Scraps Only {week 4} – with results

Craft #1 –  Jewelry Tree – Tone @ Bless by Tone

topic had me thinking for a while, I had a lot of projects I COULD
do, bu
t I wanted something that didn’t
immediately say SCRAPS. I was thinking of making a necklace from t-shirts,
when it dawned on me… let me make a jewelry tree.
I have a lot of scrap ply-wood, and was thinking of using this, but I am
also tearing up the flooring in my kitchen – and underneath the hard-wood
floor there is a layer of MDF boards – they have some holes from the
nails, but otherwise fine. I decided to use this.
I drew my design on paper, cut it out, and traced it on the MDF – then I
used my band saw. The tree kind of told me it needed to be
In the back of the tree I glued some embroidery fabric on for all those
stud earrings. I also made four “grass straws” at the base of the tree for
Works perfectly for me.

Craft #2 – Brown Bear Brown Bear – Jill @ Made it on Monday

My little one’s favorite book these days is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? We read this book over and over every day. So what better project to make than little animals to go along with this beloved book?
Each animal is made from scraps of fabric (the challenge was finding the right colors!) and then slightly stuffed with scrap balls of stuffing I had leftover from a craft fail from a while back. Each animal is then finished off with embroidery thread stitching to give them the definition and character Eric Carle illustrated so beautifully in the book.
Half the fun while reading the book is doing the animal sounds, and the stuffed dog was immediately greeted with a “woof, woof!”. All of these animals needed something to contain and carry them around in, so I made a bag in the shape of the brown bear on the cover of the book (so glad I save all my scraps!). A vinyl pocket allows you to see the book while Brown Bear’s face cutely peeks at you.
I’d say this project was a hit!

Craft #3 – US Map Wall Hanging – Kate @ See Kate Sew

This project even rhymes, a scrap map! I used 50 different little scraps to make this map of America wall hanging. It’s bright and colorful and each state is packed with personality.

It was really fun to choose a specific fabric print or solid for each different state. And I have a new found appreciation for each state’s curves and lines. This project is a great geography refresher! Each state has been delicately topstitched.

I always have a large supply of muslin scraps, so I found one just big enough for the map. Once the map was done I wrapped it around a scrap of plywood I had from another project and hung it up with a piece of lace that was hiding in the scrap pile. The lace reminds me of colonial outfits, so I thought it was the perfect fit. This would be a fun project for a kids room or a classroom.

Craft #4 – Basket Full of Roses Clutch – Shannon @ GoogieMomma

When I was trying to decide what to make for this week’s challenge, I pulled out all the scraps I could find…and what a collection it was! Florals and plaids and cottons and satins and leathers and kiddie prints and…

And, well, to be perfectly honest there wasn’t any rhyme or reason to any of it. And I was stumped. (I was also quite shocked at the amount of scraps I’ve been hanging on to…but that’s a whole other story!)

So I pulled out a pile of leather scraps–no piece was bigger than one square foot–and started playing around…

The result?


In the words of one Mr. Tim Gunn–“it’s a lot of look.” So I kept it all neutrals and naturals–shades of brown, green and cream help coordinate the overall color theme but keep it from being too overwhelming or too juvenile.


Inside I added a little pop of color with a small scrap of fabric I found that contained many of the colors I’d used on the outside–it was such a small piece I could only put a border of it around the top! It also has an inside pocket.

The roses are simple rolled flowers. Both colors are leftover pieces of lining fabric–and the beige started as white before taking a little bath in some hot tea to tone it down!


All together it’s one cute clutch perfect for a night out on the town!

Craft #5 – Scrappy Wallet – Becky @ Beckymae’s Journey

Scrappy Wallet! I have been making handbags from scarves for several years now, and have a huge collection of scarf scraps. I had a bag on hand that I made several months ago and needed a wallet to finish off the project. I gathered my scraps in the color scheme of the bag and began piecing my scraps together. Now, I have a cute new wallet. I made a place for all those important cards we carry, special spot for your photo id, and plenty of room for all the hard cash I carry around. J/K. I did not have a dollar on hand to place in my new wallet.

Craft #6 – The Bloomin’ Yo-Yo Skirt – Tori @ Apostrophy Designs

My husband was excited about this craft because I have laundry baskets full of fabric scraps, and well let’s say I put a huge dent in it with this project!
For my SYTYC scraps project I made a Bloomin’ Yo-Yo Skirt!
I have always been obsessed with the fabric yo-yo’s because they are so simply and fun. Make about 60 of them, add them to a high-waisted skirt, and you have one cute skirt for all ages!
You can also jump for joy because with the Bloomin’ Yo-Yo skirt the outfit possibilities are endless!

Craft # 7 – The Pacifier Holder – Charity @ Cannwin

Who needs a hair-bow holder? What I need is a pacifier holder.
Admit it, you’ve spent time under your babies crib, haven’t you.
Well, search no further, I have your solution.
The Pacifier Holder.
Super easy to make,
super easy to use,
SUPER convenient.
Life just got easier ladies. Need I say more?
(and because I’m a mom… I just have to share)
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  1. says

    This was definitely a difficult week to vote because all of the projects are fabulous! 😀 I can definitely relate to the last post though and I have decided that I NEED a pacifier holder! My daughter has tons of them but we can never find one! Haha!

  2. Sarah says

    Love the pacifier holder! I want to know where to get the little snaps to hold them on. The map is fabulous, I’d love a pattern for it! Good work ladies!

  3. Meaghan Loos says

    That pacifier holder is really creative! My little sister could go through pacifiers like crazy! I wish I could have thought of that so my mom could have it! Maybe I’ll save it for the future!! 😀

  4. Jessica says

    All four of my kids have loved Brown Bear so I had to vote for that. They would love to have the animals to go with the book.


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