Upcycled Crafts {week 2}

So how was all y’alls weekend?  My little family and I rode the train into Boston to finish up the 2nd half of the Freedom Trail that we started a few weeks ago.  I also took a side trip to Newbury Street (a shopping/fashion district type place).  As I was walking along, we passed the most amazing window display.  It was wall to wall, ceiling to floor, old singer sewing machines.   There must have been over a hundred machines.  It was awesome.

But anyway, onto the main event. This week was another fan favorite…Repurposed week.  Remember that voting closes a day early this season, so make sure you have your vote in by Thursday night.  And if you want to craft along, remember there’s the I’m Crafty! Linky Party every Thursday as well.

Craft #1 – Spray Painted Canisters – Megan @ The Crafty Conundrum

For this week’s theme, I had a really tough time making a decision.  I mean, when you can take ANYTHING and turn it into ANYTHING ELSE it is a pretty broad scope of choices!  I finally decided to transform some empty laundry detergent tins into some cute canisters.

I have a whole bunch of these that I have been hoarding saving.  I had put them to good use in organizing my craft supplies in my craft cupboard, but they are not much to look at.  Add a bit of spray paint (and some designs using hot glue) and they at least a bit more crafty to suit their new purpose.


Craft #2 – Manly Pillow Covers – Erin @ Erin’s Creative Energy

This week I re-purposed my husband’s dress shirts that he can no longer wear into manly pillow covers.

I have been trying to figure out a great way to reuse my husband’s dress shirts.  One had ring around the collar and the other a small grease stain that wouldn’t come out.  The shirts are made of great material and I just couldn’t throw them away or donate them to charity.  So, this was the best idea I came up with.

This was probably the easiest sewing project I have done in a long time.  I cut out a rectangle, the size to fit a travel pillow, turned them right side in, sewed it and trimmed the edges with pinking shears.  There was no need to sew a zipper or other enclosure because the button down front of the shirt was already there.

Now I have some very manly pillows, to sit on very manly chairs in a very manly room of my home.

Craft #3 – Door Knob Wagon – ChiWei @ One Dog Woof

Ahhh, the joys of an old house – lead paint, leaky windows, and old doorknobs.  For this project, I went through the house and thought about the stuff we don’t use, so I could meet the theme for this week while spending as little as possible.  A couple of years ago, we scoured the local flea markets to find glass doorknobs for all our doors, and we had a couple sets leftover sitting in the basement. I thought they looked a bit like wheels on an axle, so I wanted to make a car.
The original plan was to build a pick-up truck planter for these wheels, which downgraded into “build a box”, which again downgraded into “hey, we already have a box!”.  Score!  Repurpose!  The result is a door knob wagon that can be used as a unique display for all sorts of things – little succulents, craft supplies, even mail!
The wagon bed was originally a box that came with a toy xylophone, something similar to the boxes that house wooden Melissa and Doug toys.  And of course the wheels are two sets of leftover glass doorknobs.  The rest of the supplies consist of a couple of scraps of wood, an eye hook, a screw set leftover from some random Ikea project and a chunky dowel.
I’m sure this wagon would look just as good with a set of normal old doorknobs, but doesn’t the glass just give it a nice classy feel?  As if I can imagine the real wagon on our porch being outfitted in diamond wheels!

Craft #4 – Piano Bench – Crystal @ Crystals Craft Spot

It started with this broken chair and ended up with an adorable bench for my piano (okay its a keyboard but piano sounds better)

It took some hammering, pulling, sanding, painting, and stapling.  It was well worth the effort.  I love the end result.  The paint, padding (an old egg shell mattress cover), and fabric were all from my stash. Love when that happens.

So no more having to haul our big kitchen chairs to the living room.  We can just sit on our pretty bench and play pretty music.  P.S. I just might need to invest in some earplugs.


Craft #5 – CD Case Greenhouse – Meg @ Mega Crafty

I’ve had the idea to make a cd case greenhouse for a long time. When I saw that “repurposed” was one of the themes for this season I knew it was the project I wanted to make for this week.

All my music is digital now, but I’m not ready to get rid of my cd’s just yet. Since they take up a lot of storage space I’ve started putting them into plastic sleeves to save room. But… I have tons of cases leftover. For some reason all the empty cases looked like old glass tiles to me, and that gave me the idea that they might have a second life as a mini greenhouse.

Since the cases are all a standard size it was easy to build a structure out of them. The walls and roof are empty cases glued in a variety of configurations. To form the peak I cut cases to fit the angles. In the center where the case is whole, I left the disc holders inside because their pattern reminded me of fans. The sides of the roof flip up for easy watering or ventilation. The entire thing is set on an old slate roof tile.

While it’s still warm outside- I’ll use this inside to keep the cats from eating my houseplants. At the end of summer when the nights turn chilly this will protect tender outdoor plants. Next season, when it’s time to start seeds, I’m envisioning lots of little seedlings snug and cozy in this little nursery.


Craft #6 – Play Parachute – Alicia @ The Creative Vault

It’s pretty common knowledge that the two best days in Elementary School were:
1.  Pizza Friday’s.
2.  When the teacher pulled out the parachute.


So let’s time warp back to the good ol’ days with a little basic math…


That’s right… 1+1= 1 super fun new 7 foot wide parachute to play with anytime we want!  No more waiting for Presidential Physical Fitness Day to parachute to our hearts content!


The kids think it’s mom’s best repurposed project ever.
 Hope you agree!


Craft #7 – Vintage Lace Dress – Nancy @ Nancy’s Couture

 I love to repurpose and refashion things so I had a lot of fun
with this weeks theme.
I chose to repurpose a vintage lace curtain I have been holding onto
for a long while now.
Lace and maxi dresses are all the rage this season so I decided to
combine the two.  The result was a gorgeous girls dress.
I used the scalloped edge of the curtain to make a wavy hem at the
bodice and the bottom of the dress.
It just really adds to this beauty.
I l-o-v-e  this dress.  It’s perfect for a wedding, beach
photos, church, or just dressing like a princess.
 I just may have to make a big girl’s version for myself :o)

Craft #8 – Book Page Art Gallery Wall – Allie @ Miss Lovie Creations

Anything made out of book pages has been a very popular “repurposing” project for a long time. While I love the book page wreaths and mod podged items, I’ve always loved book page art. I desperately needed something on the walls in our guest bedroom, and there is nothing cheaper than DIY wall art.
 I used stencils to create art on the pages of William Shakespeare’s plays and the pages of H.G Wells’ “Outline of History”. Both old books I bought for $3 each and I found all the gold frames from thrift stores. I made framing mats for the frames that needed them and hung them in our guest bedroom above the bed. I just love the outcome. 
I hope you enjoy my book page art gallery wall.
 It was very fun and pretty easy to create!!


Craft #9 – Sweater to Lace Wrap  – Chrissy @  There are UFO’s under my stairs

I found a sweater at the thrift store for three dollars. It was a men’s large cotton/linen blend with a stain on the front. I thought I would just work around the stained part, but when I brought it home and washed it the stain came right out. Bonus!
I unpicked the seams and then unraveled each piece.
I used the yarn to knit a lace wrap. This wrap is a perfect size for summer when you need something light to throw around your shoulders in a movie theater or at church where they have the air conditioning cranked a little too high. It is also thin enough to be worn as a scarf or cowl. The cotton/linen blend yarn gave a beautiful stitch definition.


Next time you browse the racks at the thrift store try looking past the boring or boxy sweaters to the yarn underneath! You can get a lot of yarn for very little money.


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  1. says

    I always hold my breath after I vote and then (usually) breathe of sigh of relief when I see that my 2nd and 3rd choice picks got lots of votes too. I always love more than one and it’s so hard to choose! I’m always afraid I’ll pick one and then one of my other favorites will end up losing!

  2. Barbara says

    This was a hard week to choose! LOL Usually I have one item that “speaks” to me, so while I may love several projects, I’m easily able to pick my favorite. This week there were several that yelled to me! LOL Some pretty talented ladies!

  3. says

    I really love the greenhouse made from the jewel cases! Such a great idea to have the hinge parts function to access the inside.
    I also love that you have the patience to unravel that old sweater! Is something I would do, and it’s nice knowing I’m not nuts for doing so.

    Happy Creating,