Scraps Only – Week 8 (with results)

Well, here we are…the top three crafters!  We still have Amy @ Positively Splendid, Meredith @ My Magic Mom & Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom.  There stuff has been great up to this point and they don’t disappoint this week either.  But first we need the results from last week.

Melissa took home the prize again with her Nursery Canvases.  I think they are so cute!  And I love that you could customize theme with any theme or fabric.

Becky had to leave us this week though.  Her DIY Wallpaper is such a great idea, but I guess people had babies on the brain.  I loved the idea.  I’m starting to love bold patterns on walls more and more so this would be a great way to do it.  Be sure to check out her blog Corduroy’s Closet to keep up with all her crafting.

I’m excited for this weeks theme…Scraps Only.  I have this problem where I can’t throw fabric away, not even the tiniest little piece.  The ladies sure give some good ideas of how to use them!

Craft #1 – Positive Attitude Pail – Meredith @ My Magic Mom

For scraps week, I decided to make a fabric basket. I wove strips into this form to make a rectangular pail shape. Then I added a handle to carry it around easier. The button on the side makes it easy to move the handle up and down.

I can think of so many uses for this fabric container, but I decided to make it into our “Positive Attitude Pail.”

I filled the pail with note cards and wrote positive messages on them. Some are inspirational quotes, others are personal affirmations and some are words of inspiration and encouragement for the kids. Each day we draw a card from the pail so we can read and talk about it.

So now we can start each day with a positive thought from the scrap fabric pail.

I think I will be making several more of these fabric containers in several different shapes and sizes. I have lots more scrap fabric just sitting around waiting.

Craft #2 – Easter Bunny Baskets – Amy @ Positively Splendid

When I started brainstorming for this “Scraps Only” project, I decided to take the task at hand quite literally: nearly every supply utilized to make these little guys was put to use in some form or another in one of my other projects throughout the SYTYC season!

With Valentine’s Day a thing of the past, my crafting focus is always redirected to all things spring, and to me, there is nothing more springlike than Easter. I have put together an entire step-by-step tutorial for creating these darling canvas Easter buckets, and as an added bonus, the pattern pieces come in two different sizes: a set for a larger bucket, which is perfect for stashing eggs during a hunt, or for a smaller bucket, which is just right for holding smaller goodies. Both sizes require such a minimal amount of fabric, it is very likely you can create them from just the fabric you have on hand!

With ears that can be bent and shaped, rick-rack “whiskers” and fluffy little tails, these buckets are sure to be a hit with even the Easter bunny himself!

Craft #3 – Quiet Book – Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom

I had so much fun with this project!

I’ve wanted to make a quiet book for a long time and when I was brainstorming something to make with just scraps, this seemed like the perfect opportunity! I have heaps and heaps of scraps and had a wonderful time digging through them, selecting just the perfect ones for each page of my book.

In an attempt to make it educational as well as fun, each page features a different motor skill, and a different number of pieces to manipulate. The first 2 pages have apples you button onto a tree, and flowers you snap onto their stems.

The next set of pages have colorful balloons that velcro on, and once they’re all together, the balloon strings tie together to bunch them. The sweet birds nest has 3 colorful eggs to stuff inside it.

Next I recreated fruits and veggies often consumed in our house and made replicates of them to snap onto their match. And I adore the boat with its fishing lines cast out to hook the sweet little fish!

The back page has every girls dream accessory, a purse, complete with a zippered pocket to store all the pieces to this fun quiet book, ensuring nothing gets lost. My kids can’t get enough of it and to be honest, neither can I! It was fun to make and has been great to have on hand for a good distraction, as well as a wonderful, homemade learning tool.

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