DS Storage/Carrying Case

*Project by Shilo @ Toadly Crafty* “Mom where’s my charger?” “I know that’s my stylus, not his!” “I can’t find my Pokemon game!” Do you hear this to often! I know I do. I knew something had to be done. But at $40+ for a nice carrying case at the store, affording one was going to be hard never mind one for each of the kids (and my hubby!). Problem solved! No more lost chargers, no more whinny road trips and no more arguing … [Continue reading...]


*Project by Marjorie @ Living with Three Moon Babies* A pillow that you can snuggle with, play with, and best of all, it has a pouch on the back to put all your favorite things in. Oh, and a little handle on top to help you carry it around! It was made using only a thrifted fleece jacket, felt scraps and thread. The SnuggaRoo is a great way to take something old and make it new! These would be great to take on road trips, sleepovers or … [Continue reading...]

Mod Flower Door Curtain

In order to photograph this "door curtain" I actually had to close the door, but try to imagine it with the door open, leading into a cute girl's bedroom or playroom. There are lots of colorful paper flowers, hearts, and ladybugs hanging from the top of the door frame to the floor (well, almost to the floor.) I covered a 1/4" wooden dowel with decorative paper, cut the dowel to fit the door frame, and added rubber stoppers to each end to hold … [Continue reading...]

Advertising with SYTYC

Advertising with So You Think You're Crafty is a fantastic way to get exposure for your blog or business. I have many faithful readers that love to visit and enjoy SYTYC.I am averaging 15,000 page views a week (with 5,000 of those being unique visitors) and the number keeps raising! And with almost half of those coming from referring sites, that will get your name out there fast!SYTYC offers competitive and affordable advertising rates and … [Continue reading...]

Charlene @ eWillow Designs

I’m a wife of twenty-three years to a great guy and a mom to two fabulous teenage girls I’m a HUGE Donny Osmond fan (in fact, no one loves Donny more than I do!) I have OCD…except when it comes to doing the laundry and doing other stupid household chores (I’d rather be making stuff!) I own eWillow.com, a place on the web where people who are addicted to all things paper can have storefronts to sell their handmade paper … [Continue reading...]

Ann @ DecoMod Walls

Ann Gardner is a full time mama to 3 little ones and a full time artist. Ann graduated with a bachelor's degree in Art and has spent the last 10 years of her life painting, illustrating & designing in any free moment she had. In 2009, her husband left the business world to join Ann in artistic pursuits. Together they run a creative business which includes home decor and publishing. Ann says: "I happened upon the SYTYC site and knew I … [Continue reading...]

Cheryl @ A Pretty Cool Life

I'm a 28 year old stay at home mom to two little boys, ages 3 and 1. I love the ordinary days I spend with them, and desperately try to hang on to each one because the time is flying by much too fast. We spend our days playing, building, chasing, snacking, watching too much tv and trying to inspire a little creativity. One day we hope to add homeschool to that list. I've lived my entire life in the Chicagoland area, although I think there … [Continue reading...]

Chris @ Pickup Some Creativity

I'm a wife and mother to four children. I recently graduated with my doctorate degree in Audiology, and enjoy that profession, but find my greatest joys in my family and creating. I've drawn since I could hold a pencil, and sewn since I was 4, thanks to a nurturing mom who still inspires me. Creating something new or figuring out how to put something together keeps me centered and happy. I started my craft blog July 2009, more as a way to say … [Continue reading...]