Season 8 {week 1}!

Here we are! A new season!  I’m always shocked when it’s time for a new one. They come up so fast.  I’m excited for you to see the projects the new ladies have for you so I’ll keep this intro short & sweet.

This season is going to be a little different.  Due to some issues that came up because of my move (mainly no internet access for what seemed like forever), there will only be 9 ladies competing this time around, but boy are they awesome so you won’t be disappointed. And here they are. You can learn more about each of them and their blogs in the Meet the Crafters page.

Holly @ Domestic Dork
Ashley T @ Cherished Bliss
Narelle @ Cook Clean Craft
Camilla @ Candied Apples
Heather @ Me Making Do
Amy @ Spicy Tuesday Crafts
Laura @ Emmie Lu Designs
Ashley L @ Not Just Grannies
Randi @ Dukes & Duchesses

So, without further ado…week 1 of season 8 – Wild Card.


Craft #1 – Piano Upcycle – Laura @ EmmieLou Designs

I LOVE using old stuff for crafting & re-purposing it in a new & fun way! So when my father-in-law gave me pieces from an old piano that had been busted to smithereens, I was psyched. In addition to the keys & other scraps, there was a large piece of wood that was used as the focal point on the front of the piano. Of course I couldn’t just use it as it was, so I flipped it over & used the backside which was poorly stained and a little busted up itself [which i loved]. After cleaning it up a bit, I then hand painting one of my favorite quotes onto it. I finished it off with some easy-peasy stenciling to create an abstract & unexpected border. What did I end up with? A massive piece of wall art that will adorn the walls of my home for many years to come.

… Now – what should I do with the rest of the piano?





Craft #2 – The Alphabet Play Skirt – Randi @ Dukes & Duchesses

There’s nothing cuter than a little girl wearing a sweet little play skirt.  And the little girls I know love to read and write and sing their ABC’s.  This fun little skirt combines it all.
The Alphabet Play Skirt is sewn from cotton fabrics in turquoise and red.  The whimsical red alphabet fabric adds a fun punch as a lower layer on the skirt and also turns under and acts as a contrasting facing {a fun little touch just in case that skirt blows up in the wind}.
A handful of letters {a through g}, cut from coordinating fabrics …
… were interfaced and appliqued to the bottom of the dress, curving around the side.  The tail of the g swoops into the lower layer, just the way my little one thought it should swoop.
A perfect little skirt for carefree summer days.

Craft #3 – Summer Baby Sleeping Bag – Narelle @ Cook Clean Craft

Putting on a sleeping bag is a great signal to a baby that it’s time to sleep. But Summer weight sleeping bags are hard to find, are often in hideous prints and colors, and are way too expensive for something that is only going to be worn a few months. So what’s a crafty Mom to do but sew one up herself:

Made from a pretty lightweight knit fabric, with a lined bodice, snaps at the shoulders and a big zip at the side.

And the proof of the sleeping bag is in the sleeping:

(Note: Helmet added to preserve anonymity. Child is not forced to wear helmet whilst sleeping.)


Craft #4 – The Butterfly Outfit – Heather @ Me Making Do

What little girl doesn’t love butterflies? Chasing and trying to catch them. Butterflies are so pretty and and magical, so why not an outfit iinspired by those fun filled butterfly chasing day’s?
The Butterfly Outfit

What little girl wouldn’t love this outfit?

The shirt I bought then adorned with cute butterflies fluttering all over.
The shirt I bought then sewed cute butterflies fluttering all over.
And then of course you need butterfly shorts, the ties are shaped like butterfly wings.

Craft #5 – Tickety Tock – Holly @ Domestic Dork

What do you do when your two-year-old is begging for a clock of her own?
I’ll give you a clue…
You scour the internet for a Tickety Tock from Blue’s Clues (because, of course, your preschooler is totally obsessed with Blue’s Clues)! Even if it takes hours, that’s what you do!
But what do you do when you discover that they never made a functioning Tickety Tock? Well, you could throw in the towel and give her the oversized, dusty, old (but loved) alarm clock you’ve had since high school, the one that no longer rings. But that would be:
Might as well take that sucker apart! Add some spray paint, vinyl, laminated card stock, and a dollop of nail polish and what do you get?
Tickety Tock!
The colours on Tickety vary depending on the source consulted. On screen, her bells most often look silvery-blue, but the Nick Jr. website features Tickety printables with purple bells. I decided to go with purple to save on spray paint costs, and because it’s cute.
I think Steve approves…

Craft #6 – Football Buddies – Amy @ Spicy Tuesday Crafts

Meet “Annie” and “Jake”! My husband is a huge San Francisco 49ers fan and our kids love screaming at the tv….er, I mean, watching the games….with him. I made these little friends to join the party! “Annie” loves to tail-gate so I made her a watermelon to share:

And “Jake” is in his 49ers jammies with a blankie to cuddle with at bedtime.

And because I love accessories (but hate picking them up all over the floor), I made his blankie “attachable” — two loops for his arm to slide through.

These two have become very well-loved friends around our house, especially during football season.
Now, if only the 49ers could get to the Superbowl!

Craft #7 – Quiet Book – Camilla @ Candied Apples

Have you ever struggled with wanting something for your kids but also wanting something you don’t mind looking at either? This quiet book is like that for me. I could have bought one or made a really simple one but I wanted one that I don’t mind carting around with me to church, doctor appointments and on long car rides for years to come.
The front (above) has a large oblong button that is easy for small hands to open but it has a wrap around strip of fabric to keep everything inside. The pages of the book are held together with two large rings, making each page removable. This is awesome if you have more than one kid using the book. You can pass the pages around. You can also add pages here and there.
The house page has a bed and a dresser. The little boy gets out of bed and you can put on his felt clothes.
Below is an abacus counting page using orange beads.
Above is the number recognition page as well as buttons. The numbers come off so you can put them in the correct order and perfect your buttoning skills.

Every quiet book needs a car page. This one comes complete with a garage, trees, a pond and a stop sign.

This is the apple tree page. Each apple comes off and snaps back on.
And if you get to the end and you still need something to do, how about some color crayons and a pad of paper?

Craft #8 – Women’s  Halter to Toddler Dress – Ashley @ Not Just Grannies

I am new to sewing, and still afraid to tackle designer fabrics, for fear of messing up royally and wasting expensive fabric. I saw this Ann Taylor women’s halter at the thrift store and could not take my eyes off of it! Not for me, for my daughter! I decided this was a project I wanted to tackle, especially since I bought the halter for $1.50!

I was able to refashion this size 10 halter to a size 3T dress in about 3 hours, with 1 hour of that time being seam ripping. I was so excited to utilize the invisible zipper and “move” it from the side of the halter to the back of the dress! Even better, I was able to leave one side of the zipper intact! I did not trim any of the bottom fabric, just utilized the gathers to make it “flowy”.

I couldn’t be happier with the way this dress turned out! We have already turned so many heads and gotten tons of compliments. And all of this cost less than $5.

Craft #9 – Mosaic Table – Ashley @ Cherished Bliss

Who would have ever thought it would be this difficult to come up with something and have NO restrictions! My thoughts just go wild and I start combining crazy things. So after restricting myself to something I actually wanted/needed I decided to do make myself an outdoor table. I have this mosaic “thing” that I made along time ago with my mom. We smashed a bunch of tile in a pillow case and made a mosiac on a wooden square with rounded corners. What were we going to do with it? We had no idea, but I had been wanting to do a mosaic. So needless to say we have both traded and carried this thing around for YEARS. I don’t know how many times we put it in a garage sale and then took it back out. So I decided I would make a table out of it for my backyard. Since I usually leave the building/woodwork type stuff to the hubby I was determined to do this myself. So I found an old rusty plant stand and figured out a way to attach it to my mosaic “thing”.
What I used to make my table: Spray paint, hanger tape, screws, drill, and that’s it! Super easy for any woman! This is what I got for my backyard : )
Doesn’t it make you want to sit on your back porch and drink lemonade?! ME TOO!!
So I freshly squeezed some lemonde (which turned out delicious!!) and drank it on my back porch with my pretty flowers and new table : )
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  1. says

    This are all so great! But, I had to cast my vote for the quiet book because it was so ingenious. Good luck everyone. I can’t wait to see the projects as the weeks progress!

  2. says

    Difficult for me. Table, quite book and clock would all be things on my list to do!!!! Very impressed. Thanks for posting ideas!

  3. Sarah says

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE the tickety-tock!! I loved (wait… still love!) Blue’s Clues. I really hope it will win so I can see the tutorial 🙂


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