‘Scrap’tastic {week 3}

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?  I had these awesome ladies come visit me.  I meet the redhead in 2nd grade and the brunette in Preschool and miraculously we stayed friends until now.  We even lived together during college and survived :)  In fact, the brunette and I married brothers so now we’re forced to be sisters ;).  Thank you ladies for coming to visit, and thank you husbands for letting them!


Now onto the good stuff.  This weeks challenge is a fun one – ‘Scrap’tastic!  The contestants had to come up with a great project that would use up their scraps. And they did a great job!

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The poll will be open until Friday morning, so get your vote in and send your friends to do the same!

Craft #1 – Scrappy Wallets – Amber R. @ Craft Me Perfect

I layered the two outer pieces of fabric and a hair elastic for closure, sewed them together, turned them inside out, and inserted the interfacing. Then I sewed on a button. Next I sewed the card slots and put a layer of interfacing in between each. On one side I sewed a zipper pouch and attached it to the card slots. Finally I sewed all the pieces together and added a binding using homemade biased tape.
A scrappy wallet is a happy wallet.

Craft #2 – Decoupaged Closet – Lacy @ Lavender & Lace

My scrappin’ craft this week is a decoupaged (with scrapbook paper) closet!IMG_0275Here is the before and after. What started off as a teeny tiny closet was transformed into a functional storage space. I wanted the top of the shelving to look like a castle which is where the cut-out design came from.
IMG_0059To finish off the look, I used whole sheets of paper to line the inside and cut-out rectangles on the outside of the shelves. The exterior paper was a really cool, textured, stone-looking paper. I found the stained glass “windows” in the scrapbooking section of Jo-Anns. IMG_0274I love the way it turned out! Such a simple solution for a plain ole boring space!

Craft #3 – Butterflies in the Wind – Amber C @ The Craft Project


My puppy can get a little frantic and excited at times. One of my husband’s tricks to calm her down is to massage her head and say, “butterflies in the wind.” It started out as a joke, but has now become a tradition. One of these recent puppy calming moments gave me the idea for this piece for the Scraptastic challenge.


I do a lot of mixed media work, which means that my studio is overflowing with scraps of paper, fabric and ephemera. When I went hunting through the precarious piles the other day I discovered that I had stockpiled a bunch of paint chips in the past.


I pulled these out to cut out my mass of butterflies in three different sizes. I folded all of the largest size of butterflies with a bone folder to make them 3D and added white and black ink details to each one. I arranged them with a strong glue across a simple black frame, a piece of black matboard with a nice interior bevel, and a piece of high-quality watercolour paper. To finish the piece off I created some curls of fine wire off the edge of the frame so that three butterflies could be suspended in the air.

Craft #4 – Scrap Fabric Juggling Bags – Charlie @ Attempting Aloha

For my daughter’s 4th birthday party, she wanted a “My Little Pony Rainbow Party”. I’m not one to disappoint my babies on their birthdays, and I usually try to make something crafty as part of the party favors. I was having a hard time deciding on one for this theme when my older daughters started fighting over some juggling bean bags…

“MOM! We only have 3 bean bags, and she won’t share!”   Crafty mom’s solution? Make more bean bags! Ha!

And as I was looking through my scrap fabric, I realized I had these darling polka dot fabrics that were kind of rainbow-ish. Right?!

So I whipped up 7 sets along with matching bags to hold all their goodies and to keep the bean bags in later.



Craft #5 – The Game of Memory ~ Scrap Style! – Veronica @ Adventures of D & V

When I think of scraps my mind goes straight to fabric. I have a hard time throwing away fabric scraps, no matter how small they are! I know some little ones who are big fans of the game Memory (for real, they are better than I am!), and I thought what better way to use a variety of scraps than to make The Game of Memory ~ Scrap Style!

Gathering the most fun fabric scraps I could find, I cut 48 squares of fun fabric scraps to make 48 Memory squares. I backed each scrap with a white quare and then decided to make a white frame on the fun fabric side so that there was no color showing when the squares were flipped face down…so there was no sneaky peeking going on during the game!
I whipped up this little travel bag out of a scrap as well to keep all the pieces together!
We had a fitted sheet that was worn out in the middle, but the fabric on the edges was fine. So I cut off a corner, replaced the elastic with a string, sewed up the other 2 sides and ta-da!
The Game of Memory ~ Scrap Style! Anyone want to play?!

Craft #6 – Coupon Organizer with Tabs – Jess @ Spool & Spoon

I’ve never been one to throw out anything so a scrap challenge was right up my alley. I used a couple of remnants from inside my fabric and paper stash to create a pretty and functional coupon organizer. I love this one because it is flat in profile so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in my already jam-packed handbag but it’s spacey enough to store all of my coupons, shoppers’ cards, and receipts with ease.

I started with some fat quarter scraps that were used for another project — all I needed were an 8×11 piece from each as well as some sturdy interfacing. Once I finished sewing the envelope pouch, I started on the inserts. For the tabs, I chose some leftover scrapbook paper and cut them to size to fit nicely inside of the envelope. I measured, cut,  folded, and tapes each piece to make tabs that lined up perfectly with one another.

And that’s that! It’s simple, way prettier than those plastic accordion files, and it’s completely customizable to your needs.

Craft #7 -‘Scrap’tastic Table Runner – Malory @ Snips & Spice

I have always loved the stark contrast of black and white–when I was in high school, I thought my future home would be all black and white.  Luckily, I grew out of that idea, but my love affair with the combination has continued.  I am drawn to black and white prints every time I go to the fabric store, and find my scrap stash filled with these prints when I go to make projects.  Because I love this fabric so much, I have a difficult time throwing away scraps of fabric, even when they seem too thin/small to really be worth keeping.

My kitchen table has been bare for a while now, so I decided to use those scraps to make this quilt-as-you-go table runner.

I had never made anything using a quilt-as-you-go method, so I found myself just “winging it” as I made this table runner.  The beautiful thing about using this method is that you don’t have to take time to piece and then more time to quilt.  It all happens at once.  Also, you don’t have to pin, baste, or anything else like that which takes so much time.

This pattern is fantastic because you can use those thin strips of fabric that your husband wants you to throw away.  I was able to use scraps for the top of the table runner, two fat quarters from my stash for the back, and one fat quarter from my stash to make the binding.  I made a straight, double-fold binding for this because it has straight edges (no curves which need bias binding), and used this pop of color to set off the black and white prints I adore.  Start to finish, this table runner took about two hours to make, so bust out your scraps and get quilting!

While you get quilting, I just have to decide how to finish my table…

Craft #8 –   Scrappy Wall Art:  Make Do and Mend – Heidi @ greendoodle

This week’s submission took a few turns and detours.  I had hoped to create my first ever pieced quilt for the  SCRAP challenge, however I quickly realized that my “first ever pieced quilt” deserved more than a week’s time and I needed to take a different direction.
Enter… scrappy wall art.
I knew I wanted to make a dent in my overflowing fabric scrap drawer.  I am more than a little obsessed with fabric, and cannot seem to throw out even the smallest pieces.. even the ugly ones.  We had a scrap of plyboard in our garage that we cut to 4ft by 4ft square.  I covered the board with overlapping fabric scraps to create texture as well as color.
I then centered vinyl letters over the fabric scraps and painted the board a light aqua.  Then, for a depth I added varying shades of turquoise and bit of walnut stain.  When the paint dried I removed the letters to reveal bright and colorful fabric scrap letters.
When I realized that the scrap drawer was still too full to close I made a few circular yo-yos just for fun.
I am really happy with the end product.  I have had this idea floating around for a while and wondered how successful it would be. This artwork has a new home behind my sewing table where my favorite fabrics get to remind me to be resourceful as well as patient with myself as a creator.
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