Upcycled Girl’s Vanity

Upcycled Girl's Vanity FB

Were you as excited about this season's amazing projects as I was? Seriously. The competition was stiff! Today Lynda, from Oh So Shabby, is here to share her final project. This upcycled girl's vanity is the project that won the competition for her! Upcycled Girl's Vanity Tutorial Super excited and a bit shocked that I made it all the way to the end!  There were so many great crafters I was honored to have competed with all of them and glad … [Continue reading...]

Season 17 Final Results

Finals Feature.jpg

After two months of amazing projects, late nights and a ton of hard work, it's time to "crown the winner" of our competition. Drumroll please... The winner is... Congratulations to Lynda, from Oh So Shabby, who's our Season 17 winner. Tune in next week for Lynda's awesome upcycled girl's vanity tutorial. You'll also be able to catch Lynda's interview next week! Our runner up... I also want to take a moment to congratulate … [Continue reading...]

Season 17 Final Challenge

Season 17 Finals

 We've reached the final week in the final season of 2013. This week, someone will walk away winner of the SYTYC challenge. Our two challengers have spent weeks working on their final projects and today you will get the chance to look at their hard work and determine the winner! For the first time this season, the projects will not be anonymous. You will be able to see who's behind the project. I have flipped a coin to see who's project … [Continue reading...]

Interview: Ariean, One Krieger Chick

Ariean Collage

Today I am excited to share an interview with one of my favorite bloggers, Ariean, from One Krieger Chick.   When Ariean completes a project is wow. Don't believe me? Let's take a look back at some of the SYTYC Season 17 Challenges Ariean won. She picked up her first win with her bathtub to sofa project.   She also picked up a win for her kid-friendly Halloween candy dispensers. So fun! I am looking … [Continue reading...]

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bags

pic 6

Our two final contestants - Crystal and Lynda - are crazy busy getting their final round projects put together this week. We will be back on Monday ready to roll with their "project of choice." I hope you will come back to vote! In the meantime, I am excited to share Lynda's latest win. This is Lynda's fourth win of the season. She picked up her very first win in the back-to-school audition round with her kids organizational … [Continue reading...]

Halloween Challenge Results

SYTYC Halloween Challenge Results

What a busy week! In addition to coordinating things here at SYTYC, some of you may know that I run a conference for DIY and craft bloggers called SNAP! I've spent the week getting ready for our tickets to go on sale today. Needless to say, it was a bit of a crush and I am now breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. If YOU are a blogger interested in attending, we do have just about 50 tickets left for the event. Yep that's right. In one day we sold … [Continue reading...]

Interview: Michelle, Delicate Construction

Delicate Construction

A few weeks ago while I was traveling, I bugged up my posts and the interview I had planned didn't get posted the way it should have. I am making up for it today and I think you will agree, that this crafter's interview was well worth the wait! Today, I have the opportunity to introduce you to a blog/blogger who's website url is one of my very favorite - Michelle, from Delicate Construction. Delicate Construction...Why couldn't I come up with … [Continue reading...]

Interview: Emily, The Benson Street

Emily The Benson Street

I first met Emily online last year and though we didn't really get a chance to chat at SNAP! this last year, I did get to "see" her in person. I am so happy that she participated in SYTYC Season 17, because it's been such a great opportunity to get to know her better. While I should have be the one cheering Emily on, every email she sends comes with a cheery, uplifting note. What a difference she's made in my life these last two … [Continue reading...]