Play & Pretend Dress Up

*Project by Heidi @ greendoodle for the Kids Can Do challenge of season 15*

I took my kids to our local children’s museum a couple of weeks ago to earn a few Mom Points.  We hit all the favorite spots: veterinarian section, dolls, grocery store, and of course the theater.  As we were leaving, my daughter struck up a conversation with an employee of the museum and let her know in her most adult tone that she felt the museum needed more costumes, and her mom (me) would love to sew them for the museum.  (!!!)

As luck would have it, she was speaking to the volunteer coordinator and she told me that she did need more costumes. I told her that “yes, I would love to sew them for the museum”, and here we have this week’s think-outside-the-box project.

As my daughter was so willing to volunteer me, I made sure that my kids (and at times, even their friends) were involved in the planning and creation of this project.  First, the kids made up stories that they would like to act out. Then they drew the characters and their costumes.

When it came time to create, I chose a very simple pattern that required a few basic seams.  The kids helped cut out fabric, and sat on my lap to sew the main seams together.  The kids helped me come up with details and embellishments.

I am proud of my kids and their hard work.  I would have never expected them to complete such a lofty project.   It goes to show that our kids are capable of so much more than I give them credit for.

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