Scraps {week 4}

 *If you missed the Knock Off results post from last week, you can find it here.*

So how many of you have a ton of fabric scraps all over your house?  This is what my felt scrap jar looks like right now (I’m not even going to attempt to get all my fabric scraps out – it’s a little outrageous).

I think I’m going to need another jar here pretty soon.  So what better way to use up all those scraps that I know we all have laying around than a challenge using those scraps?  Well, I didn’t actually do any project or use up my scraps, but the lovely crafters did and now I have a bunch of great ideas for when I finally get around to some scrap busting.

Like usual, the poll is in the side bar and will be open until Friday night!


Craft #1 – Pacifier Clips – Angela @ The Wray Sisters

For scrap week I chose to make pacifier clips.
IMG_0259 copy
Pacifier clips are a necessity at our house. They are the perfect way to use up any left over scraps of fabric, felt, lace, or ribbon.
I sewed each pacifier clip with left over scraps of fabric and lace. And since I have an unhealthy obsession with felt, and keep every last scrap of it. Adding cute felt bows to the end of each pacifier clip was a perfect way to use up some of the felt that I seem to hoard.
IMG_0294 copy 2
Here are a few of my favorite ones. Although, really I love them all!
IMG_0311 copy 2

Craft #2 – Birdie Hand Towel – Jama Cool People Sew

Oh my do I have a lot of scraps!!!
I continue to save them, because I knew they would come in handy.
Check this out…
From a scrap of terry cloth, fabric, old dress, and a button
The scrappy hand towel was made!
Bird inspired because it is spring time!
This is sure to surprise those using your guest bathroom.

Craft #3 – Scrappy Pincushions – Sarah @ Sara vs Sarah

I think a perfect thing to do with scraps is PINCUSHIONS!  You can use the littlest pieces in your stash and hit up your button jar, too.  I used some thrift store finds as the base for some of these.  Let your imagination run wild.

Craft #4 – Kanzashi Flowers – Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog

Kanzashi is the Japanese art of folding fabric usually for hair ornaments. These flowers are made of several 1, 2, and 3 inch squares of fabric folded into petal shaped and glued together into brooches. Because of the small size of the squares, it is a great way to use the scraps that are left over from cutting out patterns. I chose the fabric scraps and buttons from my stash. (The green squares are an example of what each petal looks like before folding. I jumped head first into this project so I missed my chance to take pictures of these)

Craft #5 – Bite Size House – Amanda @ Simply Homemade

I have a problem throwing out scraps of super cute fabrics…..

When I was a little girl my most favorite thing to do was make furniture and clothing for my barbies. I made dressers, beds, blankets, clothes, tables, and any other thing I felt my dollies needed. I’m not going to lie to you, this has been my favorite theme. I had a blast making this for my little girls! Instead of using cardboard though, I used scraps of wood (we’re finishing up our basement….lots of wood you know). Then of course it had to be upholstered, so I broke out my fabric scraps and stapled/glued until I had a couch….a bite-size couch. I might need a Blythe doll now….you know, for my kids….yes a Blythe doll for my kids that only I will be allowed to play with.



Craft #6 – The Pocket Peggy House – Kimberly @ Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me

I was at a complete and total loss for “just scraps.”  Why?  I certainly have enough of them.  I think I was overwhelmed by options… wood scraps? Ribbon scraps?  Paper scraps?  So many options!  In the end, I was struck with inspiration while watching my child play with cousins.  Thrilled and obsessed with the small dollhouse at Cousin’s house, my daughter couldn’t leave it alone.  I started thinking about how useful it would be to take one along with us on short road trips or longer airplane rides… or even to the Dr.’s office or grocery store!  Nothing else has caught my daughter’s attention so fully and I started to wonder if my box of scrap fabrics could somehow be utilized in this project.  After a bit of brainstorming, some drawings, some heat and bond mixed with the dreaded task of ironing, lots of zigzag stitches, some scraps of fabric, trim, and even elastic remnants came together to form the “Pocket Peggy House”.  (Not to be confused with the Polly Pocket’s House, that’s something entirely different…)

The Pocket Peggy House is a completely furnished, move-in ready home.  It boasts the latest in modern design with stenciled walls and bold color choices.  There is a lot of natural light from the open concept roofing, and the light fixtures throughout are completely updated.  The curtains are both feminine and modern and add quite a lot to the decor.  If you’re worried about storage, never fear!  There is plenty of space for all of your items in the attic!  The yard is perfectly manicured and professionally landscaped with flower beds, a small garden and two window boxes.  (Some of my favorite features?  The pom pom valances, the spunky polka-dotted coat tree and the whale and sheet music stuffed up in the attic.)  With it’s funky orange doors, this home is the perfect mix of modern meets traditional meets eclectic!  Don’t you want to move right in?  We found a family of peggies who couldn’t wait – and they coordinate so nicely with their new surroundings!

What’s more – the Pocket Peggy House can be rearranged and attached in any number of ways!  It can stand up straight like a normal house, with the front wall opening as a door, or it can lay down flat on the ground so the Peggies can play with all of their things.  It can be propped free standing with any number of walls, or it can stay completely connected to the “floor” of the house.  It can be used at home, in the grocery cart, waiting for your food, or just about anywhere!  Split up the walls and let each child play with their own – no fighting!  And the best part is, when it’s time to stop playing, the Pocket Peggy House folds up completely to be slipped – well, not QUITE into your pocket (unless you have a really big pocket) – but definitely into your purse!

Craft #7 – Birthday Board – Wendy @ Craft Goodies

Okay, let’s be honest.
 There are some themes that I am far more excited for than others.
This is one that I was just hoping I’d make it to!
Why? Because I have this great habit of collecting all the little left-overs from my other projects and storing them away “for another day’s project”. clearly I can find use for a 2 inch piece of ribbon, right?
Anyway, today it paid off because I finally put a bunch of those little pieces to good use…
My dad was telling me a while ago that he needed a way to remember all the grand-kiddos birthdays and so scraps in hand, he will be getting this festive little Birthday Board! The frame was even a scrap–leftover from grandma’s house.


I dug through paper scraps to find fun prints to make the banner and “HAPPY” letters, the letters on the banner are leftover bits of pre-cut card stock lettering spray painted black, the months are leftover stickers from a church project, and ribbon saved from everything.


The medallions show each grand baby’s special day on a cupcake sticker with the date and their name written in sharpie. (Sorry, I fuzzed it out to keep it secret)
 Grandpa can have no excuses now for not getting those birthday cards in the mail!
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  1. says

    All the projects are so great! I especially love the pacifier clips and the birthday board! Great job ladies, as usual!

  2. says

    They are all great projects, but I love the Pocket Peggy house. It’s fabulous to be able to have a complete play unit that’s portable.