Season 4 Auditions!!

Can you believe the voting this past week!?! It was crazy! I don’t think it’s ever been this close before.

It looks like Deidre with her Ruffle Scarf and Charlene with her Bubble Skirt Bag have made it to the finals! Great job ladies!!

But we’ve got to give it to Chris. It was sooo close! And that Toddler Cardigan is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. She has the tutorial for it up on her personal blog, Pickup Some Creativity, and I plan on trying one out for myself really soon.

We also have another giveaway. This time from Magnificent Metal. They would like to give away a $50 gift card to their Etsy Shop! I love their stuff! In fact, I’ve been wearing this little thing everyday since I got it!

Isn’t it so sweet? Mine has the name of my little girl and the due dates of my two angle babies. I LOVE it! Every time I hear it jingle when I walk, or feel it on my skin I feel so grateful for my wonderful family. You can get more info on how to enter in the giveaway tab, or by clicking here.

This week is audition week! There are some great projects, but before we get to those, let me introduce the hopefuls. Here they are:
Heidi @ Hello Color
Vanessa @ Tried and True
Carrie @ Tao of Craft
Kristin @ See Mommy Sew
Natalia & Whitnee @ Piece N Quilt
Mary Beth @ Addressing Spaces
Now you know the drill…there is no theme, you just vote for your favorite craft. At the end of the week the 10 ladies with the highest votes will be the crafters for Season 4!
Good Luck Ladies!!!
If you would like to audition for a future season, sponsor one, or have a great theme idea please email me at!


Craft #1 – Girard Inspired Seat/Floor Cushion

Like so many others, I’m madly in love with the mid-century modern designs

of Alexander Girard. I wanted to capture the fun and innocent nature of
his work in a practical sort of way…a seat cushion!

Wool felt added a burst of color while simplifying the construction of my
cushion. I decided to hand embroider the black detailing instead of
machine stitching. Took a while but I like the handmade feel the
embroidery added. Red ribbing along the edges added that final touch.

I had such plans for a set of these cushions in my living room but alas,
my 1 yr. old has already staked his claim on it. Turns out it’s the
perfect size floor cushion for a sweet little boy! (Sorry for the last
picture being blurry. Do little boys ever stand still?!)

Craft #2 – Summertime Swim Suit
This darling swimsuit was self drafted based on a RTW suit. Perfect for Summer time!



Craft #3 – Up-cycled Chalkboard Word Magnets
I don’t know about you, but we have tons of business magnets on our fridge. You know, those flimsy magnets covered with business logos you get at the fair or with a purchase. I am tired of looking at them. So here is what I did with mine:

I turned them into chalkboard magnets. Now I can leave my husband a note, like we need dog food or milk (exclamation point means completely out of milk) or a simple I love you.

This one is for the dishwasher (very important).

These are for my son. We can work on reading words or creating sentences or his blend ladders (bat, cat, hat).

Craft #4 – Time Worn Table

It was hot pink when I picked it off the side of the road. In my haste to make it pretty, I forgot to take a before photo. I painted the base black. I wanted a time worn looking piece so I thought a aged clock design on the top would be perfect.

Craft #5 – Quilted Bed Runner
This gorgeous bed runner is Queen size. The perfect fit to give your bedroom a little bit of color.

Craft #6 – Embroidered Slippers
When I was a little girl, I loved taking dance classes and loved my dance shoes.
I’m so excited to play this season of “So you think you’re Crafty” and while looking for my audition project, I remember my childhood passion and love of dance.
I went to my local Payless Shoe Store and bought these small white ballet slippers. I’m not going to lie… I love how they smell. So fresh and new 🙂

Anyways, when I got them home I got right to work.
I took of the price tag ($16.99) and picked out my embroidery thread. I went with pinks and green. Then I picked out pearls to hand sew on.


I hope you love this idea. I love making something ordinary… into something special.

These would be so great as a babyshower gift, a baptism gift, or a birthday gift.

Craft #7 – Sunny Days Keeping the Clouds Away
Sunny days, mini vacations, long car rides….and missing sunglasses! NO MORE I SAY! Ever since my first car I have had a clip for my sunglasses but as our family grew I couldn’t find more so they ended up in the cup holders, on the floor, you name it, which then leads to broken and lost glasses. Thats where this little project that took no more than 45 minutes to complete came in handy!

It is simple, functional and cute!

All you need to complete this little project is a peice of cardboard, batting/felt, about half quater worth of fabric, elastic ribbon and some velcro circles. Sew simple! I added a little
decorative trim to mine, well, because I like things girly!

The above pictures shows it laying flat on my counter with my sunglasses and my daughters and
as you can see we have two more loops one for my son and hubby.

And hanging upside down in the car (sorry about the weird picture). As you can see I attached
two elastic bands to hold it on the visor.
Say good bye to lost and broken glasses and say hello to fun and organized!

Craft #8 – Cupboard Chalkboard

I have been wanting to make something with a old cupboard door that I found at Ikea. I added a ledge to hold chalk and eraser…….but mainly to catch the chalk dust;)

The perfect chalk board for little love notes to hubby or messages about what I {heart}.

I made a bag to hold the chalk and eraser. I added rooshing to give dress it up a little.

Craft #9 – Cardboard Clubhouse

I am cheap. I’ll admit it. I have a hard time paying a hundred dollars
(or more) for a playhouse that my kids will grow out of or grow
sick of. So I made this playhouse entirely of cardboard, paint, and
glue. Totally cost is around $10!
the back view–had to add a doggy door .
thr roof is corrugated trim I got from a bulletin board store.
($3.25–the most expensive thing I bought.)
Your welcome to come and play….as long as you aren’t selling stuff!!!
Craft #10 – Super-Absorbent Super Hero!
When I was little my Mom sewed a red Superman cape for my older brother. He was just one year older than me so we both wore that cape until it was in tatters. When we strapped on that cape and felt like superheroes. My brother even chose to jump off our 2nd story roof with that cape on to try out its flying powers (don’t worry, he came away un-hurt, but my poor Mother probably aged ten years that day!)

Nothing makes a kid feel empowered like dawning the persona of a super-hero! Now little tykes can feel that same power by the pool.

This Batman inspired hooded towel came together in about an hour and at under $10 total cost, they make a great gift for toddler boys. Thumb loops at each edge make spreading your fierce wings a breeze and the cool scalloped edges make your little guy look like a real bat!

I used nice fluffy towels for this project to make these super absorbent and sturdy enough to be used again and again for years to come. Holy cool bath towel, Batman!
Craft #11 – Rocket Ship Softie
I must admit that my crafting energy tends to be more suited to my girls than to my boy. I am always looking for cool, fun, and creative things to make for him. Lately, my son loves all things related to outer space… So the crafting ideas have been endless! This Rocket Ship Softie was an instant favorite! It is made from 4 panels of fabric and is stuffed with wool batting. The astronauts are painted wooden peg people…they are sturdy enough to withstand all of the “flying” they do as they travel from planet to planet.


I also made this coordinating Robot Bag so that my son can take his outer space friends with him on his adventures. The bag is made out of a Japanese canvas fabric and the straps are out of my new favorite material… Nylon Webbing.



Craft #12 – Packets of Posies Wreath

This wreath has been a bit of a work in progress for me…an evolving work of art if you will. The idea came to me while clearing the table after a family night of planting window boxes, I had these all these little seed packets left over! They were just too pretty to be considered trash!

The whole project was almost free too. That is always a plus! The wreath form is recycled from another wreath. And I used my favorite stuff in the whole world to age and distress the seed packets, can you guess what I used? Old English furniture polish! Fabulous stuff!

The flowers are strips of an old sheet, and they are stuck onto the wreath with straight pins that I can reuse if I take them off. I put them on next. The colorful heads of the straight pins are like the bright centers of flowers! And they add a little shot of color to the white on white flowers!

The Welcome sign is actually a little chalkboard that can be personalized to spell out whatever fits the situation! I can’t wait to show you what the back of this sign says! LOL! I used some chalkboard wallpaper that I bought at the dollar store.

If you were to ask me my favorite part of the wreath I would have to tell you that it is the fact that it can be switched up so easily! The seed packets are held in place by clothespins and can quickly be switched for the different seasons. I can totally see this wreath surrounded by birthday cards in August when we have three birthdays at our house! Or proudly displaying our Chrismtas cards in December. I also think this would be grand holding fall leaves picked up after a crisp day at the park. Or how about little Valentines Day notes tucked all around? I am getting super excited thinking about all the possibilities. How about you, this litte wreath whips up so easily, will you be making one for your house?

Craft #13 – Leather Leaf Necklace

I love to adorn myself and my home with things that have meaning to me. I purchased this necklace and then embellished it with leather leaves.

Each leaf is inscribed with a place that has a special meaning to me.

You could add whatever has a special meaning to you….your children’s names, inspirational words, etc. It makes me happy when I wear it because of the memories that each place holds.
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  1. Gena says

    I think #11 is brilliant, and would make a great gift! Just imagine a nursery with all of these soft and QUIET toys. Beautiful job!

  2. The Trusty Blog says

    #5. Think of the different looks you can give a room without a major remodel.