Season 5 Audition Results!

Hello all!  I’m sure you’re all anxiously awaiting the finale post from Emilie and Cheri.  Don’t worry…It’s coming.  Emilie has had some complications with her pregnancy over the weekend so Cheri and I decided we should delay the post to let Emilie get all her project info to us.  If you have a minute, let Emilie know you’re thinking about her.

In the meantime, however, I do have an announcement to make.  Without further ado, here are the 10 ladies that you chose to be the competitors for Season 5!

Heidi @ Made by Heidi
Nikki @ Lily Bug Desings
Ashley @ Simply Designing
Kailyn  @ Kailyn’s Bit of Sunshine
Angie @ Country Chic Cottage
Julliana@ Equal Opportunity Crafter
Chica & Jo @ Chica and Jo
Lauren @ Creatively Crafty Baby
Amanda @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition
Kirstin & Jordan @ KoJo Designs

Congratulations Ladies!!  Season 5 will be premiering on October 4th!

Since I know you’re all wondering…here are the project/crafter match ups.  Be sure to visit their blogs and let them know how much you liked their work!

#1 – Little man Ties – Julliana@ Equal Opportunity Crafter
#2 – Playing Card Storage Structure – Jessie @ Scarlet Kitsune
#3 – Hair Jewels – Amanda @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition
#4 – Cupcake Apron – Ashley @ Simply Designing
#5 – Necklace Storage – Lauren @ Creatively Crafty Baby
#6 – No Pattern Back to School Messenger Bag – Heidi @ Made by Heidi
#7 – Double Your Fun Reversible Pillow Case Cover – Kirstin & Jordan @ KoJo Designs
#8 – Phone Purse – Chica & Jo @ Chica and Jo
#9 – Toddler Bed Trundle – Nikki @ Lily Bug Desings
#10 – Friendship Bracelet – Bobbie @ A Vision to Remember
#11 – Rose Petal Chandy – Angie @ Country Chic Cottage
#12 – Paper Doll Art – Kailyn  @ Kailyn’s Bit of Sunshine

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