Portable Manicure and Pedicure Kit

*Project by Amy @ Positively Splendid for the Cozy challenge*

To me, there is absolutely nothing cozier than donning my fuzzy pink bathrobe and curling up on my couch in front the a roaring fire to watch a good movie. And, nine times out of ten, I use that time to give some much-needed attention to my nails in the form of a manicure and pedicure. I have found there is nothing less relaxing or cozy than trying to locate all of my nail polishing supplies when they are scattered from hither to yon. This Portable Manicure/Pedicure Kit solves that problem and lets me get straight to the business of luxuriating!

This sweet little bag is outfitted with 4 polish-sized pockets on either side, as well as two medium-sized pockets for cuticle oil, polish remover/pads, and other necessities. Another large pocket is the perfect size to accommodate a coordinating vinyl-covered pad to keep my surface clean as I work. (I can finally own a magazine that isn’t covered with dabs of nail polish!) Two elastic loops at the center keep my emery board and nail clippers easily accessible, and with a snap closure, the bag fastens securely to ensure my supplies stay put. And, when I am ready to polish my nails next time, the carrying handles will allow me to tote it to my desired cozy location!

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