Scraps Only {week 4}

I’m in the middle of a trip to my sisters house (so much fun!) so this is going to be a very short and sweet post 🙂

Bessie pulled in her second win last week with her Ruffled White Anthropologie Bedding. So adorable for a toddlers room!

I’m super sad to say goodbye to Margo.  I loved the Kitchen Art that she made.  I think its so awesome and would be great in my kitchen.

This week’s theme is Scraps Only. I love it cuz I have a ton of scraps to use up and these are a bunch of great ideas.  Poll will be open until 9pm CST on Friday.

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Craft #1 – Pottery Barn Inspired Shelf

Almost the first thing I thought of when I saw this week’s theme was the pile of wood scraps we have from various projects around the house. I’ve never built an actual piece of furniture before, but I saw these shelves at Pottery Barn and fell in love. I figured they’d be a good first time project.
 So I picked up some scraps that looked promising {above} and turned it into this shelf. I have mostly white walls, so I gave my shelf a coat of light blue paint.  I used a simple trick to make the paint crackle and then distressed the edges.
 And the best part? I built mine completely with supplies I already had. Grand total: $0. Take that, $199 shelf.

Craft #2 – Fish Bowl Matching Game

This fabric fish bowl was made for a special one year-old who loves to squish and nibble things. When she gets a little older, she’ll have fun putting the fish in and taking them back out.  Eventually, she’ll be able to play a colors/patterns matching game.  I love toys with lasting power.

I started out thinking I would make 8 fish to match 8 colors on the outside of the bowl.  In the end, I decided to make both the 8 fish and the bowl double sided.  I REALLY wanted to use of some of my smaller scraps.  Plus it makes the game a little more challenging.

Just pop the fish into the matching pockets until you have made all 8 matches.

Flip your bowl inside out and play again!

My three year-old loves the matching game.  I’ll have to wait until Christmas to see how the one year-old likes it.

Craft #3 – Chevron Stage Floor Art

chevron wall art stage floor slats
I love taking classic home décor ideas and putting a modern spin on them.  For this challenge, I took a hot, modern trend (the chevron pattern) and combined it with classic hardwood flooring to make cool architectural wall art.
Picnik collage slats
Of all the extra-curriculars in which I was involved in high school, my favorite was theater.  When my school tore up their stage floor to replace it, my mom salvaged some of the floor slats for me.  Who knows?  Some of the scrapes and dings on these pieces of wood might be from MY tap shoes!
I thought the stage floor slats would make a great material for this Just Scraps challenge and would add a sentimental touch to my wall décor.  If you don’t have access to stage floor slats, you can find salvaged floors at a local ReStore or you could just use scrap pieces of wood.
Picnik collage 2x2
The great thing about this project is how versatile the pieces are.  If you are not into the chevron trend, the slats can be reconfigured 1) in a herringbone pattern, 2) in a modified pinwheel (or perhaps, sort of, Texas?), 3) as a high-impact photo frame, or 4) layered for a 3D bowtie effect.  And those are just off the top of my head!  The possibilities are endless!

Craft #4 – Scrappy Apron

I love doing projects that don’t require shopping for more supplies. So scraps only is a great chance to use up remnants from other projects. For this apron I used fabric scraps from at least four other projects… what a way to be resourceful!
I only needed one somewhat large piece (which I happened to have) and the rest can be made out of pretty small pieces of fabric. For the ties and neck strap I didn’t have fabric long enough, so I just pieced strips together… it ended up looking great. I love the pocket in the front, a great place to keep utensils or cleaning supplies while working.
I added some machine cross stitches in a few places to hold the front to the backing. I’m really pleased with the result and it turned out exactly as I had envisioned.

Craft #5 – Kid Car Caddies

 Seriously, the theme this week rocks!!!
Not only did I get to create something uber cute and functional but I also used up a bunch of old scraps in the process!  Woohoo!
Using some scrap flannel, cordaroy, batting, ribbon and misc. sewing supplies I made two:
Kid Car Caddies.
 Is it just me or does it seem like everyday after school someone is hungry, thirsty, dirty, snotty, bored, hatless, shoeless {yes, shoeless} or has a blister, scrape or boo boo?  And honestly, I have a big purse, but I just can’t fit everything we seem to need into it!  So in an effort to alleviate some of the weight and manage meltdowns as we get from point A to point B, I measured all of our essentials and created handy little caddies for behind the seats of our vehicle.  One for the girls.And one for the boys.  Total bonus that the kids can reach the items within all on their own!
Psst… what the kids don’t know yet is that both of these Car Caddies are glow-in-the-dark!!!!  The white design in the scrap flannel glows ~ how cool is that?!
Thanks for the rockin’ week!

Craft #6 – Hair Pretties

I’ve been looking forward to this challenge since the beginning! I love using up my fabric scraps for little projects like this.  A yard of good fabric can cost at least $10.00, so using every little bit is essential.  I used a combination of quilters cotton, felt and old satin pieces my grandmother saved to make these
girlie little hair clips!  Each flower also has a vintage button or beads stitched into the center.
As usual, I couldn’t stop at just one, so I have a whole pile of them cut out for later. I’ll have lots of cute stocking stuffers for all of the cousins, nieces & daughters in my family!

Craft #7 – Purse Organizer

Do you find yourself searching the endless abyss of your purse for chapstick?  Do you cringe every time the teller asks for their promotional card?  Don’t you wish you had hand sanitizer after using that public restroom with no soap?  Do your kids utilize an overabundance of band aids?  If so; have no fear the purse organizer is here!
 This is a fun, simple  project that will help you use up your scraps, and get your small gadgets organized!  It can be completely customized to fit your needs. You can make it as big or small as you need.  I made a double pocket for band aids, and a pocket for all those pesky promotion cards from stores I visit only occasionally.
 This was so easy,  I am excited to make them for friends and family for Christmas!
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  1. ag says

    could you post the names of the crafters of last week’s crafts? i’d love to check out that anthropologie plates tutorial!

  2. Amy E. says

    regardless of the results, i hope that crafter #2 posts the tutorial for the fishbowl matching game! my 6mo old daughter would LOVE this and i would love to use up some of my stash scraps! i’m rooting for your crafter #2!!!

  3. says

    Ok after I voted the percentage that each item had received didn’t come up this time. I wanna know!! LOL! Loved the purse insert – need to make something like that for myself and others for Christmas!

  4. Shirley Irwin says

    I love this blog . . . gives us lots of ideas on what we can do in our own sewing/craft room. I voted # 7 as I have wanted to make a purse insert for myself and will give this one a try. Thanks for posting it! Shirley