Reading Nook Hanging Chair

*Project by Mandy @ SugarBee Craft Edition*

After wandering through the hardware store, I came out with:  chains, eyebolts, nuts, washers, painter’s dropcloth, lumber, metal bucket, bubble wrap, and colored duct tape.  All for the same project – crazy!!  But it all pulled together for my amazing Reading Nook Hanging Chair.

I LOVE the look – it’s the shiny hardware that makes the biggest statement:

The chair doesn’t hang too high off the ground, so it’s easily accessible to young children.  I mounted it in the corner so it won’t swing back and forth too much.  The chair is a relatively easy construction project that anyone can conquer (really!  just a few cuts – I was proud that I worked the chop-saw by myself – and then a few screws to hold it together).  I will provide you all the measurements for mine so you don’t have to think, but you can also adjust my measurements to fit your own needs.

And I just had to share this cute picture of the Reading Nook Hanging Chair in action as my little guy was winding down for bedtime last night…
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