with shredded foam which should dry quickly and it is sealed inside the little pocket with velcro (the white arrows in the middle picture are pointing to the velcro). The flap that keeps the towel on the chair is also velcro-d on one side so you can remove the pillow.

 No more digging through your huge pool bag for your phone or keys! 

The towel also has a removable zipper pouch one one side that can hold your valuables. It has velcro on the top so you can remove it and stick it in your bag so you don’t have to keep moving your belongings around. The pouch is lined with vinyl and has a zipper so it is waterproof, as well. There are pockets inside for a phone and sunglasses and extra room in the big pocket for things like keys or a camera. 

I think it’s super handy and am really excited to put it to great use!

Hope you like it! Happy Summer!&nbsp

Craft #3 – Neon & Navy Pool Gear – Alicia @ The Creative Vault

Neon.  Navy.  Stripes.  Chevron.
The only thing hotter this summer is the weather!
Oh wait for it… all these pool bags only cost $2.  Now that’s a HOT deal!

I picked up a navy striped canvas shower curtain from the thrift store for $2 and got to work on making essential pool bags for summer.  The result was 4 bags and a tag to keep all of our pool gear in check. All edges are surged for a finished look and hot pink thread accents the bags throughout.  With accents of neon green and shabby chic hot pink chevrons, simple bags become fun and fabulous!

Duffle:  A repurposed hot pink zipper closes the pleated bag.  On a strap are decorative chevron stitches in hot pink and 3 large chevrons line the front.
Tag:  A simple fabric tag tied with jute, hangs with a clear vinyl cover to keep our pool card within easy reach as we check in.
Clutch:  This clutch is closed using the elastic that comes when you buy a new pair of kids shoes and a bright green large button.
Large Duffle:  A large round bottomed bag.  Using the existing grommets from the shower curtain I strung through some neon green ribbon to use as the bag closure.  The bag also has a shoulder strap for easy carrying which is accented with hot pink chevron stitches all the way down.
Wet Suit Bag:  This bag is made with a piece of table cloth vinyl and uses a thinner version of the neon green ribbon as its drawstring enclosure.
While at the pool taking photos these fun bags had many admirers and offers to purchase the bags but no sale.  These babies are all mine and I know they’re going to get lots of use this summer!
It’s nice when useful and fashionable meet!
Now…  who wants to go swimming?!?!

Craft #4 – Summer Bounty Picnic Basket  – Chrissy @  There are UFO’s under my stairs

Summer Bounty makes me think of delicious foods, warm weather, and a more relaxed schedule with my children. One of our favorite summertime activities is picnicking, so I sewed a liner for a laundry basket and turned it into a great picnic basket instead!
I picked up a square laundry basket at Walmart for around $6. I think it’s a perfect size to allow for a good sized picnic without becoming too heavy once it’s packed up with all the food. I also made sure to get one with comfortable and sturdy handles.


I used duck cloth and outdoor canvas for the fabrics of the liner because I wanted something that would hold up to a lot of use. The top of the liner has a drawstring cord so that I don’t have to worry about things falling out in the car, and ties in each corner to keep it from shifting around the basket. But it’s still detachable if it needed to be taken out and cleaned.


The top can fold completely over the edge of the basket allowing for easy access to the inside. There are six pockets around the insides so you can keep things neatly organized.


My plan is to keep the basket all stocked and ready to go so that I could be ready to picnic in matter of minutes. Throw some sandwiches together, add in some fruit and chips and we’re off!
I think it’s impressive that in the basket I have paper plates, plastic knives, forks and spoons, salt and pepper, garbage bags (large and small), wipes, tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, bug repellent, a note pad, pencil, and a deck of cards, and there is still a ton of room for food, and even a blanket if you wanted. This picnic basket could go to the park, the mountains, the beach, or even on a car trip. We’re ready for any adventure!

Craft #5 – Beach Angels – Erin @ Erin’s Creative Energy


Every vacation I take to the beach I always end up bringing far too much
of the beach home with me.  Trust me, I have bags of seashells from each of my beach vacations.  I decided
with my summer bounty of seashells, I needed to turn them into something
beautiful.  This is where Beach Angels were born.

This was a super simple beach project to make.  It involved my extensive collection of seashells and glue.  The beauty pictured above was a gift given to my husband’s grandmother who lives on Cape Cod.  She loved it!  I am honored.  There will be many more made.

Now, I can just take enough shells home to make a few of these…if I don’t go overboard making them for everyone I know.

Craft #6 – Photo Flower Pots – Meg @ Mega Crafty

When I think about summer bounty I think of one thing first- food. All the lovely fruits and vegetables that come piling in from our local farms is definitely a highlight of the season. The second thing I think about is flowers. Garden’s are bursting with blooms, gorgeous bouquets line the farmer’s market, and colorful planters seem to adorn every house in the neighborhood.

For my project this week I decided to try and combine the two and came up with the idea of making photo flower pots.

Some of my photos, waterproofing the pots, and a little Mod Podge was all it took (the real trick though was getting the photos to look straight despite being on a curved and tapered surface). And voilà

I had a  living scrapbook of what summer means to me.

Although this project was about summer bounty, I think it could be a really fun way to personalize flowers for any occasion!

Craft #7 – Tiered Cupcake Stand – Megan @ The Crafty Conundrum

First off, I’m so excited to be back for a THIRD week of So You Think You’re Crafty!

I struggled with this week’s theme a bit… mostly because to me Summer Bounty is all about the delicious FRUITS and VEGGIES (not a craft).  But since this is So You Think You’re Crafty, not So You Think You’re a Fabulous Baker, I couldn’t just whip up some delicious morsels that scream SUMMER – or could I??

I found a loop hole, folks.  Yes, indeed.  I made a tiered cupcake stand (which, of course, doesn’t have to only hold cupcakes).  And you can’t make a cupcake stand to show off without having some tasty treat to display, now can you?  So I made up a batch of these Cheesecake Cookies from Heat Oven to 350, using cherries and blueberries (two of my favorite SUMMER treats!).

I made three different layers so they can be stacked in a variety of ways, or just set out separately.  I love the upside down glasses … I’m thinking it could be really neat to put some flowers, ornaments, or fruit inside the glass parts to add a little extra color.

You could also use this to serve fresh fruits and veggies in the summer.  Or some corn on the cob.  Ok, and now I will back away from the keyboard and try to stop drooling over all the yummy foods on my mind right now.

Craft #8 – Sea Shell Windchime – Nancy @ Nancy’s Couture

I know that usually when you here Summer Bounty you think of
vegetables and gardening.  Living at the beach summer bounty is a
little different for me.  For me it is seashells. I  L-O-V-E
seashells!!!  We spend our days searching for shells.  We
have loads of them sitting in a huge clear plastic tub. It’s about
time I need something with some of those pretty shells!
I wanted something pretty.  Something that would catch our guests
This is a perfect fit! Pretty and eye-catching!
I used a starfish we found a couple of weeks ago for the base of the
wind chime. There is a
strand of shells hanging off of each arm of the star fish. The middle
strand is strung with different shells.  


I found all of these shinny
little shells last summer.  I love the way they shine in the
It’s the perfect piece to
welcome guests into our beach home!
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  1. Heather says

    You ladies could open the most successful store EVER! Kudoes on your beautiful creations, I wish I could vote for each item every time! 🙂

  2. Karen Lappa says

    I love the homemade cupcake/cookie stand as it is my kind of craft! Easy, fun and very attractive, can be dressed up for fancy or dressed down for fun! This one definately gets my vote!! Two thumbs up!! Thank you to the crafter.