Pumpkin Crafts – Week 1

Well here we are! The start of a new season.

Welcome to Season 5!

I’m so excited for you guys to get to know these ladies a little bit better. They really are talented women.

This week we have something really fun to kick off the new season. I’m teaming up with Caroline from Always Expect Moore. She is hosting a week of celebrating Pumpkins, which just happens to be this weeks theme! It started yesterday and I’m so excited to see all the fun stuff that will be shown throughout the week! So be sure to vote then click over to Always Expect Moore to see what’s going on (then keep checking up all week).

Voting will be open until Friday, Oct 9th at 9pm MST.

Craft #1 – Pumpkin Apples

The markets are filled with delicious apples this time of year.  Although we love just eating them plain, they are even better when you coat them in delectable caramel.  We made some for a local fall festival and wanted to jazz them up a bit.  The pumpkin theme for this round of the contest inspired our design.  What better way to represent fall than caramel apples dressed up to look like little pumpkins.  These were so easy to make and we love the fact that they are reusable.  You could wrap other goodies in them as well such as popcorn balls.  The simple drawstring closure makes it easy to fit on any sized apple.

Craft #2 – Pumpkins in Burlap

Pumpkins! It must be fall… And I LOVE FALL!

But I have no outdoor fall decor. Which got me thinking… A couple of years ago we used pumpkins and other gourds from our garden to decorate our front porch. Unfortunately they rotted and ended up being pretty gross in general. So heres my solution…

Pumpkins in Burlap! No rotting… GUARANTEED!

Craft #3 – “Heavy Metal” Pumpkins

I’ve seen some cool metal pumpkins around, but they were huge, heavy and expensive. I was looking for something a bit smaller but still modern looking. Here’s what I came up with.

These metal pumpkins are super cheap and easy! You can buy all the supplies at the hardware store for only a few dollars and can make a bunch! You can mix and match the color or use all of one color. You could even spray paint or glaze this!

The tutorial for this project will include a materials list and some helpful instructions and hints (I had to learn the hard way).

Craft #4 – Pumpkin Booties

I love, love ,love to sew by hand. One of my favorite things to make is baby shoes out of felt. In coming up with this weeks craft I was able to combine both. I found a bootie pattern that I turned into fun Baby Boots with a matching jacket. The green ultra suede fabric lined with wooly fabric Is super cute. I embroidered white punpkins, green vines, leaves and orange seed beed flowers. It turned out so stinking cute. I just love it.

Craft #5 – Trendy Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Bag

I love trick-or-treating! There is something magical about being a kid, running around in a costume, and getting tons (yes, tons) of candy.  I wanted to make something trendy that my little one could tote around this Halloween.  So, I went to work and came up with this (no pattern used)…

I made this leaf from 3 different fabrics. I cut out several shapes and sewed them together with a little bling! Come on, who doesn’t want a little bling?  🙂 I do!

I used extra-heavy-weight interfacing throughout the entire pumpkin so it keeps it’s shape being held or sitting down. There is a tube that runs down the center of the pumpkin for candy collection 🙂

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Craft #6 – Stacking Pumpkins


Aren’t stacking pumpkins so cute?

I decided to make my own…and then…make them SPOOKEY!

Craft #7 – Pumpkin Patch Weekender

Ripe for fall, homegrown, a rich orange hue, delicious on the inside-allow me to introduce you to the Pumpkin Patch Weekender.

What could be more suited to fall than brown corduroy paired with rows of pumpkin colored flannel pleats and lined with a luxe Anna Maria Horner print? Just tuck a Starbucks gift card into one of the pockets (for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, of course) and nestle a knit scarf inside and you’re ready for hay rides, apple picking, fall farmer’s markets and corn mazes. Or fill with a cozy cableknit sweater, your favorite pair of skinny jeans and tall brown boots, and head off for a relaxing weekend of sipping chai, snuggling with your sweetheart and taking in the gorgeous fall foliage.

Designed with my fashionista yet uber practical, fall-loving, jet setting sister-in-law in mind, this weekender is part purse, part suitcase. It is small enough for everyday use, but the plethora of pockets (five to be exact) and deceptively roomy interior can accommodate a weekend excursion as well. Both beautiful and functional, this little bag is sure to be your go-to accessory this autumn!

Craft #8 – Candy Dispenser

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a candy dispenser you could leave out on the porch for trick or treaters?  We always seem to take turns on who passes out the candy and who takes the kids around trick or treating.  This year we can both take the kids trick or treating and leave the pumpkin to hand out the candy.

You too can make this great candy dispenser using a craft pumpkin, foam core and a knob.  Then you can make the pumpkin as silly or as spooky as you like.  It is such a simple design and all the kids have to do is pull the knob and out pops a piece of candy.

Craft #9 – Monk Cloth Pumpkins

For me, pumpkins do not have to be orange.

I used monk’s clothe which is similar to burlap but with a tighter weave.  The creamy white color is just gorgeous.  The addition of the driftwood stems adds a worn, rustic feel.

I added some embroidery to the medium and largest pumpkins.

These will look gorgeous in any home!  A tutorial in all three sizes will be on my blog after the voting.

Craft #10 – Pumpkin Cut-Outs

It’s that time of year – fall – time to get out the pumpkins!  Don’t just limit your pumpkin use to home decor and yummy treats – pumpkin up your “look” as well!

Pumpkin Cutouts are a simple and cute way to wear your love of fall.

For one option, find a discarded black shirt, and spice it up with a jack-o-lantern and fun sleeves.

You or your child will then have a unique Halloween shirt for minimal cost.

For another option, instead of a jack-o-lantern, grab a clearance tank and add a plain pumpkin for a shirt that can be layered all Fall long.

The tutorial will show how to make a  Pumpkin Cutout shirt with either option.  And don’t worry if you don’t have a sewing machine or think you’re not a sewer, as shown with the plain pumpkin, a few hand stitches is all it takes.

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