Snow Ruffle Pillow

Looking for a fun addition to your bed or couch? This snow ruffle pillow tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions. this tutorial will give you the basics on how to create your "snow" ruffle. here are the steps i used to create my ruffles. first cut strips that will be your ruffles. cut them at 1 inch width and the width of the fabric (usually 42 to 46 inches) then cut them in half. you will end up with two strips at 21 to … [Continue reading...]

New Year – Week 8

Craft #1 - New Years Daily Log Cover - Vanessa @ V&Co the goal this new year for me is "consistency". i want consistency in parenting, consistency in creating, consistency in my home and life organization, consistency in calorie intake, and consistency in exercise. i basically want balance of the most important things in my life this year. that's my new year's resolution. how i'm going to achieve that is by logging … [Continue reading...]