Shabby Chic Bowl

*Project made by Ashley @ Cherished Bliss for the Dollar Store challenge*
This week is Dollar Store, I had such a hard time. I went to 3 dollar stores for inspiration and kept coming up with ideas but I couldn’t finish them in my head. I normally just lay everythingout and put stuff together, but since I couldn’t take the whole store home. I had to figure something out. This is what came out.
A shabby chic inspired bowl from the dollar store! I was so happy!! I knew I wanted to be able to use this project in my own house, and I had an empty place on a desk. : )
I used a hideously ugly pee colored plastic bowl, but with nice lines, and some fake flowers. I decoupaged some old scrap fabric onto the bowl, embellished – AND I was done! Super easy and super messy (since I pretty much had to use my fingers in the decoupage).
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