Pumpkin Challenge Results

SYTYC is a 10 week competition. 10 weeks! You know what? 10 weeks is a loooong time my friends. Can you imagine the range of experience and emotion one may go through in 10 weeks? The highs and lows of life, even without the stress of producing weekly for a competition, can be pretty intense. It makes this competition that much harder.

I don’t know about the season’s contestants, but during this 10 week phase I have bad days. Days where I don’t want to write a post. Days that I simply wish I could hit the rewind or pause on.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I think that these ladies work very hard to create and inspire and you know what could make their day? Heck, their week? A heartfelt note from you. So today, after you read our results, maybe hop over and let one or two, or heck all of them know how much you appreciate their work?

Do it because they’re awesome, but do it because in the course of 10 weeks maybe you could use an uplifting note yourself too.

Pumpkin Challenge Results

Pumpkin Challenge Results

Crafter Reveal

SYTYC Pumpkin Challenge

Project #1 Pumpkin Quilt Candelabra – Ariean, One Krieger Chick
Project #2 Pumpkin Patch Dress – Crystal, Stitched by Crystal
Project #3 Pumpkin Wreath – Emily, The Benson Street
Project #4 Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower – Lynda, Oh So Shabby

Pumpkin Challenge Winner

This week’s winner is Lynda, from Oh So Shabby, who created a Rapunzle Pumpkin Tower.

Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower

Congratulations Lynda!

Pop back over on Tuesday and check out Lynda’s how-to on this fun project!

Saying Goodbye…

Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to Emily. I’ve had such fun getting to know her – she’s amazing. Each week, along with her project, Emily has included the sweetest little note to me. What a blessing.

I will be interviewing Emily on Wednesday. Please stop by and learn a little bit more about her and check out some of my favorite Benson Street posts.

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