Sarah @ Sara vs Sarah

Hello craft-loving people! I’m Sarah with an “h” and I blog at Sara vs. Sarah. Sara vs. Sarah started out
as a blog where my friend Sara and I would compete against each other in biweekly craft competitions.
Currently, we’ve suspended the challenges and I’m running things on my own, at least for the time
being. You’ll find tons of tutorials and lots of crafty ideas there. As for me personally, I live in the
Arizona desert with two beagles and a fat, grey cat. My house is a Mecca of Crafting decorated in a style
I’d call Mid-Century Thrift Store with a strong dash of kitsch. If I’m not at home making stuff, then I’m
probably at a thrift store looking for stuff with which to craft other stuff. Bottom line? I’m a maker,
through and through.

Sarah’s Projects:

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