Season 9 Auditions!

Can you believe that it’s audition time again already!  Time is totally flying by.  Especially the last few weeks with this fantastic Minnesota weather.  Having grown up in the hot dry heat of Utah, I’m loving this cooler, moister weather here in the Twin Cities lately.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand.  Last week Randi @ Dukes & Duchesses pulled in another win with her awesome jewelry holder.

I’ve seen a ton of these doors around, but wasn’t sure what to do with them.  This is what I’m going to do.  The tutorial will be up tomorrow so you can try your hand at it.

We had to say “bye” to Laura  @ EmmieLu Designs. Her Pom Pom Light Shade would be darling in a little girls room.

Can you believe that she’s been doing her finals while competing?  And that she did so well with both!  And with her 3rd place win she’s now the proud owner of a great gift basket from The Toasted Coconut.  Congrats Laura!!

This week is one of the most fun of every season…the auditions for Season 9!!  Let me introduce you to the 14 fine ladies that will be vying for the top 10 spots.

Jessica @ Mad In Crafts
Bessie @ Besserina
Heather @ Dragonfly Designs
Shannon @ Cluttered Closet
Robin @ The T-Shirt Diaries
Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane
Summer @ Create. Cook. Survive Law School
Allie @ Miss Lovie Creations
Haley @ Haybird
Margo @ Art Surrounds Us
Terra @ Mama Says Sew
Ellie @ Homestitched
Emily @ Nap Time Creations
Celeste @ Celestial’s Creations


Vote for your favorite before the poll closes Friday night!  The winners will be announced on Monday.

#1 – Drawing Dolly – Robin @The T-Shirt Diaries

I am so excited to audition for So You Think You’re Crafty.For my audition piece I started with two simple things…..

A picture my daughter drew:

And a bunch of old T-shirts:

So I decided to make my daughter a doll out of her drawing, and so dolly was born:

My husband thinks that she looks like a Zombie doll, I think she is a pretty close match to the drawing.

I think she looks like a rag doll supper model.

Here is the Before and After:

Thanks for looking,


#2 – Family Tree Pillow – Celeste @ Celestials Creations

Family is very important.  I love to integrate our family legacy into the designs we have around the house. This family tree pillow is a fun way for family and friends to learn more about a family’s ‘roots’ when they come over.

The tree and words are printed on color safe printable fabric, then outlined with hand stitched embroidery.

I think adding piping gives an updated and finished look.

I love that this idea is completely customizable to most decor styles by using different fonts, fabrics, or graphics.  I have plans to make one for each of my children’s rooms so they can always know where they come from.  I just have to figure out how to fit the name “Mahonri Moriancumur Stapley” up in those tiny branches.  Hah!

#3 – Stump Votives and Vases – Haley @ HayBird Blog

I am so excited to be auditioning for So You Think You’re Crafty! I’ve been following through the seasons and get so inspired by all you amazing women out there!

For my audition, I decided to finally attack an idea that’s been in my head for awhile. What started as this.

Was then transformed into this.

Which became this.

My original plan was to make it a toothbrush holder, but no matter what approach I took, toothbrush pictures just aren’t pretty! 😉

#4 – Vintage Tri-pod Lamp –  Jessica @ Mad In Crafts

vintage tripod lamp1

Earlier this year, my mom offered me my grandpa’s old camera tripod.  I eagerly snapped up the tripod that he used to take countless shots of our large, loud family.  Although I didn’t need a camera tripod, there was another way I could turn the tripod into something practical and beautiful.

tripod detail1

Since most people don’t use tall camera tripods anymore, you can occasionally find them at thrift stores or garage sales.  My grandpa’s is wooden and has fantastic brass details and some typographical engraving too.
I did some internet research and found that quite a few high-end home décor stores sell versions of tripod lamps… but theirs cost upwards of $250!  I put my floor lamp together for less than $10.  I purchased a few materials from a home improvement store and “borrowed” the rest of my materials from an unused table lamp I had in my basement.

diy camera tripod floor lamp sepia1

I love that not only was I able to make a stylish floor lamp for so little money, but that it has such sentimental value to me.  It’s important to me that the décor in my house is functional and meaningful, and this lamp is a perfect example of that!

#5 – Paper Piecing Christmas Tree Skirt –  Emily @ Nap Time Creations

It’s never to too early to start thinking about Christmas (in my opinion!)… Who has time to actually do Christmas crafts at Christmas anyway? I’m always too busy with other activities… So, I got a head start this year! I can’t wait for Christmas time to roll around to put it under a real tree.
Paper Piecing Christmas Tree Skirt
(as modeled by a bush!)

#6 – Baseball Toss –  Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME!! There is nothing better than an all American game of Baseball. My kids and I help out at a local assisted living center from time to time. I was thrilled when they asked me to come up with a baseball themed activity for the residents to do as part of their New York ‘Vacation’ week!
I decided to make a baseball themed bean bag toss game! I wanted to create a fun game my kids could play with the residents. The residents enjoy my kids a lot… in small doses. I also wanted this to be a game we could keep and play at birthday parties, backyard barbecues, family reunions that sort of thing.
I made the game out of felt, and the bunting out of scrap material. I made a sleeve at the top and bottom so that it could easily be mounted with a curtain rod. Using photoshop I created printable details for the bunting, and bracket sign which I printed on fabric paper. The bean bags were made to look like baseballs. Of course we had to have prizes… I made a simple printable for the treat bags! Staying true to the New York theme we also had York peppermint patties, and Baby Ruth’s!
  I was worried that this game was a little juvenile for the residents, but they had so much fun! My kids had the time of their lives, and loved all of the attention from their new friends!


#7 – Child’s Art Pillow – Bessie @ Besserina

With four daughters who seem to be constantly drawing and painting, I’m always looking for ways to display as well as
preserve their work.
I traced an amazing drawing Livie made (we all think our childrens drawings are amazing, don’t we?) onto soft white cotton and hand stitched the image with embroidery floss.  I sewed on a border and backing of colorful Amy Butler fabric, and slipped it over a fluffy down pillow form. 
Now her pretty picture can sit on the porch swing, on the couch or bed. 
I love adding touches like this to our home, they give it life, and a whimsical personality that’s all our own!

#8 – Halloween Scrapbook House – Margo @ Art Surrounds Us

Here is the Halloween scrapbook house that I have made, using a paper mache house from Hobby Lobby and scrapbook supplies.





#9 – Pretty in Yellow Art – Summer @ Cook Create Survive Law School

I love having artwork to display in my house.  I don’t love the price that comes with most artwork.  Using a cheap canvas from a craft store and some bottles of paint, I was able to create this one of a kind piece (based on a Ballard Designs painting).  The painting is both feminine but not over the top, which is alway useful for maintaining peace in the house.


#10 – Butterfly Hands – Heather @ Dragonfly Designs

I created this painting to add some much needed color to a
special little girls room.
We personalized it by using her very own hand and foot prints! 
Can you see them?
I painted her hands and feet and used the prints for my butterfly bodies.  Then I painted coordinating frames around them and added details in black and white.
Details of my painting.  Can you spot her cute little toes? 
I wrapped the painting right around the side.
What a lovely, personalized project for a little girls room!

#11 – Toddler Vest,  Two Ways – Ellie @ Homestitched

There’s something about accessorizing munchkins like grown ups that appeals to me.  Although I’m pretty sure she pulls off the vest better than I ever could.
(Yes..i’m attempting to get her to stand still. Not an easy task.)
I love vests because they are an easy way to dress up any outfit for any season.
Short sleeves for a casual summer look…
Long sleeves for a nice layered Fall look….
And who can resist adding some ruffles?
Made out of soft jersey so that it’s easy to get around in and perfect for a little one’s active lifestyle.  A great/affordable way to add interest to any mini wardrobe.

#12 – Paint Chip Mosaic – Shannon @ Cluttered Closet

So, I tried to create many different “audition pieces” for SYTYC. Not
that they weren’t good, but I just didn’t feel they were good ENOUGH.
So, I was reading Chica and Jo’s post that had an invitation printed
on a paint chip….and BOOM I had an epiphany. I love doing mosaic,
but tiles are super expensive, grout is super messy, and I have done
it with smashed plates but even those take up space to collect. So I
decided to use paint chips. They are free, plentiful at your local
Walmart or hardware store, and they are…FREE

I started off by priming the laminate and then painting over it with a
blue acrylic.  Then I used a clean rag to wipe it off and give it
a nice faux-finished ragged look.

Then I stole acquired a billion different paint
chips, (by the way, walmart has GIANT paint chips) and using mod podge
and a design I pulled out of my head….achieved this look.  You
can also gently sketch the design and fill it in as you go.

#13 – Faux Wainscoting – Terra @ Mama Says Sew

We have this half bath that was pretty boring.  I wanted to add architectural detail, but I’m a wimp when it comes to power tools. I like my husband to be around to help me. He wasn’t for this one.
Never fear, I came up with a solution:
I used wooden picture frames. I spray painted them white to match the baseboard. I also painted a chair rail and cut it to size so that I could wedge it in between the two walls {thus eliminating the need for a nail gun}. I used some damask print fabric inside the frames to give it a pop of color.
Ta da!
I also added a sign with some bathroom rules.  I saw a sign with similar rules on etsy a while ago and I’ve been wanting to make one ever since.  I gave my board a base coat of green to match the fabric, then used white glue to make the top layer of off-white paint crackle.

#14 – Mixed Media Bracelets – Allie @ Miss Lovie

Making jewelry is so fun and addicting. I seriously want to make 10 more of these bracelets. They are sparkly, soft, and feminine. My favorite combinations.
These mixed media bracelets are made from embroidery thread re-woven by hand to create unique colors, rhinestones, chain, and a little wire.
 I’ve been so inspired by all the beautiful braided bracelets around the blogosphere, Etsy, and Pinterest that I just had to figure out how to create my own.
I got inspiration to create these bangles from many bangles I’d seen on sale at the outdoor mall close to my home.
You could mix the bangle and braided bracelet,
or mix the colors and wear two of the same styles.
LOVE the way they turned out!
 I hope you love them, too!
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    These are ALL SOOOO amzing! It would be easier to pick one that is not my favorite as opposed to my favorite! There is some serious talent going on here!!!! I am going to have to look thru again and again and then I think just sort of click and go!
    I know a contestant (via blog stalking) and I thought it would be easy to pick hers out such she does such fabulous work, but it is tough!!
    Cannot wait to see tutorials! ok, I will be brave and vote. But for whoever does not make it…. please do not feel bad! Every one of the submissions is fantastic!