Finale – Week 10

Craft #1 - Rollie Pollie - Dana @ MADE Looking for hours of entertainment? Meet, The Rollie Pollie: It's a chair, it's a toy, it's your favorite pillow. Made of durable cotton twill or soft vinyl, each bag is actually a slip cover (with another Rollie Pollie inside) then filled with mounds and mounds of soft cluster stuffing. So if it gets dirty, just zip it off and throw it in the wash. And with a handle on top, it's easy to toss around. … [Continue reading...]

Candle Mat

Mary at Moonbeams in a Jar sent this fun felt project. ------------------------------ OK ..... GET BUSY !!!! Here's what you need: Assorted wool felt Hexagon quilt template 15" x 15" piece wool felt for backing Black thread Chalk marking pencil Freezer paper 2" x 2" piece of template plastic or cardboard (from cereal box) Use chalk pencil to trace patterns onto wool felt Cut 7 large (2 1/2") hexagons from assorted wool … [Continue reading...]

Hide and Seek Game Panel

Wooni over at Made by Wooni just sent this fun new game tutorial. Go check out her site! ---------------------------------------------------------- Oh what is that interesting thing that my adorable son is playing with? It is my new Hide and seek panel, that is much more than that. As my son grows It can turn into a memory game, identify colors, or any other game that might come to mind. Here is the tutorial that I will have available … [Continue reading...]

Recycled Wrist Pin Cushion

Fun+ctional. It's a mash-up word that means a lot to me. While I think beauty can stand alone in the art world, I prefer the utilitarian but still artful nature of crafts. Take this pin cushion, for example. It helps me keep track of pins while I'm sewing, and it also makes me smile because it reminds me of the beautiful gaillardia flowers in my garden. It's both "fun" and "functional." Plus it's made entirely of recycled materials, which is a … [Continue reading...]

Partial Window Shade

*Project by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff* Do you have a child that rides in the middle seat and goes ballistic if the sun is in his/her eyes? Now you won't have to worry about it anymore! Simply make one of these window shades and it's as easy as a snap to block out. This window shade only partially covers the window so your child can still see outside and other back seat riders can as well. If you don't need it at all, simply roll it up and … [Continue reading...]

Mr. Postman

"Wait!Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman.Please Mr. Postman, look and seeYou got a letter in your bag for me?"-The BeatlesThis Postman-In-Training is ready to brave the elements to deliver your mail in a timely manner with the help of his very own play set! The play letters are made of sturdy wood with velcro attaching the address, stamp, and return address labels, so while he's playing he can also learn how to address a real letter.Once his … [Continue reading...]

Hold my {twine} Heart

For my audition piece, I wanted to create a subtle Valentine themed focal piece for my front room. And I absolutely love how it turned out! I love the natural elements, which you don't always see for Valentine's Day. The asymmetrical layout makes it stunning.I used a scrap piece of fabric to hang the heart and add a splash of color. To make the twine heart, I cut a heart shape out of styrofoam and then wound hemp twine around and hot glued in … [Continue reading...]

Car Seat Blanket

*Project by Kristin @ Pea Pod Creations* So here it is...I had two problems: Problem #1: Have you ever had your baby kick off a beautiful baby quilt while in their car seat? Ahh, it's the worst, not to mention if you were unfortunate enough to have your blanket land on a dirty store floor, or the pavement! I have had this happen and it's just plain horrible....I knew I had a problem..... Problem #2: The dilema of how to keep little baby … [Continue reading...]