Stack of Primitive Burlap Pumpkins Tutorial

*Tutorial by Bessie @ Besserina for her win of the Fall Colors challenge*

3 Shades of burlap, I used dark brown, natural and green
Rust colored wool yarn
White fabric
22″ Orange bias tape
Tree branch
Long sewing needle
Sweet Annie
Hot Glue
Acrylic paint pens in Pumpkin, Brown, Celery and Celadon
Cut a set of 12″ circles from the dark brown burlap, 10″ circles from the green burlap, and 8″ circles from the natural.
Machine stitch around the circles, 1/2″ seam allowance.  Leave a 3″ opening for turning and stuffing.
Turn the three circles inside out and stuff them nice and full.  Slipstitch the openings closed.
Thread wool yarn on a long needle.  Starting from the bottom center of each pumpkin, go up through the center, down along the side and up through the center again.  Stitch all around, pulling the yarn tight, creating wedges all around the pumpkins.

Stack the circles, handstitch them together, as close to the center as possible so that you don’t see the stitches.
Cut or break a tree branch about 6″ long.  Using scissors, make a hole in the top of the smallest pumpkin about 2 inches down into the stuffing.  Put some hot glue down in the hole, and put the branch down inside.
Bundle 8 or 10 little bunches of Sweet Annie.  Tie them at the ends so that they stay together, and place them around where you’d like them.  With a needle and thread, stitch the bunches between and on top of the pumpkins.
For the garland, cut six – 2 1/2″ triangles of burlap. Cut six – 2″ triangles of white fabric.  Zigzag stitch the white triangles onto the burlap triangles.

Then zigzag stitch the triangles to a 22″ piece of orange bias tape.
I used the acrylic paint pens to write the word FALL on the pennants, with a drawing of a little leaf on each end pennant.
Let dry, drape the garland across the pumpkins and slipstitch the ends in place.
Happy Fall!

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