Season 14 – Week 1 {On The Wall}

Hello everyone!  How was your holiday season?  Did you stay warm and have fun with loved ones?  I left the cold of Boston and headed down south to North Carolina to spend Christmas with my sister.  It was so great.

How about all the guest posts the last few weeks?  Weren’t they amazing?  I started this blog so that I could see and share all the amazing talent out there and those projects certainly didn’t disappoint.  It’s enough to make a girl like me a little jealous 🙂

Well, here we are now for the first challenge of Season 14 (14!?  I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started!).  And these ladies have pulled out all the stops.  Before I show you their projects, though, let me refresh your memory about who they are and where you can find them when they’re not competing here.


Kim @ Maiden D’Shade
Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique
Ginger @ Gingerly Made
Catherine @ CathGrace
Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty
Ginger @ Ginger Snap Crafts
Christy @ Inklings & Yarns
Amber @ Mule ‘n Nag Crafts
Amelia @ The Night Garden

So now that you’ve had a look around their blogs and have been reminded about how great these ladies are lets have a look at their On The Wall projects.

Craft #1 – Hanging Succulent Garden – Ginger @ Gingerly Made


I have awed at and admired vertical gardens since the first time I saw them. But I have been reluctant to make one of my own because I heard they were difficult. Not so!! They do take a little time before you can turn them and hang on your wall, but other than the patience to let them root, I don’t think they are much more difficult than other gardens.

The key to a great vertical garden is the frame you hang them in. I was able to build a box frame using a pallet and other wood we already had in our garage. Add good soil and a strip of chicken wire to hold in the soil and you are ready to plant.

Succulents are the easiest to work with because they root well and don’t require super frequent watering. I bought several different types and divided them up for planting. Talk to your garden center workers and they can help you pick just the right ones. I chose perennials instead of annuals and also low growing plants. I didn’t want to have to prune long vine plants. Hens and chicks (the round flower-like plants) are beautiful, but you will also need some ground cover types to fill in the gaps. Again, just make sure they are low growing, aka short.

I planted the hens and chicks first to make a swirling pattern and then filled in with the rest.

Hens and Chicks

You’ll need to let your succulents root. Since you just divided them up, many of the plants probably have very little root. Allow 4 – 12 weeks before you try to hang them on your wall. Water every 10 – 12 days.

If you noticed, my framed garden isn’t hanging yet. To take the pictures, I just propped it up. That’s because it’s only been 4 weeks. I want to let them have a few more weeks to let them root before I put them on the wall permanently.

After about  month or so, you will see your hens and chicks develop pups. (They will start to multiply.) Filling in gaps and growing more and more beautiful. Again, mine haven’t started this. Once they start developing pups you can be sure that the plant has built enough of a root system to put it’s energy into multiplying and is safe to hang.

This project isn’t a quick one, but if you have patience, it is a beautiful one with tons of impact and a definite conversation piece.

Craft #2 –  {chalkboard} menu board – Ginger @ Ginger Snap Crafts

It’s January!  Time for those New Year’s resolutions! Yay!  Well, one of my goals this year is to be more organized in my kitchen!  I’ve found that if I plan my meals out that I spend less money at the store, and I save so much time at home.  No more….what’s for dinner?  We’ll already know. 🙂 I made this super easy chalkboard menu board to hang {on the wall} of our kitchen.  It’s a great place to keep track of what’s for dinner.
I just used a piece of glass, chalkboard spray paint, some extra trim we had, washi tape & mod podge to put this all together. I had all the supplies on hand so it didn’t really cost me anything to make. Yay! I really love how it turned out!
I’d be honored to have YOUR vote!  Good luck to all the other contestants.  I can’t wait to see what’s {on your wall}! Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂

Craft #3 – French Country Fireplace – Catherine @ CathGrace

For my On the Wall project, I decided to make a fireplace! (My sister was pretty funny while I was making it, she called her husband and said “Believe it, *X is making a fireplace” and his response was “Of course she is!”) *name withheld to protect my anonymity! 🙂 Nice to know my family gets me and how random I am!
The house I live in doesn’t have any real architectural features, but I really wanted to have a fireplace to be the center of my home, I didn’t have the ability to vent anything/a chimney, so it’s built around the use of vent-less gel fuel cans, and I am absolutely in love with how it turned out, and the warmth it puts off into my home!


For my fireplace I began with an existing gel fuel corner fireplace, since I didn’t want to mess around with trying to build my own firebox (I didn’t want to burn my house down.)  I found a gel fuel fireplace in a thrift store for $50 once, and am still kicking myself for not buying it! The one I used for my project is actually a fireplace I bought almost 10 years ago for a different house, and although I needed it in a corner then, our current house has no free corners.  The fireplace was very small, short, and originally finished in a bad mahogany, sprayed, faux wood. (I added lion wood, molding pieces and painted it black 10 years ago, but for the last 4 years it has been in my garage loft on its head, while I reused to get rid of it like my husband wanted me to I might add!)
For this project I tore the whole thing apart, built a flat body so that it didn’t go in a corner anymore, and made it about 6″ taller to increase its presence on the wall. I used clear glass penny mosaic tiles, white subway tiles, and an antique store find of a cast aluminum fender to define the hearth so that this piece didn’t just sit directly on the carpet (I feel like this detail makes the fireplace look more real…I never liked it just sitting on the floor!) The bunny head is from Anthropologie, and for me it ABSOLUTELY lends a French country feel to this piece, and ties in the heavy black of the fender and firebox. There are 6 ceramic and brass knobs around the top and sides of the fireplace so that I can hang stockings, decorations, and banners from them easily (this is my husband’s favorite part of the fireplace, that he is now very glad I hoarded all those years!)


And here is the finished product in my home with screen and tools in place, I cannot even begin to tell you how this fireplace has changed my home; this Christmas we had garlands all over it, and I am looking forward to decorating it for all of the upcoming seasons! I really hope you like this, and that I earned your vote for On the Wall, I am excited to show the process photos later in my tutorial, it really was such a transformation!

Craft #4 – HOME – Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty

When I think of the word “home”, I think of a respite, a haven, and a place where I am surrounded by the ones I love.  I want my children growing up knowing, no matter where we live, their home is a place of love, a place of safety, and a little heaven on earth.

It’s also a place of screaming laughter, sibling wrestling matches, Lego-building messes, and often frustrated parents.  But when the tough times come along, knowing we have each other helps us through them.

For this week’s challenge, I chose the word “HOME” to display IN my home on the wall as a reminder.  I wanted it big, I wanted it dramatic, and I wanted it simple and inexpensive to make.

A 2×2 wood plaque cut into squares with a table saw, some vinyl scraps for a stencil, and some acrylic paint were the only things I needed.  Because I had much of the supplies on hand, this project cost me under $10.

I hung each letter with command strips over my back door.  We have a great room, so when you walk in the front door, this word on the back wall is one of the first things you see.  Hopefully visitors to our home will know how important “Home” is to us.

Craft #5 – “Inner” Laundry Mantra Signs – Amber @ Mule ‘n Nag Crafts

First off all— good luck to everyone in the competition!  I still think I’m dreaming… I’m BEYOND excited to be here.  Now that I’m done ‘geeking’ out… I am a BIG fan of home decor crafting, so when I saw this week’s challenge as “On the Wall”  I already had a perfect project in my ‘crafting que.’

Our little laundry room is a room I go into every day.  Whether it’s to go to the garage, grab a cleaning tool, or actually DO laundry, I’m in there multiple times a day— which means I see the walls just as much.  And since it’s not the biggest space, I wanted it to be a space I enjoy.  Personally, I think decorations help out with said enjoyment (at least that’s how I like to justify creating new pieces).  When we first moved in, I hung a large poster of one of my favorite places in world (telling you where it is would break the anonymity).  After a while, the poster was moved into a new space and I had to figure out what I wanted to do with an empty wall.  All of the ‘laundry’ related things I saw never really felt like me, until I heard this ‘inner feelings’ version of the laundry process.

So— I made these:


One more view

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out— and it’s SOOO my relationship with laundry right now.  There’s always something to clean with children and husbands around…

PLUS they were SUPER simple.  A little bit of web browsing, vinyl cutting, painting and hammering and you’re done!  It’s a great way of creating artwork, whether the artwork is for master bedrooms or small laundry rooms. 🙂

Craft #6 – Deer Hart – Amelia @ The Night Garden

Week one! I’m so excited for the weeks ahead. I’ve had a ton of projects on the back burner, so I’m glad to be able to pull out the supplies I’ve been collecting and get to crafting!

This project (a faux deer head trophy made mostly from recycled scraps) competed for my attention with another project I’ve been longing to get around to, but I ended up picking it because it’s a low cost project that’s on-trend and can be made with materials that are really easy to find. Even non-hunters can play along!


Using materials from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, recycled cardboard, a thrift store map and some tape, the cost of this project’s materials comes in at under $10. The blog tutorial I’ll post after voting ends will include a template for the basic structure and detailed instructions, so you can make one yourself!


The name for this project (and the inscription on the little metal plaque) comes from my love of puns and old Grimm brothers fairy tales, which often mention a “hart” running through the woods (and led to a bit of dictionary research when I was eight).  One of the lovey nicknames I call my kiddo is “dear heart”, so the  pun fits well for something that might hang in his room later. It’s etched on the backing of an old drawer pull using a simple awl. I also used a vintage German map for the decoupage, since the Grimms were from Germany.
To finish it off, I distressed the edges lightly and added a little yellow chalk line detail. A big project, but I’m so excited by the results. I hope you like it, too!

Craft #7 – DIY Shelf with Storage – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade

About a year ago, we upgraded to an HDTV. Underneath it we put a coffee table because it needed a place to go. I don’t know about all of your homes, but in mine flat surfaces seem to attract stuff. Piles of stuff. Especially when life gets busy like it does around the Holidays. I’m about to get real here. This is what it looked like most of December:

Embarrassing! The blue circles are attempting to show you where I kept some blankets in a big basket, while the green circles indicate bags of stuff that needed to be returned to Hobby Lobby (there was no other place to put them). But mostly notice the mess on the coffee table because that is pretty much the norm. Unless we knew someone was coming over 🙂   So, something had to be done. I’ve had this idea brewing almost as long as we’ve had the TV and decided this was a great opportunity to sell my husband on the idea. I often do what you might call “craft mash-ups”. You know, like they do with songs? Well that’s what I did here to solve my problem. I’m sure many of you have seen these two pictures on Pinterest:

Left source. Right source.
I took these two ideas, and created one perfect solution for the eyesore that was below the TV. So without any further ado, I present my entry for “On the Wall”:

I love it! Nothing is on the floor and nothing should get piled up on it (my family is fairly good about leaving my decorative shelves alone)!! I hope you like it as much as I do! Now, what do I do with that coffee table…

Craft #8 – Watch Me Grow Ruler – Christy @ Inklings & Yarns

My daughter’s first birthday is sneaking ever closer, so you’d think it’s about time to finish decorating the nursery. This week’s theme
gave me the perfect reason to make something I’ve wanted since before she was born.

I find myself ever amazed with how fast she’s growing, and ever so worried that we’re not doing enough to record each change. (The
scrapbooker in me must document everything.) The house I grew up in has a doorway filled with pencil-marked lines tracking each child’s growth over the years, and I really wanted to have a similar space in our home. Problem is, we don’t plan to live here forever, and I don’t want to tear molding out of a doorway when we leave.

The nursery’s theme is vintage school-room, so I thought what better design for a growth chart than an antique wood ruler? (I’ve since seen the idea on Pinterest so I guess I’m in good creative company).

I started with a 1×10 plank from Home Depot and stained it a rich honey color. Then I carefully marked each inch with my quilting ruler and used painters tape and a Sharpie paint pen to draw the lines. The numbers were drawn on by hand. To create a rough guide, I printed numbers, then placed them on the plank and traced around each one with a ball-point pen. This left just enough of an impression in the wood to give me an idea of the shape, which I then re-traced and filled in with the paint pen.

The project took a full day, including drying time and hanging, and I’m thrilled with the result. The baby seems to love it, too!

Craft #9 – Message Board – Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique

This project first started out as a mirror, covered in disney stickers that refused to come off. {thanks to some Goo Be Gone they all came off ;)} I thought it would be an adorable chalkboard so I painted chalkboard paint onto the back and it was fabulous. For a couple weeks. Then my husband was vacuuming and it dropped and shattered. Fantastic. Then I had the brilliant idea to turn it into a message board/bow holder. I couldn’t be more pleased! It holds a million bows and little messages/to-do lists/cards & invitations. I love the way it turned out!



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  1. Beverly says

    This was a tough round. I really liked several of the projects and it was hard to decide which was my favorite. Even the ones that aren’t for me were really creative and wonderful!

  2. says

    What a fabulous job everyone did! So much fun to be inspired and have a chance to meet so many creative people. The fireplace is awesome, though I am a little in love with the laundry signs and succulent garden. Good luck to all the talented ladies!

  3. Kate Mills says

    Holy cow! How can I possibly choose one??? These are really extraordinary. Even the simple ones are awesome! This is shaping up to be a great season!

  4. says

    Wow! What a line-up! Simple projects to kick off the year. Can’t wait until the projects get harder and more elaborate. Good job, everyone!