Season 5 Finale!!

I can not believe that it has been 10 weeks already!  We’re already to the finale of Season 5!  A huge congratulations to Mandy and KoJo Designs for getting here!  Good luck this week ladies!!

In case you missed it,  last week was the auditions for next season.  Here are the crafters that we will get to see during season 6 of So You Think You’re Crafty…

Lisa @ Crafting My Way Through Life
Becky @ Corduroys Closet
Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom
Meredith @ My Magic Mom
Ashlee @ I’m Topsy Turvy
Emily @ Industrious Emily
Amy @ Positively Splendid
Mandy @ Mandipidy
Nicole @ Cole’s Corner & Creations
Elle @ The Crazy Gecko

I’m so excited to see what they’ll have to show us all over the next 10 weeks or so.  Good job ladies!

I really wish we were able to have more than the 10 compete.  But I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of

Kerry @ Fabric Therapy
Amber @ A Bunny World
Rebecca @ Sewing in the Past
Becky H @ Beckymae’s Journey

around the inter webs.  Maybe even in a different season?

#1 – Anthropologie Inspired Knotted Quilt by KoJo Designs

I have a serious weakness for beautiful bedding. In fact, I’m a pretty loyal gal, but seem to have a wandering eye in this area, even when I already have bedding that I love. So, of course, when our duvet cover ripped a couple of months ago, I was delighted to have a reason to do some linen shopping.

And then I went and fell head over heels in love with the rosette bedding at Anthropologie.

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that the $400+ price tag didn’t go over so well, and that I decided to recreate this textural gorgeousness for the SYTYC finale.

Of course, I am completely smitten with my new bedding. I’m still trying to settle on my favorite aspect of this quilt… Maybe it’s the textural goodness? Or the sea of knots? Or the soft jersey? Perhaps it’s the fact that I made it for around $30 (that’s my husband’s favorite part for sure, especially because he is well acquainted with my flavor-of-the-week-esque bedding crushes)? Or maybe it’s the fact that I actually completed my first-ever quilt?

In my life, it is a rare occurrence when the vision of my loveliness in my head directly correlates with my finished project. But this time it did! Now, you’ll have to excuse me while I go snuggle up under my Anthro-inspired, very fabulous, oh-so-gorgeous, not $400 quilt!

#2 – Snowball Skirt by Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition

It’s the finals – eeek!! I just want to say I am SO EXCITED to be here – wow!  I had a tough time coming up with a final craft, especially with no theme to guide me.  I decided to go with a sewing project – it’s probably my favorite crafting medium and I have yet to use it in the competition.

Here’s to hoping I can get your vote for The SnowBall Skirt:

Now, I made this skirt for non-sewers – really!  This is A SEWING PROJECT FOR THE SELF-PROCLAIMED NON-SEWER. I want everyone to know that they can tackle simple sewing projects and have fun creating with a sewing machine.  The skirt is easy – just one rectangle and a little straight-line stitching.  It has a faux-waistband, so you don’t have to mess with figuring out how to make a real waistband or put in buttons or zippers – this skirt is just elastic.

I will show you how to measure for the skirt, give a tutorial on constructing it, and even give helpful hints on the best way to roll tulle rosettes (aka, snowballs – hence the “snowball skirt”).  I will also throw in a how-to on making a bib necklace with your scraps of fabric and tulle.

Sorry about the above pictures – by the time my Kindergartner got out of meeting with a reading club, it was near-dark so the pics are being lit by a street light.  Not to mention it was freezing – you can see that with the huddled-neck of my youngest daughter.  Here’s some details in normal light:

My guesstimate on cost for these skirts (including the coordinating bib necklace) are about $6 a skirt – what a deal, right?  Want to whip one up for that holiday work party??  Or make a coordinating set like me so you can WOW everyone when your family walks into church?? (and when they ask – did you make those?? – you can proudly say, YES I did!)   Vote, The Snowball Skirt

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  1. Leah says

    Oh my I love them both but I’m in the market for some new bedding on a budget and this is beautiful! Anthropologie inspired quilt is my vote.

  2. Michelle says

    The skirt is beautiful and I would have voted for it any other week, but that bedspread is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  3. Brianne says

    I love colorful things, and if the bedspread weren’t white–completely impractical for a house with kids–I think I’d still have to vote for the skirt. For $6, I’m always in the mood for a new look. Well done both of you, but Mandy takes the cake in my opinion!

  4. Mia says

    I think the skirt it’s a little bit to “blah” to be the wildcard for the final!
    quilt, that’s my vote!