Red Week – Week 6 (with results)

It was another tight week last week!  not a surprise, though, with how great they all were.

Melissa was our winner again with her Game Day Gym Bag.  Maybe if I had one of those I’d actually go to the gym. Probably not, but I am totally in love with that fabric.

We have to say good bye to Nicole with her Cowboy’s Apron.  I’m really sad.  She’s given us some awesome projects in the past. Be sure to keep an eye on her at Cole’s Corner & Creations to see what else she’ll come up with.

This week we’re basing our theme on an  campaign that I think is really important and everyone should be aware of…Red Week.  We’ll be working with Carolina @ Always Expect Moore this week to help spread the word about women and heart disease.

Craft #1 – DSLR Camera Bag – Becky @ Corduroys Closet

Wear red all week every week with a sweet red camera bag slung over your shoulder.If I’m gonna support red I want it to be something I have with me all the time.
(Polaroid shown so you get an idea of the size of the bag since I couldn’t take a picture of my camera with my camera)
I take my camera with me everywhere I go so that I’m always ready to capture the moment. Since I have it with me all the time I need it to be protected. Why not make a statement at the same time.
This bag is padded for the accident prone like me. It is made to protect your camera.  It’s also made to fit ALL your gear in it. Cause if you’re like me, then you have more than just a camera. There is a large pocket in the front and back of the bag and inside the front pocket are a couple little pockets to hold extra memory cards.
Inside the bag are matching bags to hold your lenses. On the outside there are pictures to help you know which lens is inside so you don’t have to open and look at all of them to find the right one each time. A fish for my fish eye, a flower for my macro, and a T for telephoto (I know, a boring T, I may have run out of ideas for that one.)
So grab a couple yards of fabric and let’s outfit your camera!

Craft #2 – Little Red Infinity Dress – Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom

For me, the “Go Red for Women,” campaign means wearing red in an effort to bring heart disease to the forefront of women’s minds. So when I thought about my project for this week, I knew I wanted to make something to wear. I kept thinking about the quintessential Little Black Dress and how I could make a Little Red Dress instead.

In one afternoon, and for under $20, I made a dress that not only honored the spirit of bringing attention to women’s heart health, but also gives me endless options to wear it.

The Little Red Infinity Dress is now a staple in my closet. I love being able to take 1 simple design and wear it any way I want. Strapless today, sleeves tomorrow. It’s definitely a must-have, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Craft #3 – Red Felt Rose Wreath – Amy @ Positively Splendid

I have always felt that a wreath is like a smile on your front door to greet your guests every time they come for a visit. My front door has been standing unadorned since Christmas, so it was high time to put something bright out there to liven things up! When I started this project, I wanted something fitting for Valentine’s Day, but that wouldn’t have to be taken down the moment the holiday was past. With this vibrant red/blue color scheme, I think I accomplished just that.

While there are many dynamic design elements in this wreath, the show-stopper here really is its collection of lovely (no-sew!) red felt roses. Flanked with denim leaves, these marvelous blooms really shine. The best part about these flowers is how incredibly easy they are to make. I would absolutely love to show you how it’s done!

Craft #4 – Week of Red {accessories} – Ashlee @ I’m Topsy Turvy

Red week- this is probably the broadest theme we’ve had. I mean Red? It’s my absolute favorite color and I love working with it, but I can do ANYTHING with red. First I though of a skirt, I have a few I’ve been wanting to make, then shirt… But still a bit boring and not as fun as I was hoping for. Then I focused on the second word in our theme- Week! It got my wheels moving… How about a week’s worth of fun new red accessories!!! Something red to wear every day from now until Valentines! Perfect!!!

red week seven accessories so you think your crafty

So we have my 7 accessories

1. Ric Rak rossette earrings and ring

2. Ruffled Camera strap

3. Felt heart flowered scarf

4. Up-cycled heels

5. Ruffled headband

6. Rosette and pearl statement necklace

7. Ruffled zipper clutch with pockets!

red week seven accessories so you think your crafty

The hardest part now is trying to decide which one to wear every day! I’ve been wearing the headband almost every day, I am in LOVE with it. The shoes have already made a few appearances. Obviously the strap cover is already on the camera, and so soft! The scarf has replaced my old one as my go to for this month! And with the hearts I’m feeling very Valentines festive already. I am loving my new earrings and ring, so are my daughters, I had to make a few more pairs already (I’m going to add a few more colors as well). GORGEOUS! My statement necklace made it’s debut yesterday at church! Everyone loved it. And last but not least, the clutch is residing in my purse with my cash, CC’s and lip gloss! Some day’s I go crazy and wear TWO of my accessories in one day! I am so happy and in love with my red week accessories. I’m glad I didn’t go with yet another shirt or skirt this time. Each and every one of these are going to be overly used and even repeated in more colors!!

red week seven accessories so you think your crafty

Craft #5 – Relax Hammock – Meredith @ My magic Mom

An important part of preventing heart disease is controlling stress. When coming up with a project for this week’s Go Red for Women theme, I wanted to create a project that helps women relax.

Is there a better way to unwind than stretching out on a hammock? A fun part of this hammock is how easily it is to personalize it. You can even claim it as yours and yours alone by putting your name across it. Kids would get a kick out of seeing their name too.

Make a coordinating pillow to complete the relaxation process and add a splash of color to your backyard.

This project is easy enough for a beginning sewer, so it won’t stress you out to make one!

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    oh so amazing! I’ve seen a tute for that dress, but it looks fabulous in red. my son wants to rest in that hammock! and I guess I have to make a toy bag that is similar to that camera bag! thanks for all the inspiration!