Peacock Painting Tutorial

*Tutorial by Kim @ A Girl & A Glue Gun for her win of the Peacock Finale of the All-Star Season*

so you know how you buy blinds and install them and have a bunch extra at the bottom..

well, here’s a project to use them.

(waste not want not)

i used about..this many.. (16ish) (they are about  2 inches wide and 3 feet long )


i had to prime them first which is always a time suck but neccessary…


I actually painted them first before attaching them together (then i repainted either way works.)
i took two extra pieces of blinds and hot glued the painted blinds on top evenly….


the first coat…you can see the brush stokes (kinda looks like a photography glare)

so i redid another coat because i wanted a more smoother finisher…

this process is super easy. (pinky promise) i start at the top…with yellow/green. mix them with my brush and paint the first…now you don’t clean your brush (if you have a bunch of paint on it you can wipe it off but don’t clean it!) then you put a dallop of the next color of paint and work it in (so i added more more yellow) and then the next color is a darker green mixed with the light green…then the next one is the dark green alone…the next one is the dark green mixed with blue…then more blue and less green…etc….

here’s what my paint plate looks like…

you can always add white if you want more subdued colors…and if need to darken any colors you can add black (a tinnny bit…a little goes along way with black)

and then when you are done you let your little one use up the last of the paint…

a little picasso.
after it dries i chalk outlined a picture of a peacock

(i can’t find where i got this…

but while googling found THIS image which is a stencil so if you aren’t a painter you can still do this!

chalk easily rubs away and is perfect if you want to actually not paint blind…
then you paint…


and paint…

these blinds are wood grain…so a double coat was a must…..

then i just added a few nails and hung that sucker up…..

these pillows are just fabric i wrapped around to make the painting pop…i actually was working on an alternative peacock project (involving that peacock feather on the green pillow!) maybe i will finish it soon!




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  1. lisa says

    Beautiful, I wish I had your talent. What did u attach the bones too? I may have missed that part.