Pallet Chair Tutorial

*Pallet Chair Tutorial made by Amber at Craft Me Perfect for the season 15 Wild Card challenge*

This chair is the perfect cozy spot when you just want to relax. So your question is, “How in the world did she make that?” Well, I’m gonna tell you.
You start off with 2 pallets and some extra old boards you might have laying around or you could go buy them. I obviously took this picture after I was finished, so the other pallets are used in the chair and this was the leftover.
The back of the chair which is what is laying flat on the sawhorses is one whole pallet. The seat which is right now the vertical part is half of a pallet. The legs (not shown in this picture) use the other half of that pallet you cut for the seat. Just saw it in half again only the the direction. I had to screw in boards several places to fill in the holes of the pallet so I would be able to put it all together stably. I drilled holes all the way through the inside of the seat through the top layer of the bottom pallet. Then I inserted bolts and used washers and nuts to hold it tight. The same was done for the arms/legs.
In this picture you can see how the bolts came through the back from the hollow part of the seat.
In order to add a little extra height to the arms I added 2 boards which were spray painted aqua blue for a touch of bright color. This color was also used to cover up spots on the pallet that had been previously painted.
Here ids a look at what the finished chair should look like before you add all the accessories.
I sewed “unzippable” covers for pillows that I bought at the store, which were used as cushions. (You could also just buy cushions to fit it.) Then I sewed 2 accent pillows (a little different sizes). One navy blue and one floral.
The book shelf wasn’t intentional but ended up being a great addition!
Hope you enjoy making your own pallet chair. Remember make it yours and be creative!
Happy Crafting:)
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