Scraps Challenge Results, Season 17, Week 5

Scraps Challenge

Wow. Do you ever have a week that just chews you up and spits you out? I had a week like that this week. The height of my "difficulties?" My Facebook account was disabled, cutting off all of my access with...well, in some ways the world. It nearly brought me to tears. No lie. Now, before you judge me to harshly, consider that I work as a social media consultant. I spend a large portion of my working day on Facebook. Truth be told it wasn't … [Continue reading...]

Interview: Dru from Polkadot Poplars

It's not very often that I have, or expect to, work with a contestant that I actually know in real life. Dru, from Polkadot Poplars, actually lives near me and I am fortunate enough to have met her in person. I was oh so excited when she tried out for SYTYC, because well, she's absolutely lovely! Dru is a craft industry insider, having worked for several large craft companies, and I am excited for you to get to know her today! Interview: Dru, … [Continue reading...]

Reversible Fall Leaves Pillowcase Tutorial

I am seriously blown away by the talent this season. Every week there are several tutorials that I am interested in seeing and I'd have a hard time selecting my favorite...It makes it kind of nice to know that you get to pick more than one "favorite" up until nearly the end. This week, I am excited to share Crystal's fantastic reversible fall leaves pillowcase tutorial. Crystal's projects have always ranked high, but you'll probably … [Continue reading...]

Scraps Challenge Season 17, Week 5

SYTYC Scraps Challenge

It's hard to believe we're half way through the current season. Time flies... One of the things that surprises me is how different (or similar) our contestants interpret the weekly challenges. When I set the challenges, I have a picture in my mind of just how I think they will go...The interesting thing? Rarely do the contestants have the same take on a theme that I do! Despite their varied take on the project, they all have one thing in … [Continue reading...]

Fall Decor Challenge Results Season 17, Week 4

Fall Decor Challenge Results

It's been such fun celebrating fall decor week. I absolutely love all of the contestants projects completed and shared on Monday and I even had fun creating my slightly un-fall, fall decor piece! Even the weather here decided to cooperate. Our days have dropped from 90 degrees to the high 50's in a short matter of hours. It really feels like fall at this point. Fall Decor Challenge Results   Contestant Reveal Project #1 Fall Owl … [Continue reading...]

Halloween Spider Wreath

Easy Halloween Wreath via

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but honestly it makes me a bit schizophrenic. While a part of me appreciates the beauty of the season and creates a burning desire for classy fall decor, the other part of my dives right on in to Halloween! I think this may be a Utah thing. I once read that we Utahns tend to spend more on Halloween than nearly any other state. Now THAT, is a topic we could dive into for some seriously psychoanalysis... I … [Continue reading...]

Contestant Interview: Justynn, Creative Life Antics

One of my favorite things about working on SYTCY is the opportunity to meet incredibly talented individuals that I might never have encountered otherwise. Justynn is one of those that I probably wouldn't have ever met without SYTYC, but now she's someone I can watch and say, "I knew her way back when..." Yes. She's that talented. YOU will remember Justynn, from her great challenge projects and her HUGE memo and organization station … [Continue reading...]

First Birthday High Chair Tutorial

I owe each and every one of you a SUPER HUGE THANK YOU for pinning the simple cupcake to go container I shared last week. I had no idea this little solution would be SO very popular! It's time to share the tutorial for the project that won last week's birthday challenge, Lynda's awesome first birthday high chair. This is Lynda's second win. She also won our audition round with her kid's back-to-school station. First Birthday … [Continue reading...]