Powder Puff Ornaments {guest tutorial}

*Hey everybody! Season 14 of So You Think You’re Crafty is going to be fantastic. However, it won’t be starting until the New Year – we decided to let the crafters have a little break and family time too :) . But I have a great schedule of guest posts and shop spotlights lined up from now until then. Have a great Holiday season and see you all after the New Year!*

Hello everyone! My name is Lori, and I blog at What Remains Now. I want to thank Missy for inviting me
to show you how to make these cute little ornaments made from…

…powder puffs! Powder puffs are a great background for all types of fun enhancements.




And my favorite…fabric flowers.

I’m going to show you how to make this super simple folded-petal flower. You can make this flower
from any type of fabric. One of my favorite fabrics to work with is fleece. It has great body, a soft texture
and comes in a lot of fun colors and patterns.

To begin, cut 4 circles from the fleece and a smaller circle of felt that you’ll glue your petals on to.
Another neat thing about this flower…the completed flower will be the same diameter as the circles you
cut for the petals, so it’s a great flower to make when you need a “just the right size” bloom.

To make the petals, fold one of the circles in half, then fold it in half again. Secure the petal by making a
few stitches at the point. You can also secure the petal with glue, if you prefer. Do this to all 4 circles.

Glue the petals to the felt…

… with the points of the petals meeting in the middle.

Add a center. I used a silver button.


Now that you have your embellishments on the powder puffs, add a simple hanger.

I made a small loop of ribbon and covered with ends with a bow. Another fun thing…You can write a
special message on the satin portion of the powder puff.

That’s it. Super easy, super cute, super quick.

A few notes…I purchased the 3-pack of powder puffs at Dollar General for $1, the buttons, appliqués
and fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft, and I used Fabri-Tac glue to adhere all my elements.

Thank you again, Missy, for inviting me to guest post, and I wish you all Happy Holidays.

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