Pumpkin Challenge Results

Pumpkin Challenge Results

SYTYC is a 10 week competition. 10 weeks! You know what? 10 weeks is a loooong time my friends. Can you imagine the range of experience and emotion one may go through in 10 weeks? The highs and lows of life, even without the stress of producing weekly for a competition, can be pretty intense. It makes this competition that much harder. I don't know about the season's contestants, but during this 10 week phase I have bad days. Days where I … [Continue reading...]

Interview: Krisha from Jacks & Kate

I think I first came across Jacks & Kate about a year and a half ago when Krisha linked up a project to Show & Tell, over at SNAP! It was love at first site for me and I've been enjoying her site ever since. (Note to Krisha. Yes. I have really read your site for that long and don't know if I have ever commented - oops! Just so you know, I think you're great!) I love Krisha's kids crafts and party ideas. There's a whole lot of … [Continue reading...]

DIY Halloween Candy Dispenser Tutorial

DIY Halloween candy dispenser

Wow. Thank you for voting in our weekly challenges. Each week I am dying to learn which project you will select to be showcased on the site. The results continue to be spectacular. I am so proud of the contestants. Today Areian, from One Krieger Chick, is sharing her winning DIY Halloween candy dispenser tutorial. This is Ariean's second feature. A strong contender in this season's competition, Ariean won our upcycle challenge earlier this … [Continue reading...]

Pumpkin Challenge Season 17, Week 7

SYTYC Pumpkin Challenge

Some people like pumpkin. Some people don't. In this house, we love pumpkin. All of us...It's become a bit of a debate as to when it's too early to begin making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I am a fan of waiting. It's not that I don't love the cookies. I do. It's that the boys request them (and can now make them on their own) at least a couple of times a month. And well, I down more than my fair share! Regardless YOUR personal take on … [Continue reading...]

Fall Crafts for Kids Results Season 17,Week 6

Hi! Today I am checking in from Outer Banks, North Carolina, where I am attending Click Retreat. I am having a great time, but boy have we faced some challenges from the darn WEATHER!  via NorthCarolina.com Instead of the sun we've had a whole lot of gray and no WiFi, but guess what? We've had a WHOLE lot of fun! There's truly nothing like spending time with women who lift you up and inspire you. It's one of those things that fuels the … [Continue reading...]

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Thanks to those of you who voted in our last challenge. We continue to have record numbers voting in our weekly challenges and I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have our competitors projects seen by so many... For those of you who are visiting from Pinterest today, welcome. SYTYC is a craft and DIY competition. Each Monday we feature themed projects created by our competitors. Please help us out and cast your vote... The winner … [Continue reading...]

Fall Crafts for Kids Challenge Season 17, Week 6

Wow. We've past our mid-way point and are well on our way toward the end of Season 17. I am amazed by how quickly the time passes when you are marking the dates each and every week. This week at SYTYC, we're celebrating fall crafts for kids. I am excited to share the project the boys and I worked on together later this week. In the meantime, please check out 10 great fall crafts for kids and our contestants amazing projects. As the … [Continue reading...]

10 Great Fall Crafts for Kids

10 Fall Crafts for Kids via SYTYC

Wow. Fall has arrived with a vengeance here in Utah. We went from the steamy 90's to SNOW. Yep. You heard right, SNOW, in just a few short weeks. Though I don't love the super-cold temps, I do love this season. For me it always signals a return to baking, crafting and general happiness (which may be directly related to the baking in my case). This week, our challengers will be sharing fall crafts for kids...I don't often get a chance to … [Continue reading...]