Season 6 Auditions! (with results)

Hey everybody!  I hope you’ve all had a great week full of family and friends!  I sure did, hence the later that usual post 🙂

Could you believe how cute last week’s winter crafts were?  I always love to see what the top 3 come up with and everything was great!

We’re sad that we won’t be having Chica and Jo with us in the final.  Their stuff has been some of my favorites all season and their Penguin Coat Rack from last week was no exception.

Isn’t that a great idea?  Be sure to stay with all their other great ideas (for crafts or yummy holiday eats) on their blog!

It looks like  KoJo Designs with their Hybernation Station (tutorial coming shortly) have made it to the finals!  Congrats ladies!

They’ll be joined by Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition.  The final projects will be coming next week.

It’s Season 6 Audition Week this week!! Can you believe that?  I’m so excited for you all to see what great stuff there is for you. Let me introduce you to the hopefuls.

Lisa @ Crafting My Way Through Life
Becky @ Corduroys Closet
Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom
Meredith @ My Magic Mom
Ashlee @ I’m Topsy Turvy
Becky H @ Beckymae’s Journey
Emily @ Industrious Emily
Rebecca @ Sewing in the Past
Amy @ Positively Splendid
Mandy @ Mandipidy
Nicole @ Cole’s Corner & Creations
Amber @ A Bunny World
Elle @ The Crazy Gecko
Kerry @ Fabric Therapy

Just like in seasons past, there is no theme.  Vote for your favorite project and the 10 with the highest votes will become the contestants for Season 6!

If you would like to participate in, sponsor, or have a great theme idea for a future season, just email me at

Good Luck Ladies!!!

#1 – Recycled Bubble Mailers

– Amber @ A Bunny World

If you are like me and you purchase from ebay and etsy, you probably have some bubble mailers. In my case, I have a ton of bubble mailers. I hate to discard them. So, as any resourceful person would do, I reuse them.

So grab some of these:

Cover up all the old markings and…(drum roll)…

TA-DA!  So much better!!  And festive too!  Whether you need to mail a Christmas gift or a customer order, dress those bubble mailers to impress!

#2 – The All Mixed Up Cardi

– Kerry @ Fabric Therapy

This is not your grandmother’s cardigan.  This cardigan is hip and ultra-modern.  The body is made of a fresh green striped knit and the detailing is made of a printed knit.  This little cardi will look great with jeans and with look even cuter with a white tee and leggings.  The best part about this cardi is that it is so easy to make.

#3 – A Secret Retreat

– Elle @ The Crazy Gecko

In an age where most of the toy box is full of branded cheap plastic and battery operated toys it’s always lovely when a simply old school idea fills a child with excitement and pleasure and most importantly keeps them occupied over and over again.
I wanted to create a space especially for enjoying a story or two .. or three … or four. The problem is that most children’s bedroom are limited on floor space so Teepee’s are a perfect design.
This one stands just over a 1.5 metres and the base measures just under a metre square. The frame is made from 2 metre tall garden poles painted white and some shorter ones to hold the base in place.
The cover is an upcycled unbleached cotton throw, lovingly adorned with good old fashioned ric-rac and finished with an array of vintage buttons. Just to add a girly factor to the whole project I added large, bright red, handstiched felt flowers.
The base is a beautiful piece of Indian batik in red and white that just invites to to take a peek inside!

#4 – The “Danny” Skirt

– Nicole @ Cole’s Corner & Creations

I love making little girl’s skirts!
So easy. So quick. So fun.

These are so fast to make and with very minimal fabric.
Make one. Make two. Make a whole slew.

Make them out of cordoroy, satin, knit… whatever floats your boat.

With ruffles and a bow, you can never go wrong.

#5 – Ruffle Apron

– Mandy @ Mandipidy

I used a sewing machine once when I was a kid…
Someone walked me through the process step-by-step and helped me make an apron for my mom.

It’s been over a decade since then, and my mother still uses that apron!
Since it was made by an 11-year-old who had never sewn before, it’s pretty shabby.
I still can’t read a pattern to save my life, but I’ve figured out my “own” way of sewing…
So I decided to design her a new apron for Christmas:

I used fabric paint and freezer paper as a stencil for the lettering…

And Mmmmmm ruffles.
What girl doesn’t love ruffles?
So I covered the skirt with lovely layers of them…

Then, using the cathedral window quilt pattern I made a matching pot holder…

So this is the lovely kitchen set that my mother will be receiving this Christmas:

And, at last, my first apron attempt can be retired to the cedar chest with the Sunday School projects and macaroni art.

#6 – Whimsical Christmas Stockings

– Amy @ Positively Splendid

When decorating for Christmas on a shoestring budget, it can be a downright downer to find something you love in one of the fancy-schmancy home décor catalogs, only to realize the price tag leaves you feeling anything but jolly. These stockings are the result of just that type of scenario. Thumbing through my Ballard catalog a few weeks back, I fell in love with the whimsical, yet classy, feel of a particular set of stockings. At $35 apiece, though, I knew buying them ready-made was certainly not in the realm of possibility. So what’s a girl to do? She sets to work making a set from scratch that she’ll like even better than the original!

I started by drafting a pattern, something I will happily pass along to all of you in case you are interested in making a set of your own. I was determined to use only the simplest, most basic sewing methods to construct these stockings, and I was tickled that I was able to do just that. My only splurge in terms of effort was to embroider the names, but I have a few other ideas for how to personalize these stockings even without access to an embroidery-capable machine.

With bold, vibrant colors, and a shabby-chic, whimsical sensibility, these stockings are a sure-fire way to punch up your Christmas décor without having to pare down your gift list!

#7 – Picture Pillow – Rebecca @ Sewing in the Past

hello! i’d like to show you a little project that has been under-construction for quite a while. i finally decided to pull it out and complete it! smart, huh?

basically it’s a picture pillow. and the picture is made of mainly ruffles. consisting of a tree and two little blue birds. ruffles are really fun to make pictures with. whether you’re adding it to a pillow or a tshirt! and using jersey or ribbon ensures no fraying edges.

anyways, that’s my project! i hope you like it. and i can’t wait to add it to my window seat in my upstairs sewing room! :o)

#8 – Artist’s Journal

– Emily @ Industrious Emily

Every artist needs a way to take their projects on the go. And this little notebook is just the thing for the artist in your life. All folded up it keeps everything tucked away inside, a little toggle holds it together and a personalized monogram lets everyone know it’s yours. Made of burlap and lined in duck cloth, it’s sure to last through lots of every day wear and tear.
Open it up and everything has it’s own place, keeping those art supplies organized and easy to grab when you need them. The sturdy design of the center section means that you can set it on your lap while you draw, no need for a table.
Plus, it looks so cute tucked under your arm while you head out in search of a sunny spot to sit and draw the scenery.

#9 – Square Knot Handbag

– Becky H @ Beckymae’s Journe

Presenting The Square Knot Handbag…all you need is a square piece of fabric, some
rings, a handle (long scarf will do), and a button!
You can make out of your grandmother’s old scarves, a fun fabric you saw at the local craft store or an old skirt you have for the goodwill pile. Be creative and add bling or a rosette corsage..the ideas are endless with the square knot bag!

#10 – Ruffle Stockings & Tree Skirt

– Ashlee @ I’m Topsy Turvy

We used to move lot. It was often enough that I didn’t bother getting invested in decorations. But ever since we settled down I have been wanting to started decorating more, not just the every day house stuff, but also holiday decor! I decided I needed to replace my cheap store bought tree skirt with something homemade. I tend to work better with a deadline so when the opportunity came up to audition for So You Think Your Crafty it seemed like the perfect time to sit myself down and make it!
quilted Christmas tree skirt with ruffle
Sometimes what we envision and what we end up with are dramatically different, but this turned out just like I pictured! The stripes, the octagon (I considered a square to) the ruffled bubble… Just in LOVE with it. I actually designed what I wanted last year and fell in love with this fabric. BUT it was discontinued this year! I spent more time finding the fabric than I did making my projects. And you can’t have a tree skirt without the matching Stocking! By making these at the same time it didn’t take much more time that just doing one! I was afraid if I didn’t do them together they wouldn’t get done!
quilted Christmas stockings with ruffle
I am SO in love with how they turned out, and while it was a little time consuming they were actually really simple to make! I did all the stockings in 2 days! I ended up making extra stockings too. You just never know when you might have an extra family member, or visitor, or with my kids, one gets ruined! Now I just need to get by tree up, my stockings hung and I’m ready for Santa to come! Think I might get some craft supplies???
quilted Christmas tree skirt stockings with ruffle

#11 – Custom Wine Charms

– Meredith @ My Magic Mom

Having a Christmas party and want a cute way to display wine charms? Place them on a small Christmas tree and let them double as table decoration. Then guests can easily see and choose what charm they want on their glass.

I made some custom charms and placed them on earring hoops (I couldn’t find regular wine charm holders) and they worked great!

By making them myself out of some small pieces of craft felt and some DMC floss, I was able to make the charms the colors and style I wanted. I made some holiday themed and I stitched some with initials on them for my party goers. These make a cute housewarming or hostess gift too.

For another theme, I took small glass ornaments and wrote on them with a metallic Sharpie marker. I wrote names, drew holiday pictures and wrote holiday words, like Peace and Joy.

Just in case you aren’t feeling too crafty, using store bought wine charms on the tree is quick, cute and easy. You can’t get much better than that combination.

Don’t forget you can serve other drinks in glasses with stems too or hook the charms onto punch cups if you are not serving wine at your gathering.

#12 – Indoor Bowling

– Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom

When the days grow shorter and colder, I look for creative ways to entertain my active kids indoors. My oldest loves any activity that allows her to throw a ball, so I thought a soft, fabric bowling set would be a perfect game for our family!

The pins are weighted at the bottom so they’ll stand on their own, but still topple easily when hit with the ball. Even the little members of your family are able to play without anyone’s help!

This bowling set has given us hours of fun so far and should help make the cold winter days that lie ahead a lot more fun!

#13 – Tea Party Table

– Becky @ Corduroys Closet

A table for 4!
Ready for tea parties, coloring, painting or anything else a little girl can get her hands on.
Need it in a more manly style? No problem! Cause your little guy needs a place to get his hands messy too!
This project can be done in any style.
And when your little ones are done with their projects, just wipe it clean. Cause it’s covered in vinyl.
A great project to personalize any space!

#14 – Naughty or Nice Advent Calender

– Lisa @ Crafting My Way Through Life

Christmas is right around the corner! I decided to make my niece
an advent calendar. She is finally old enough to be able to understand
counting down the days ’til Christmas, and hopefully old enough to be
able to understand she can only have one small treat a day until
Christmas. Luckily, I don’t have to be the person to re-explain this
on a daily basis.

This calendar starts on the
bottom at #24 and works backwards.

This is an
original pattern. The numbers are machine appliqued and the whole
piece is machine quilted.

There is one pocket on the bottom with
a card to my niece that reads “Naughty or Nice?”. The card is for
Christmas morning and will explain that if she has been “nice” she can
trade it into her aunt for a big present!
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  1. says

    Eeeek~! I am SOOO excited that this week is finally here! What AMAZING crafts! Thanks for doing such an amazing job and creating something so fun Missy! I hope I make it…

  2. catherine says

    Voting was closed by the time I found you, but for me, hands down the Indoor Bowling!
    I’m new, Do you typically post tutorials to all the crafts presented? Tried to find it at Sew LIke My Mom, but no luck.
    Like Amanda, I’d love to make some of these for Christmas.

    • Missy says

      Hey Cathrine!

      On SYTYC the only tutorials that get posted are the winning project each week, except for the audition round. I know that most of these ladies will be posting the tutorials on there blogs over the next little while so be sure to keep checking back with them!