Previous Weeks Re-Cap – Updated

I’m sorry that I’ve gotten so far behind on the archives and such. I was planning on getting caught up over last week, but I had my wisdom teeth out and I was afraid that, being on pain killers and such, I’d just have to redo everything once they had worn off.

I did get a few emails from you guys asking about who was in charge of which project in during the “Edible” round.  So instead of making you wait until I get it caught up, here are the project/crafter match ups for Weeks 4 (edible) and 5 (Cultural).  Go check out their blogs.  I can’t guarantee that they will have their tutorials up, but I’m sure you’ll find a ton of other great stuff there.

Week 4 – Edible

#1 – Purse – Kim
#2 – Western Cowboy Cake – Carrie
#3 – Little Man Tea Party – Cheri
#4 – Mint Ginger Prego Pills – Vanessa
#5 – Edible Topiaries – Natalia & Whitnee
#6 – Stain Glass Lollipops – Mary Beth
#7 – Candy Mosaic – Emilie

Week 5 – Cultural

#1 – Fabric Hawaiian Lei – Natalia & Whitnee
#2 – Leather Purse – Cheri
#3 – French Shower Couture – Mary Beth
#4 – Asian Tea Party – Carrie
#5 – Bilingual Blocks – Emilie
#6 – Matryoshka Sewing Friend – Vanessa

UPDATE – I just got an email reminding me I didn’t tell you the winners of the last week’s cultural week  here is the final poll. Sorry about that!

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