Season 18 Winner!

Season 18

Wow. We’ve powered through another So You Think You’re Crafty Season together and with more than 2000 votes, we’ve got a Season 18 winner!

Wild Card Challenge Results

Season 18 Results

Crafter Reveal

Project #1 Paper Cone + Pine Cone Wreath – Holly, Ribbons + Glue

Project #2 Crocheted Nativity Set – Erica, 5 Little Monsters

Wild Card Challenge – Season 18 Winner

Our Season 18 winner is Erica, with her Crocheted Nativity!

Paper Cone Wreath

Erica will be back tomorrow with a fun tutorial for this set!

Wild Card Challenge Runner Up

Holly has been a strong challenger this season. Her Paper Cone Wreath garnered hundreds of votes and we’re excited to feature it at a future date!

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