Red Week Results

Sorry this is coming to you so late in the day.  This week I’ve been taking a little more time to be “mom” and spending a little less time on the computer.  So lets keep this short and sweet.

Here’s the results for the Red challenge of season 14:


And here is the crafter/project match up:

#1 – Charming Red Necklace – Catherine @ CathGrace
#2 – Love Embroidery Hoop Art – Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty
#3 – Red Baron Toy Plane – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade
#4 – Valentine’s Outfit – Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique
#5 – Little Red Riding Hood Cape and Basket – Christy @ Inklings & Yarns

That gives Kim @ Maiden D’Shade her 2nd win of the season.  Congrats Kim!

Red Baron Toy Plane - Kim

What a fun little make over that plane was.  It would look great in any boys room.

But we have to say goodbye to Christy this week and I’m super bummed.

Little Red Riding Hood Cape & Basket - Christy

I’ve wanted Abi to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween for years, but something always comes up and it never works out.  But this little cape and basket would be perfect!  Be sure that you go over to Inklings & Yarns to follow along with all that Christy has going on.

Be sure to come back on Monday for some Elegant projects 🙂


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