Season 16 Week 1

I think many of you read Missy’s heartfelt goodbye on Friday. I know it was a hard decision for her to move on and I am so grateful that she trusted me enough with “her baby” here to let me keep it going…

Since I am new to most of you, I thought I would take just a minute before we get down to business to introduce myself. Soo, ummm, hi. My name is Tauni.

By day I am a social media consultant and by night I am a blogger (and sometime crafter). I do have a blog that I update almost daily and I also run a fun social media conference for craft and DIY bloggers called SNAP! I share my spare time with three great boys and their Dad.

Missy has done a phenomenal job of creating and growing this site and I anticipate running things the same way, with a few tweaks here and there.

With all that said, let’s get on with the show!

This week’s theme was “paint” and man did these girls do a fabulous job, so take a look and before you leave, make sure to vote (at the end of the post) for your favorite!

Craft #1 – Painted Flour Sack Towel Skirt

I really wanted to title this project “Girl’s Ombre Chevron Painted Flour Sack Tea Towel Skirt”, but I was pretty sure that would be a little too long.  That pretty much sums it up though.

This skirt is made out of a flour sack tea towel (think the ones that grandma used to embroider on).  Using a tea towel keeps sewing to a minimum since you don’t have to hem it!  Sweet!  I found the idea to use a flour sack towel on this post here at Filth Wizardry.  I taped on a chevron pattern and painted it with turquoise fabric paint that I mixed with white to create an ombre effect.

Comfortable, cheap, easy, and cute!  A lady even asked me where I got the adorable chevron fabric.  She was shocked when I told her how I made it.  Best compliment I could get!

Craft #2 – A Toolbox For My Boys

Paint has to be the medium I am the least confident in using. I have been wracking my brain on what to do with paint since Missy told us our categories. I was stumped, until I found this AWESOME tool box for $3 at an estate sale a couple weekends ago…

It had my sons names written all over it, just look under all the rust! My boys love to “help” their daddy fix stuff so of course they need a tool box :)

I brought it home and sanded it with some 3M stripping pads, to remove the rust and old paint and to smooth the surface. Then I shook up the spray paint and got to painting…


I just realized that I cannot show you a picture of the front of the toolbox because I made a new logo with my boys’ initials on it. The initials might give away who I am so if you vote for this toolbox you will see the logo on my blog at a later date :)

This was my first big spray painting project. I was super nervous to tackle it but I am LOVING the way this tool box has burst back to life!!! My boys were SO EXCITED when I gave it to them, and really, that is all that matters in the end! :)

Craft #3 – Shell Jewelry

Shell Collage 1

For the Paint theme I wanted a fun craft that everyone could make at home so I decided to transform pebbles and shells into wearable jewellery.

I am in love with corals, mint and navy for this summer’s wardrobe so I had a good rummage through my nail polish collection to find colours that matched.

I spent a lovely afternoon wandering up and down the beach looking for perfect shells. I then got rather overwhelmed and carried away by a gravel pathway until I had a huge bag weighted down with pebbles. After giving them all a soapy bath I hunted out some ring fittings and badge fasteners.

Paint collage 3

I began painting my collection in different colour combinations. I painted them in stages letting each coat dry before laying with another colour or adding decorative touches. I also painted the jewellery fittings so that they blended in or stood out in fun contrast. Once dry I superglued the pebbles and shells to my fittings. I used a standard all-purpose superglue which if left untouched for an hour or so bonded them perfectly (initially I was too impatient and tried the rings on after 5 minutes and then nearly glued my fingers together as I grabbed the falling shell!).

The great thing about nail polish is that the brushes are the perfect size for such small items and it leaves a beautiful enamel gloss finish. Plus, at the end I could also paint my nails to match! Finally, I accessorised my outfit with my favourite fun, unique pieces of jewellery. Here are a few: (I got carried away and made so many!)

Shell Final 2

The world was my oyster *cringe* (sorry. Couldn’t resist!)

Craft #4 – Oil Painter

It’s true I wish I could say I am the best painter in the world, but much to my dismay I am not.  I, however, love the look of oil painting, but am petrified of actually attempting it. So, this week I went for it, I became an OIL PAINTER…kind of!

Here’s the scoop {some of it} I combined my love for transferring photos to wood with a cool free photo website added some paint to give it my own spin and ta-dah… I AM a painter!!

All the necessary supplies…
The photo on the LEFT is the original photo and the photo on RIGHT is my hand painted version
My guy has now requested I do more paintings for the house–SUCCESS! P.S. this is not my puppy, but he is pretty precious!
The final tutorial will give you all the insider tips and the step by step instructions on How to be an Overnight Van Gogh!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Craft #5 – The Fabric Hutch

Squeal!  When I saw that the topic for the first week was “paint”, I was so excited because furniture painting is right up my alley.  I love how you can take an old, discarded piece and turn it into something wonderful with just a little paint and imagination.
There was a hutch on Craigslist that was old and outdated, but I just knew it had potential to be the perfect piece for my sewing studio.  I can’t wait to fill this baby up with all of my sewing paraphernalia.
You can see below that I used paint, fabric, and new hardware to turn the dark oak china hutch into a fabulous open shelving bookcase.
I used Amy Butler fabric (swoon) to line the back for the stunning pop of color.  And guess what??  The fabric is completely removable and reusable because I created a paste out of cornstarch (tutorial to come soon!).  So, not only can I switch it up whenever I want, it won’t waste precious fabric.
I also removed the doors, painted the entire thing a gorgeous aqua, and switched out the dated hardware.  It doesn’t even look like the same piece!
For a fun feature, I lined the drawers with a floral Moda fabric using the same removable paste.  No fabric was harmed in the creation of this piece :)
So stinking adorable… am I right?
I almost want to paint every piece of furniture in my house this color, but I don’t think my husband will go for that.  Men.  

Craft #6 – Mason Jar Candle Holder

Paint was the only thing I could think of since I found out the themes. I kept thinking and thinking and thinking but really nothing was coming to me as far as what to do with paint… Then I thought well Father’s Day is coming up is there anything I can make using paint that he would enjoy.

jar collage

So I found a mason jar that was hiding in a corner of my craft space and pulled out some enamel paint and got to work.

photo 3

My dad loves fishing so why not make it fishing themed and I finished it off with some shells and a candle inside for a custom candle holder.

photo 1

Here is hoping you all love it as much as I do!

Craft #7 – Polish-Painted Chain Bracelets


For this week’s challenge, I wanted to interpret the theme of “paint” in a really creative way. I’d seen lots of examples of people painting inexpensive costume “gemstone” jewelry with nail polish, but I had been thinking of actually painting chain. And so I did!


Using a large size chain so that I could paint each link individually, I first painted one with a single color of nail polish. I swear, I didn’t realize it was going to match my pants so perfectly! Then, I painted another chain with a repeating pattern of three different colors. It was much more difficult to paint the pattern, since you had to make sure that the paint on each link didn’t get on the adjacent link. But I love the way it looks! You could do ombre or any other pattern that you can dream up.



Hope you enjoy!

Craft #8 – Ombre Painted Bottle Lamp

Hey everyone! Thanks to all of you who voted for me last week. I am so excited to be back this week. When Missy told us the theme was going to be paint I knew exactly what I wanted to do. You see a while back I saw this really cute lamp at Target but it was way too big for where I wanted it to go. But after seeing it I knew I wanted a lamp with this idea. So for this project I decided to make an ombre painted bottle lamp.

Ombre Painted Bottle Lamp

I started with a clear bottle. Since my bottle is small I decided three different shades would be best. My first shade went from the top the to curve in the bottle. Then my second shade was about half the base of the bottle and my third shade was the bottom half of the bottle. I mixed up my paint for painting the glass and used a foam brush to paint the bottle.

Ombre Painting

When I was done painting it I put in the pieces to make the lamp. Then I ran into my issue, I haven’t shared this detail with anyone other than people in my house and Missy up to this point, but I thought this project was about to be my biggest craft failure ever. Do you have any idea how hard it has been to not talk about it?? I was sooooo stressed. I had two days till time to submit my project to Missy and I absolutely hated the shade. Not only did I hate the shade but this was the second shade I had bought. The first one I quickly decided was not going to work so I took it back and got a different one. I let one of my children pick it out, I didn’t really make sure it fit the lamp the way it needed to and after I decorated the shade I hated it. I not only hated the way it fit but I hated the way it look. So after several hours of being upset, trying to come up with something different that I could pull together in two days I decided to take my lamp and my children and go back to the craft store. Lucky for me my children care as much about this competition as I do so it was important to them too and they didn’t complain (too much).

Now I have a lamp shade that I love with a ombre painted bottle lamp that I love. I can’t wait to finish up the area it is going in and see how it looks there. I hope you like my lamp as much as I do.

Ombre Painted Bottle Lamp

Craft #8 – Dr. Seuss Artwork

bath sign2
My kids have to start sharing a bathroom. That means I have to change it to something that will work for both a boy and girl. The only thing my two kiddos could agree on was fish. Is fish the most original idea? Probably not, but you can’t argue with kids that are finally agreeing and not fighting.

I needed something that I could hang on the wall above their towel hooks. I decided to make them a sign. I knew right away what I wanted it to say. I went with: “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish”. My oldest kiddo LOVES to read stories to my littlest kiddo. Dr. Seuss books are 9 times out of 10 the books they are reading. I think it’s the perfect saying to show something they love to do together.

wood collage

Almost all the supplies I needed were things we already had around the house. The wood was leftovers in my hubby’s scrap pile, the vinyl I’ve had on hand for months, the metal piece on the back was also in the hubby’s scrap pile. The only thing I had to buy was blue craft paint (go figure it ran out before I finished the first coat).


This weeks challenge for sure gave me the push to get going on the kiddos bathroom. I’m so pleased with how this turned out!

If you’re counting, you’ll notice that one of our crafters had to drop out of the competition to take care of some personal issues. That means we will only have nine crafters competing this season. I know that they are all working hard behind the scenes to get their projects for week two underway, so let’s give them a vote of confidence shall we?

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    I see several projects I am going to pin for feature inspiration. I’ll be checking out some people’s blogs after voting closes to see more about them hopefully.

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    I love seeing the projects that the crafters came up with but the new voting is such a headache and takes so long I don’t bother voting anymore. This makes me sad I can’t just vote for my top 3 favorite in order and that I have to do ALL of them. Plus I feel bad picking someone as the “worst”… I would love it if you considered simplifying the voting process. Thanks!

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    I actually really enjoy looking at each of the projects and ranking them – sure it takes a little while, but it’s just 10 clicks (well 9 this week and less every week after that!) I think it cuts down on people coming to vote for just one specific person. And I like that the results are not shown after we vote this season (at least I cant see them). As a contestant from a previous season I noticed on the last day of voting there seemed to be people voting based on who was in first/last place to affect who would be ‘sent home’. I prefer not to know until it is revealed – more exciting that way :) Welcome Tauni!!!

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    There are two crafts labeled as #8 and the voting has 10 ranking positions.
    Also does anyone else find that the little bar at the side that says “click here for the challenge of the week” is in the way all the time? I think having it on the right side of the screen would be way better so it didn’t interfere with things like voting and typing comments and viewing the crafts.