Upcycle Challenge Results Season 17, Week 2

SYTYC Upcycle Challenge Winner

What a great week. There were honestly so many great projects featured this week, any one of the projects could be featured as the winner. Speaking of winners, I am pretty sure that you just want me to get on with things, rather than rambling on... Upcycle Challenge Results Crafter Reveal Project #1 Child's Desk - Michelle, Delicate Construction Project #2 Upcycled Dining Table - Emily, The Benson Street Project #3 Door to Coffee Table … [Continue reading...]

Leather Tassel Tutorial

DIY Leather Tassel Sq

I have a selection of handbags in my closet that haven't been pulled out and used in years. I don't use them because they're really only made to carry a very small wallet, lipstick, a cell phone and car keys. I can't bear to part with them because 1) they're adorable 2) they were purchased back when I had disposable income, so they're nice 3) they remind me of a time that I was cute and trendy. These days I can't be bothered to make sure my … [Continue reading...]

I’m Crafty Party: Upcycle Projects


Welcome to the “I’m Crafty” party, your chance to join our Season 17 competitors in showcasing your talent online! We’re focused on upcycle projects this week and we’d love to see the projects you’ve created. Your project doesn’t need to be a new one…So come on. Showcase your talent!  A few things to remember: Link to a specific post, not your blog in general. Please only post your ideas, not round ups or guest posts. Think outside … [Continue reading...]

Interview with Melissa, Fablifyit

Melissa Fablifyit

I am so excited to be sharing my interview with Melissa, from Fablifyit, with you today. Melissa is an amazing woman who's not only got a fun website, but also runs a successful business! Interview with Melissa, Fablifyit 1. Tell as a little bit about yourself and your blog. My blog, Fablifyit, is about all fun things you can make with vinyl, wood, or anything else I can come up with! I love finding new ways to do things. I love photos, and … [Continue reading...]

Chalkboard Serving Tray Tutorial

Chalkboard Serving Tray Tutorial

I am so excited about this season - from our initial try outs, through week one and on to week three, the projects have been out of this world AMAZING. Seriously. There isn't one project turned in that I wouldn't be proud to feature! The voting for our "In the Kitchen" challenge was supremely close last week. I don't know that it's ever been this tight. In the end, you decided that we would see Crystal's chalkboard serving tray … [Continue reading...]

Upcycle Challenge {Season 17, Week 2}

Upcycle Challenge SYTYC

I am so excited to share this week's upcycle challenge with you. The projects are INCREDIBLE. The challengers have really outdone themselves today! Let's just jump right in shall we? Upcycle Challenge Projects Project #1 Child's Desk from Candlesticks and Cupboard Door I am going to be honest everyone, this week was much more challenging than I expected it to be! I went through about 345 ideas, before I came up with this one and … [Continue reading...]

Upcycle Challenge: 10 Great Upcycle Projects

10 Great Upcycle Projects

What would a SYTYC season be without an upcycle challenge? One of the reasons I love this challenge is the sky's the limit. Last season's upcycle challenge was filled with amazing projects - Naomi killed it with her winning thrift store frock to party dress transformation. This season, our competitors are taking it to another level and I can't wait to share their projects with you tomorrow! Upcycling is a challenge the blog world has … [Continue reading...]

In the Kitchen Challenge Results Season 17, Week 1

In the Kitchen Prize

Did you have a great Labor Day?! I have to admit I love these short weeks...Though I love my job, I LIVE for the weekends! Weekends are the time that I get all of my baking, blogging, crafting and DIYing in. This week's theme has me with kitchen on the mind (No kidding. I may have priced out a kitchen overhaul on Labor Day.), however, I don't think a brand spanking new kitchen is in my near future. At least not this weekend...Instead, I am … [Continue reading...]