Season 11 Auditions

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of the All Star round to bring you…THE SEASON 11 AUDITIONS!!
I love the audition rounds.  I get introduced to new blogs, we get to see a bunch of fun new crafts, and we get to meet some more amazing crafty ladies!  Here are the ladies participating this time around (in no particular order):
Sarah @ Sara vs Sarah
Wendy @ Craft Goodies
Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog
Amanda @ Simply Homemade
Taylor @ Taylor Made
Morland @ Sew Ronimo
Of these 11 ladies, only 10 can compete in season 11.  That means 1 crafter will be going home after this week and it’s up to you to make sure you’re favorite will be one that stays!
The poll, like always, is in the sidebar and will be open for voting until Friday night.
Good luck!!

Craft #1 – Cork Board Map Gallery Wall

You know what I love?  I love those awesome interactive US maps floating around pinterest and the interwebs.  They were missing something though… or rather, a few somethings.  What about all the other continents and countries?  I also liked the idea of being able to keep a travel log with personalized pins.  But, wouldn’t it be fun if you could write notes about your travels along with the pins?  How could you write on a bulletin board?

Enter: chalkboard paint.  Which claims to “turn virtually any surface” into a chalkboard.  Well, that’s just what I need!  But one more problem.  There’s no way the world will fit on a bulletin board – even a large one – with enough space to pin and write and doodle… so… how about a gallery wall!

Considering I had one very large white wall to fill up with SOMETHING, and not a whole lot of plans for it, a Cork-Chalk Board World Map Gallery Wall seemed to fit the bill!  For an economical option, I created most of my bulletin boards out of frames, cork board sheets and foam board backing.  I spray painted the frames to match the room, and covered the cork board with several layers of chalkboard paint.  I used an opaque projector to blow up a world map and drew it on paper, then transferred the tracings to the boards.  I painted on the tracings with white acrylic paint freehand – to give it a chalk-like look.  I made our personalized pins with regular tacks, sculpy and stamps for initials.

Now I can pin the places we’ve been – there’s one color per person, plus some little balls with stars to denote the places we WANT to go.  And we can write erasable notes: like maybe a color key to keep track of things.  
Get some chalk markers and you can easily have loads of fun with your gallery wall!  Make a game out of it – family history, geography, social studies.  Make fun notes or travel reminders.  Draw natural landmarks.  Or dress if up with doodles or fun quotes.  Lovely!

Craft #2 – Montessori Book Shelves

I have been wanting to have what I call the “Montessori book shelfs”. The idea behind the Montessori book shelfs is that they allow the children to see the front instead of the spines. I couldnt find them where I lived and so decided to make some.

These are made of recycled materials – cereal boxes and plastic grocery containers, paper mached for strength and colored and painted for aesthetics.

It is perfect for a small number of books, which are rotated from time to time. The top shelf was left natural, and the children helped me to pur heart prints over them. That led to a good hour of messy creativity and art.

The second one I painted white and used crayons for the art


Here are a few pictures of it in use


Craft #3 – Spring Garden Bracelet

I have been obsessed with shrink plastic lately so I knew I would be using it in this audition project.  What seems like 100 flowers later, I had my Spring Garden Bracelet.

I love over-the-top color in my accessories.  Then it goes with everything!

I also don’t believe in the saying “less is more,” either.

I thought the calla lilies added some nice contrast.

Craft #4 – Pastel Effie Skirt

Lately, I have been devouring The Hunger Games books in anticipation of the new movie. And its been a while since I have go all out and made myself a great costume so enter; Effie Trinket!

I found this basic lavender wool shirt at a thrift store and saw miles of potential. It went all the way to my mid calf so taking this baby up about a foot was first on my list. I seam ripped the entire thing (front and back of fashion and lining fabric, waist band, zipper), shortened and altered the shape, and put it back together with a significantly cool detail. I sewed the fashion fabric to the shiny lining and cut strips so you could see the lining underneath. Very couture and very Effie Trinket.

Now I’ve got a great seasonal pastel, fitted skirt AND a start to my Effie costume!



Craft #5 – Ruffle Pant Upcycle

Who doesn’t love a CHEAP, EASY, CUTE sewing project!!!

I love to thrift and see simple shirred dresses like this one on almost every rack! So I thought… “Why not make a pair of girlie pants out of these castaways?”

The ruffle is there, the elastic is there and the side seam is sewn… simple simple simple!

Using a pant pattern or really just another pair of pants, I created the legs, using the ruffle along the bottom of the dress as the ruffle along the bottom of the pants. I also used the already sewn side seam of the dress as the side seam of the pants.

I altered the shirred top of the dress to be the waistband of the pants and that is it!

Added a fabric flower for f.u.n. to the waistband…

And that is it!

This simple pair of pants took about 10 minutes and cost 2.99! I hope you go make some too!


Craft #6 – Barn Wood Coffee Table

Nothing like a great contest to get you up and crafting, right? This is just what I need so thank you for the chance to be here and to {hopefully} continue on.
My audition project was quite literally staring me in the face. Every time I sat on the couch, it just sat there, seeming to say, “Please help me to be pretty!”
It’s was small train table that my kiddos had long outgrown. I couldn’t stand the idea of tossing it and one day had the brilliant idea to convert it into a coffe table/ottoman thing–great idea, wrong approach. Long story short, my plan failed and I had since been staring at this poor thing:
The {new} plans all came together when my sweet neighbor rebuilt a section of her fence and had all these beautiful aged cedar planks heading for the trash pile.
I asked for a few (yes, she looked at me like I’m super crazy!), re-painted the table sides a smokey black, and used the planks to resurface the top.
It’s sealed with several layers of polyurathane to prevent slivers and keep the cool aged coloring of the wood. I love it! The wood adds such warmth to the dark coloring.
{I think she finally feels pretty…}

Best of luck to everyone!

Craft #7 – Writing Half-Desk

My lovely daughter is a poet. She’s always locking herself in her bedroom to scrawl sonnets in her composition notebook. I could have bought a writing desk, but that would have been way too easy and no fun at all. Instead I used a shelf, a couple of shelf brackets, and some deck spindles to create this functional and oh so cute writing desk. After I put it together I decided it needed a little oomph and since fabric seems to solve all of my deepest dilemmas I mod podged a bit on top.
The perfect desk for the best little poet!




Craft #8 – Closet Armorie

Hi everyone!
 For my audition project I thought I would make something that my house really needs, and would serve a long lasting purpose. All of our closets are lacking closet doors, horrible I know! So I decided that I would make my daughter some stylish doors!
They are meant to look like an armorie, not just a plain ol’ closet.
How did we do?
The ‘legs’ are just barely off the ground (since they swing open)
We used a jigsaw to cut out all the details on the bottom.
The ‘curtains’ are a pink and white check.
 I wanted them to be subtle so they didn’t clash with the other prints in her room.
The knobs are glass with bubbles in them.
Blue is a to tie into the blue accents found else where in her room.
So that’s my audition!
Hope you loved it as much as we do!
Hope to be back for the competition!

#9 – The Penelope Nursery Mobile

My sister is going to have a little girl soon. She has the cute Penelope nursery bedding from Pottery Barn. I thought that I would make her a mobile to match her bedding.

It has hand stitched birds and hearts.
It hangs from a wooden hoop that I covered in lace.
I love this mobile!

#10 – Spool of Thread Wall Art

Aren’t all crafty people always in need of some inspiring wall art? I know I am… I just bought a huge pair of scissors to hang over my sewing machine. This “Spool of Thread” is going to hang perfectly right next to them.  I also have a slight obsession for spools, I think they are really pretty. 

It was made with very few supplies and just a little patience 🙂 


Craft #11 – Button Bouquet

It started out innocently enough… a nice afternoon at the farmer’s market when a good friend noticed wedding bouquets made from jewelry and she fell in LOVE.  Next thing I knew, she asked….. “could you please, please please make me something like this?”  Now I do not have a bunch of extra jewelry laying around, but I do have lots and lots of buttons….

So with a little wire, florist tape,tulle, some flowers and lots of buttons…and tra-la!  you have this….

Looks great in a vase….. or you can carry as a bouquet..

and even the hidden underneath is pretty..

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  1. Kristi says

    I loved the half desk and upcycled pants…I am a pinterest addict and I would have pinned those in a heartbeat!!! I hope they both make the competition!!!

  2. says

    Missy! SEASON ELEVEN!!!!?? Oh my goodness! That’s awesome! I feel like little ol’ season 2 was decades ago! Way to go girl!