Season 12 Auditions

I love the audition rounds every season.  Do you guys?  We get to meet a bunch of great creative people and see what they love  to do.  And everything they do is so awesome!  It makes me jealous of their talent every time.  This time is no different.

Its the auditions for season 12 and there are 12 fabulous ladies trying their hand at this go around.  Let me introduce you to them.

Ginger @ Ginger Snap Crafts
Alicia @ The Creative Vault
Megan @ The Crafty Conundrum
Chrissy @  There are UFO’s under my stairs
Erin @ Erin’s Creative Energy
Allie @ Miss Lovie Creations
Crystal @ Crystals Craft Spot
Robin @ The T-Shirt Diaries
Jenna @ Silver Lining Crafts
ChiWei @ One Dog Woof
Nancy @ Nancy’s Couture
Meg  @ Mega Crafty

Only the 10 with the highest amount of votes will be competing in season 12 so make sure you vote for your favorite!  The poll will be open in the sidebar until Friday night. So vote early and spread the word!

Good luck ladies!!

Craft #1 – Statement Bridal Necklace – Allie @ Miss Lovie Creations

 When my good friend asked me to make her necklace for her wedding, I was honored and excited. Then I saw the picture of what she wanted it to look like and I got nervous. It looked intricate and like a LOT of work. And it was, of course, but also so fun. This project is one of my all-time favorites.
 Over 600 hand-wired beads later on an 8 strand chain bib necklace, my hands were sore, but the necklace was complete — and gorgeous. I love the mix of the beads. I used different sized pearls, vintage glass stones, rhinestone clusters, seed beads, champagne colored drops and faceted beads as well as clear faceted beads all on antique brass.
I love it so much that I might just have to make one for me, too.
I hope you love it as much as I do!


Craft #2 – Bird Feeder – Erin @ Erin’s Creative Energy

Springtime is in full swing and summertime is knocking on our door.  Lots of birds chirping, why not have a closer look at them?  I’m not a huge fan of all the very plain looking bird feeders out there and the ones that look nice are down right expensive.  I made a gorgeous alternative.

I have fallen head over heels for the new summer dinnerware from Target.  Lots of colorful goodness and awesome ombre.  I can’t justify buying the entire line, but I can justify buying one bowl and plate which (with the help of a few other parts) turned into this bird feeder for less than $8!!!

The only parts needed were the bowl, plate, a carriage bolt, three nuts, three washers, a little glue, a drill bit and some nylon cord.  It couldn’t be simpler to make.  From start to finish, less than 20 minutes.

The most exciting part about making this, how quickly the birds took to the feeder.  I have had many feathery friends visiting and they are so much fun to watch.  Take a look!  Doesn’t that cardinal just complete the ombre effect on that bowl perfectly?  It’s like I made it just for him!


Craft #3 – Sweet Little Sun Dress – Chrissy @  There are UFO’s under my stairs

I found this pillowcase in a antique shop about five years ago. It had been tea stained and the closed end was pretty ragged and wearing thin, but I fell in love with the embroidered flowers and crocheted edging which were still in good condition. When I found the silk ribbon that was an almost exact match for the green of the leaves I knew what it was meant to be, a sweet little sun dress for my daughter.


I cut the skirt the length I wanted, which left me almost 1/3 of the pillow case to make the band and straps from. I gently ironed the ribbon to get rid of the creases and snags from being used before, then gathered it down the center for a ruched look. This project looks deceptively simple, but I put a great deal of thought into the details that will allow her to get a lot of use out of it. The straps are crossed now, but can be uncrossed as she gets taller. They are also buttoned in the back on the inside and those buttons can be raised if more length is needed. The two wooden buttons on the back are sewn onto a placket that will let her grow almost another two inches around the chest. I anticipate that she will be able to wear this first as a dress, then as a top.
While I sewed the dress I thought about the person who started this project. I wonder if she had a hard time picking out the perfect colors for the flowers, and about the hours she spent embroidering them and crocheting around the edge to create a beautiful and functional item for her home. I wonder if she would like what I turned her hard work into. I love the idea that I am showcasing another woman’s handiwork while also giving a worn out item a second chance at life.

Craft #4 – Cleaning Supply Caddy – Megan @ The Crafty Conundrum

I’m so excited to be auditioning for So You Think You’re Crafty.  I’ve been following for several seasons and love to see all the great projects everyone comes up with.
I have this large broom closet with all kinds of space but not a lot of stuff in there -YET.  Instead, I seem to have my cleaning supplies occupying several different locations all over the house.  So … to kill two birds with one stone -I decided to hunker down and make something to contain my cleaning supplies in one handy place. And get my audition project done at the same time.  Check and double check.
I used fabric I already had on hand, plus an old sheet (the white part) to make this handy little organizer.  I have 2 small pockets to hold things like spray bottles, bleach pens, etc.  And then 3 larger elasticized pockets -one for my homemade Swiffer Wet Jet pads, one for rags, one for grocery bags.  It also has 3 loops at the top so I can run a dowel through those and hang it up on hooks that were already on the wall in my closet.
I love how it turned out!  I’m glad I used the colorful fabric -it sure lightens up that dim closet and makes it a little more fun when I have to put away the laundry (at least the rags). LOL.

Craft #5 – Car Play Mat – Alicia @ The Creative Vault

For my audition piece I wanted to show you something that had it all – Sewing, scraps, BOYS {and Girls!}, play, Imagination, DETAILS,  repurposed, STORAGE, cute fabric, Bright Colors… you get the point.  I hope I didn’t disappoint!

Introducing…. The Car Play Mat & Storage Bag!

Each piece was drawn and cut by hand and appliqued onto the mat.  With a park, zoo, speedway, beach, neighborhood and church there is a whole town full of imaginative adventure waiting to happen.  Each piece of fabric was chosen to look authentic, waves for the ocean, brick for the zoo wall, florals for the bushes and trees, cobblestones and sand, even the stained glass windows on the church, etc.  Let’s just say, I have a lot of random scraps around the house!

The kids love to play with the mat but the fact that the mat is easily cinched into a bag to store all those little cars is what gets momma REALLY excited!  We can easily carry the bag with us to appointments and activities to keep us entertained during those long waits.  And when we are done, one tug of the cord and “bloop!” all cleaned up.

I think everyone needs a Car Play Mat & Storage Bag.  I hope you agree!

Craft #6 – Boys Room Wall Quote – Ginger @ Ginger Snap Crafts

I am so excited to audition for next season’s So You Think You’re Crafty!

Seriously…who can resist a good craft competition??!!  Not me, that’s for sure!  So fun!
I love this quote! I had it on the wall in my son’s room in vinyl but we switched the kiddos rooms around,

& I had to take it down. Buuut I still wanted to keep the same quote so I needed a new sign!
I wanted it big, too!  This sign measures almost 3 feet tall.  This project was super easy!
I just used my Silhouette to design & cut the vinyl.  {I used Century Gothic font & Chewy Stewy fonts.}

I cut the pendant banner with my Silhouette, too.  I added some washi tape to give it a pop of yellow!

I really love how it turned out!
Cute, easy & a GREAT quote….you can’t beat that! 🙂
I really would appreciate YOUR vote!
Best of luck to the other contestants!


Craft #7 – Towel Wrap – Jenna @ Silver Lining Crafts

This is a towel wrap that is made of canvas material. It’s adjustable to fit different towel widths, and has conveniant pockets and a sunglasses holder. It has 2 pockets on it with a little star design on it. The handle is braided rope making this carry all look very nautical.



Craft #8 – DIY Faux Coral – Meg  @ Mega Crafty

My husband and I love the beach, so I’ve recently started

decorated our bedroom in a seaside theme. Although I don’t have very many accessories yet, one thing I
knew I really wanted was a large piece of decorative coral. But I was absolutely
shocked by the prices I found.
With a large piece of fake coral costing $50- $100 dollars (and real
coral costing even more) it was way more than I was willing to spend! So I
decided that this audition project would be the perfect opportunity to see if I could
make my own decorative coral sculpture.
I started with a wooden pedestal, foam covered wire,
newspaper, and paper clay.
To create the general shape, wire “arms” were attached to
the wooden base using staples. The wire was covered with layers of papier-mâché
until I had something sturdy I was happy with.
Then I covered the papier-mâché with paper clay and added some fine details. Finally I painted the
coral flat white and the base a glossy brown.
And now I have the decorative coral accent I was dreaming of
for a fraction of the price!


Craft #9 – The Playground Skirt – Nancy @ Nancy’s Couture

 I have a little girl who loves dresses.  In fact that’s
almost all I can get her to wear.
I love that she is such a girlie girl!
The only problem with it is she doesn’t quite sit lady like yet in her
dresses.  It’s a work in progress!
So anytime we go to the park it’s a struggle to get my dress lovin’
little girl into shorts. Dresses and playgrounds just don’t mix.
I finally have a solution we both are happy with.!  YAY!  I grabbed a
pair of her shorts that she never wears and  turned them into super cute
We took this pretty little skirt for a test run at the park.  It was
wonderful.  She could run, climb, swing, play hopscotch without me once
telling her I could see her panties.There will be many more of these in
her closet very soon :o)

Craft #10 – Geeky Growth Chart – ChiWei @ One Dog Woof

This is a project that has been on my to-do list for a while now, and it feels good to be finally done!  I saw a free PDF of a “geeky growth chart” on the Internet that an ambitious and sci-fi oriented dad put together for his child, and it really called out to my inner nerd.  Now with a munchkin of my own, I really wanted to display this ingenious idea in my home, but printing the PDF out on paper and hanging it up is just asking for it to be ripped down by little hands!  So, I printed the document out in pieces, taped it together, made some very large appliques from the pattern, and created a fabric version of the Geeky Growth Chart!
This was my first time working with appliques of any sort, so it was quite the learning process.  I used different shades of green and gray fabric, and drew the height markers using a fabric pen, only labeling each foot up to 7 feet, since Darth Vader is well over 6 feet tall.  Heights are attached with a little label and a safety pin, so I won’t have to mark up the chart itself.
Since this project needed a piece of fabric as the backing anyways, I decided to use the empty space and create a second growth chart design and make the whole thing reversible.  I wanted a “cuter” version, just in case the munchkin wasn’t into science fiction (blasphemous!).  That meant the toadstools I used to doodle when I was younger would definitely be a part of the design, but I couldn’t just fill all that white space with toadstools. (or could I?)  I guess you can call this side “From the Ground Up”.  It starts at ground level with toadstools and trees and some balloons, then a small hill with more trees and toadstools.  Then as you grow, you see houses and buildings.  (The idea of industrial building silhouettes came from Freight Train, by Donald Crews.)  You’ll climb hills and mountains, and then finally, you are among the stars!
I finished by using a dowel and some baker’s twine to hang it up.  Not that I want the munchkin to grow up to be 7 feet tall, nor be like Darth Vader, (although reaching for the stars is good) but I’m quite happy with this reversible “artwork” hanging in our hallway!

Craft #11 – Tunic Dress – Robin @ The T-Shirt Diaries

I have a problem with my shirts, they are all just a little too short. It is like I am stuck in some bad 90’s video wearing baby doll T-shirts showing off my belly, and really no one wants to see this mamma’s tummy anymore.I absolutely adore the neckline of this shirt. I love the shirts colors, and stripes. I do not love that it bunches up over my belly button whenever I put it on.

So I got a little creative and added a skirt too it.

Now she is a cute and sassy little tunic/dress. I can wear her with leggings, jeans, or even tights.

Now who wants to hit the town in this new little lady?


Craft #12 – Just My Size Doll – Crystal @ Crystals Craft Spot

I’m so excited to be here today!  I want to introduce you to the Just My Size doll.


This doll is made with fabric and a little yarn making her squishy and durable for any age.  Did I mention her size?  She is huge! She only a couple of inches shorter then my four year old, making her the perfect size for lots of fun. Besides being similar in height she also kind of looks like my daughter too.  They both have brown pigtails, matching skirts, and pink shoes!  I know my daughter thought that was pretty cool.

What little girl would love her.  She is cute, and fun, and will help you win big “mommy of the year” points. Seriously it was tough to get a picture of this dolly because someone won’t let her out of her sight.  Since her photo shoot she has been changed in to pj’s, ate popcorn, watched Tangled, and endured many games of ring around the rosie and duck duck goose.

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    • Janet Keen says

      Love the bird feeder too – going to make one today! All the crafts are great but I am retired and watch the birds in my backyard everyday so the bird feeder is right up my alley. Thank you!!!

  1. says

    I love all thesse beautiful items. Let see which one would I pick. I am a sewer so I would pick the vintage pillow case made into a little girls dress. My second one is the little “MY SIZE DOLL”. THIS WOULD BE A GREAT CHAIRITY PROJECT FOR ABUSED CHILDREN. NOW MY FINAL DECISION WOULD BE THE MY SIZE DOLL. pam

  2. says

    Thanks, Alicia! good luck to you too. And the other crafters, too. I’m so excited to be participating too -it’s pretty nerve wracking… checking the voting results every couple of hours. Lol

  3. Julie says

    The towel wrap is an adorable Idea…the idea and craft was made by a 12 year old!!
    She machine sewed it on a sewing machine her grandmother gave her…the same machine her grandmother taught her to sew on!
    WAY TO GO!!!!!

  4. emily says

    WOW, great work! I love the birdhouse! The pictures with the real birds on it are amazing!

  5. Alyse says

    I love craft #5 and #3! I so want to make them both!! Who made #5 and do you have a tutorial? If I had a little girl I would want #3 as well… 🙂

  6. Godsdaughter says

    Never had the option to vote on the sidebar, but I vote for the birdfeeder.

  7. Treva Hammond says

    My vote goes to the coral project #8. They were all so adorable, it was hard to choose.

  8. says

    This is my first time visiting this blog, although I have heard about the contest everywhere! What fun! The projects are great, I’m off to cast my vote 🙂

    ps- Is this an invite-only competition? Just curious….. 🙂

    • Missy says

      Welcome! Nope, it’s not an invite only thing. Anyone can join! Just send me an email if you’d like to join in and I’ll get you more info.


  9. Jeani says

    I love the bird feeder, what a great idea! I’m on my way to the hardware store to get what I need but had a quick question, how did you attach the cord to the top of the bolt?

  10. Norelle says

    Is it really necessary for there to be only 10 competitors? I think all 12 have done an outstanding job! I’m not sure how I can vote for just one…perhaps my fortune cookie will help me out.

  11. says

    I love the bird feeder! I’m just wondering what the plate & bowl were made of. Plastic or ceramic, or what. Also what kind of drill bit? I tried to make one with a plastic bowl & plate & they both broke when we drilled them.

  12. Karen says

    I vote for number 4 the cleaning supply caddy, I love the idea and it will be so handy!

  13. says

    I am in absolute love with the pillow case dress and the nerdy size chart!!! Dude I would buy both of those, seriously. All of the crafts are great but those two just rock my socks!

  14. Sue says

    The my-size doll brought a smile to my face. When my girls were young, it was hard to find a non-caucasian doll. So I took an outgrown sleeper, stuffed it, attached brown fabric head and black, curly yarn. It was a favorite! And I wasn’t even that good with a needle and thread!