Ruffled Rug Tutorial

*Tutorial made by Wendy @ Craft Goodies for her win of the Finale Round of Season 11.  To see the 2nd part of this tutorial, the upholstered bench, you can find it here.*
I’m still shocked!
 Super thrilled and excited, but really shocked–I WON! I’m usally really great at second place, seems to be a trend for me, but not this time. I’m not quite sure how to handle it…
I guess I’ll start with telling you how I made this little combo, starting with the rug.
This really was easy, just took a little bit of time.
I had a bunch of canvas drop cloth left over from my camp chairs so decided to use that as the base for the rug.
I knew the size of rug I wanted (4×5 finished) so I cut the canvas to just over double that
(4 ft 1 inch x 10 ft 1 in). Folded it in half, sewed the two side seams, flipped it right side out, tucked under 1/2 an inch and sewed it shut.
Using a sharpie and a yard stick I marked out the lines for my ruffles. I cut my ruffle fabric (jersey knit so I didn’t have to hem it!) into 4 inch wide strips so my lines are 2.5 inches apart, allowing for lots of overlap.
I marked the rectangles all the way into the center until there wasn’t enough room for another one and then just ran a single vertical line down the center.
From there I just started sewing! I am super great at “short cuts” so I didn’t pre-ruffle my ruffles. I just tuck and gather as I go using my lines as a guide so things stay straight. But if you are a rule follower, go ahead and ruffle way, pin along the lines, and then sew.
I used approximately 4 yds of fabric, and cut my strips so that they were 4 yds long x 4 inches wide.
I sewed each line individually-finishing one square and then starting the next one with a seperate piece of fabric. Once I got to the center (that single vertical line) I ruffled the fabric down the center of the strip instead of the edge, using the line as my guide. That way, everything was filled in and looked finished.
Last, I went back through with a needle and thread and tacked down the ruffles at the corners and a few spots along each line of ruffle of keep the ruffles in place.
And then she’s done! So cute and ruffle-y!
And just fantastic.
Thank you again, so much, for these past 10 weeks. I have loved every project and have added so many projects to my “to-make” list. The ladies I shared this season with are so very talented and inspiring.
Thank you and happy crafting to you all!


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