Poll Change

Ok guys.  There was a little issue with the poll this morning.  Thank you to everyone that pointed it out to me!

I’ve gone over it with my web designer and we think we’ve come up with a better option, some of the changes will be happening right now and some will come into plan when the new season actually starts.

So, the changes happening now:

Instead of voting for your top and bottom favorites, just rank them in order of preference.  Since that will expand the width of the poll beyond what will fit in the sidebar it has been moved to the actual post HERE.  Since I had to set up a new poll the voting will be extended 5 hours this week – it will close at 5am PT on Friday. Everyone that has already votes please go vote again!

And the changes happening later:

To make it easier to find the current challenge post and poll, my designer is working on adding a button to the top left of the page, right in plain site.  This will make it easier than scrolling through the sidebars to find it. The new button will be making it’s appearance with season 15 in a few weeks (or maybe even earlier!).

Let me know if there are any more problems, or you have any concerns!

And thank you so much for your patience with me while I try to figure this all out!  You guys are the best.  Now go vote and support those crafters by visiting their blogs!

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