Season 7 Auditions (with results)

Well it looks like the final two have been chosen!  Melissa from Sew Like My Mom and Amy from Positively Splendid will be going head-to-head next week in the wild card finale.

Meredith gave a spectacular preformance this season and finished in 3rd place.  Her Positive Attitude Pails from last week were so cute!

I think they would make great easter baskets too.  Be sure to keep track of her at her blog, My Magic Mom.

This week is one of my favorites all season…auditions for the next round of crafters!!  Just like always there is no theme for the audition.  The crafters were able to choose a project they felt most exemplified their style. Let me introduce you to the 13 hopefuls:

Shannon @ GoogieMomma
Kate @ See Kate Sew
Kerry @ My Life – His Mission
Tone @ Bless by Tone
Tori @ Apostrophy Designs
Charity @ Cannwin
Chrissy @ There are UFO’s under my stairs
Heidi @ Under the Humble Moon
Becky @ Beckymae’s Journey
Jill @ Made it on Monday
Amy @ Nap Time Crafters
Macey @ Olivia Renn
Kim @ Bugaboo, Mini Mr & Me

Craft #1 – Back Pack Tags – Charity @ Cannwin

Have you ever noticed that kids these days rarely answer the phone? Cell phones may be the best thing since the invention of the wheel, but when it comes to phone skills they leave our children severely lacking.

On top of that is the monumental task of getting your kids to remember all those phone numbers.

There’s dad’s office, dad’s cell, mom’s office, mom’s cell, the home phone, grandma’s phone and grandma’s cell.

The list goes on and on.

Too many phone numbers makes Jack a sad boy and Mom a nervous wreck.

I propose an ending to the stress!

May I present the ‘Back-Pack Tag:

Simple. Convenient. Easy to use.

These little ‘tags’ are made from washers obtained at your local hardware store and easily attach to any zipper using a key chain ring.

Try attaching them to backpacks, coats, house keys, or even necklaces.

Add one for each of your important numbers and never worry again about your child forgetting their phone number, or losing their stuff.

Craft #2 – Gold at the End of the Rainbow – Chrissy @ There are UFO’s under my stairs

What every well dressed little lady leprechaun will be wearing this St. Patrick’s Day!
A rainbow party dress with smocked bodice, full skirt, puffed sleeves, and a golden petticoat peeking out!
The perfect antidote for the last blah days of winter, a reminder that spring is coming!

Craft #3 – Turtle Quilt – Heidi @ Under the Humble Moon

This baby turtle quilt was inspired by an illustration that I created. It was very free form quilting project, the turtle is appliqued into the brown batik fabric. I used mostly cotton batik prints and scrap fabric from my stash. I didn’t get a photo of the backing but it is yellow flannel and you can see it at the edge of the quilt. I also added a ribbon boarder to the quilt. The quilt also makes a lovely wall hanging and that is what we are using it for at the moment above my sons bed.

Craft #4 – Reading Light – Kim @ Bugaboo, Mini Mr & Me

I’ve loved books ever since I was a kid.  And though I love to read still, I love books for another reason entirely now.  Decorating!  Books (or pages, anyway) make great wreaths, fancy flowers, and a fun decoupage medium.  And bundled up books are all over home decor lately.  I decided I needed a new reading light.

What better way to create a unique reading light than with a stack of books?

Complete the look by adding a glazed lampshade to make it look aged, some book page flowers, and a page-wrapped pipe to hide the hardware.  The fact that the page wrapped around the pipe happens to be uplifting is purely coincidence.  But one that I like.

I tried to choose old books, with interesting titles.  I especially like “I Don’t Know How She Does It” and “Nobody’s Perfect.”  That sums me up pretty well, I think!  (Although the Miss Manners book at the bottom is pretty sweet, too.)

With the cozy light cast from this fun reading light, you’re ready to cuddle up with a good book, fuzzy blanket and cup of hot cocoa!

Craft #5 – Coffee Table Entryway Bench – Macey @ Olivia Renn

I took this old ugly thrift store find
and turned it into this:
A lovely bench seat for my entryway

Craft #6 – Leafy Treetops Nursery – Amy @ Nap Time Crafters

“In the leafy treetops, the birds sing Good Morning”
I wanted my little girl to have a bright and cheerful nursery. Nothing seems more cheerful to me than leafy treetops, sunshine, and birds!

We’re renting so paint was not an option and vinyl was too pricey for our budget. The secret to her leafy canopy??? Fabric! I applied the fabric to her wall with cornstarch, which is super cheap and completely removable- yay! With 2 yards of burlap and some fabric scraps from my stash I created her a leafy tree filled with birds and a squirrel. Above her crib is a happy collection of birds and an owl perched on a wire. A nice cheery sun finishes the nursery. I couldn’t be happier!


Craft #7 – An Organized Week Dry Erase Board – Jill @ Made it on Monday

I have notepads all over my house full of lists I’ve started yet never finished—meal plans, grocery lists, to-do lists, details to remember. But, like I said, those notes are all over the house. I needed a central organization station.
I used an old, beat up cupboard door as the base. A few coats of a greenish-gray paint and a little distressing prepared it to look beautiful in my kitchen. I found a roll of dry erase material with an adhesive back, so all it took was cutting a 16” x 16” square and sticking to the middle to transform a cupboard door to a unique dry erase board.
I cut out the days of the week, the three categories (eat, clean, remember), and the other decals from red and black vinyl and then it was ready to use! It was so nice to be able to fill in the boxes and have an organized view of my week. It will also be helpful for when my husband asks, “What’s for dinner?”
My kitchen has lots of cabinets but absolutely no wall space, so the door to the garage makes the perfect place to hang the sign. I covered the dry erase pen in black and white gingham fabric and put a vinyl cut out of a knife on it. A small magnet glued to the back of the cap allows me to just stick it to the door.

Craft #8 – Best Brag Book Ever – Becky @ Beckymae’s Journey

Made from scrapbook paper and some glue…double stick tape, envelops, some cute spring stickers and my creative juices! Perfect fit for your purse!

Would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves to show off their family.
But wait there is more…you can turn it into many other things too:
your favorite recipe holder, place to hold some scripture you need to
memorize, cute sticker book for a pre-teen, or anything your heart
delights that need some organization!

Craft #9 -Disguised Diaper Bag – Shannon @ GoogieMomma

Anything I want? Any old project/craft/sewn item I can think of?
No theme at all???
Yeah, that’s a LOT harder than you’d think it is.
So I tried to think of something I’d wanted to do for a while and just hadn’t gotten up the guts to do it needed a little nudge to get done. And this was it—the perfect bag (for me at least!)
On the outside—a fashionable (if rather large) bag…
leather bag_4332
Leather for durability, big exterior pockets for storing things—including a designated cell phone pocket—on the outside for easy access.
leather bag_4344
But inside—ahh, that’s where the real magic happens. This, my friends, is a fully functioning diaper bag IN DISGUISE.
Inside there are three sections—the two outer sections are vinyl lined fabric for easy cleanup. They close with simple magnetic snaps, and have interior pockets for organization.
Plenty of room for everything a busy mommy needs…
leather bag_4335
The center section is for mommy’s stuff—zippered for a more secure closure.
leather bag_4336
A place for everything, and everything in it’s place! (and if you honestly think it will still look like this a week from now, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you…but a gal can dream, right?)
So there it is. The perfect mommy bag. My white whale. Done. One check mark on the to-do list done—what’s next?
leather bag_4342

Craft #10 – Day & Night Doll – Tori @ Apostrophy Designs

Dolls are fun and they come with a lot of accessories. However, one thing that I am constantly picking up around my house is the clothing, leaving the dolls naked.
For my SYTYC audition project, I decided to craft a doll that gives you the best of both worlds, a Day & Night Doll.
You get all of the fun and playfulness of the DAY…
And the softness of the NIGHT…
Each doll is made out of felt, hand embroidered faces, and stuff with love.
{And the best part is you get a clothing change with the clothes staying on!}

Craft #11 – Tree Clothes Rack – Tone @ Bless by Tone

I saw a clothes rack tree in a magazine about a year ago, and I have
wanted to make one ever since. This is my interpretation of a clothes rack
tree. I included an owl and a squirrel since I intended the rack for

Interior wise it is very trendy with the “natural” look, and what is
more natural than bringing a tree into your house. The rack holds many
clothes due to all the branches. I used decorating concrete in a basket
and just put the tree into it. I love the basket – it can hold little
things that doesn’t go on the rack, like hats and gloves – or shades in
the summer.

I’m a little in love with my squirrel – he got just the look I was

The owl is keeping watch. Both the squirrel and the owl are
removable. The owl has a hole in the bottom, that way she is easy to stick
on a branch.

“Any acorns, anyone?”

The basket – room for hats and gloves.

Craft #12 – Love Endures Fabric Plaques – Kerry Ann @ My Life – His Mission

These plaques are not just for Valentine’s Day. They will remind you year-round that Love Endures. Even though, Love Endures, the plaques don’t have to because the way that the fabric was applied makes them easy to customize or change for a different holiday or season. I love the scrappy look as the fabric was ripped and applied in layers. I had so much fun making these plaques and the best part was, I already had the fabric scraps and the old wooden plaques on hand, so the out of pocket cost was $0.

Craft #13 – Grape Soda – Kate @ See Kate Sew

I had a little sewer’s block this week. So I went back to the sketchbook and drew up a dress.
A faux placket lined with ruffles.
Sleeves that tied in a bow.

Four vintage buttons lined down the front.
A bottom ruffle poking out beneath a black umbrella on a rainy day. A button closure in back.
It was all of those things causing sewer’s block that became this little dress. I had to get it out somehow.
And since it is the color of champagne, I named it grape soda. A little more tame. And tasty, too.
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  1. Meaghan L says

    The lamp is DIVINE! I would kill for that lamp! The roses along the edges of the lamp are so creative and demonstrate uniqueness and bring in a feel for reading since they look like they are made of pages from an actual book. I love reading, so I would definitely choose this lamp 🙂

  2. Claire says

    I’m voting for the lamp. It is a great idea and really cute. I also loved the turtle quilt but I can only vote for one!

  3. claudine says

    Really hard to choose, but Craft #11, Tree Clothes Rack, gets my vote. I loved the whimsical little critters to go with it and thought it was an adorable idea. Excellent idea for the basket at the bottom too.


  4. Shannon says

    I LOVED #4 the lamp. There is nothing more relaxing than snuggling up in a cozy room ( or retreat) with your favorite book, either to read OR read by. Not only is this a fabulous idea for adults, imagine how cute it would be with childrens books! What a great way to pass along the love of books!

  5. Laurie says

    I LOVE the mommy bag, so much prettier than the traditional diaper bag. Genius!!!