Batiked Drawstring Bag

*Project by Kim @ Maiden D’Shade for the Rit dye challenge of season 14* Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, I made it to the top three! Thank you so much for the love and support and votes along the way! I am humbled. I seriously didn't think I'd make it this far, and because of that, I didn't really have a plan for Rit Dye week. I've never used it before so this was a huge challenge for me. I actually tried several different things, not … [Continue reading...]

Dyed Ruffle Ombre Tablecloth

*Project by Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique for the RIT challenge of season 14* I have never ever attempted dying fabric. The thought just stressed me out. I have to say it was really fun. I love that this competition has challenged me to go outside my normal "craft" areas. I love it. I also love how this tablecloth turned out. I used the same dye for the darker and lighter ruffle but varied the time it spent in the dye bath. Now that I … [Continue reading...]

Elegant Bathroom Re-do

*Project by Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique for the Elegant challenge of season 14* I love how this challenge turned out. I have hated my bathroom for the last 5 years. Let's just pretend it was the first owners who painted the bathroom that color. And let's also pretend my Mom didn't warn me that I would hate it and that it would turn the bathroom into a deep dark hole of a room mmmkay?? I've regretted painting it ever since and finally got … [Continue reading...]

Downton Abbey Inspired Knotted Pearls

*Project by Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty for the Elegant challenge of season 14* Thanks again for your votes last week!  I love this week's theme and can't wait to show you my project! As I brainstormed ideas for this week's theme, I realized that people have very different ideas as to what constitutes elegance.  Just try searching for "elegant" on Pinterest and you'll see what I mean :) I've been watching a lot of Downtown Abbey lately, … [Continue reading...]

Elegant Sparkling Centerpiece

*Project by Kim @ Maiden D’Shade for the Elegant theme of season 14* I am so thankful to still be here for week 7! Thank you all for voting! This week I'm sharing this easy, yet elegant, centerpiece. This is all you need: tissue paper glitter glue sponge brush clear glass vase school glue (clear or white) transparency sheet string of battery operated lights tape I designed the image and printed it onto white tissue … [Continue reading...]

The Big Yellow Purse

*Project by Kim @ A Girl & A Glue Gun for the For Me challenge of Season 10* for me! huh! i hardly ever really make stuff for myself. I mean i make stuff to decorate my house...and i refashion stuff so it fits better...and when i make stuff for my kids it makes them happy and in return makes me happy...but i really never full on make stuff for myself! So i pulled out a big pile of papers that i have ripped out of magazines and kept...(you … [Continue reading...]

Leather Accessories

 *Project by Deidre @ A Craft A Day for the For Me challenge of Season 10* We all love accessories.  Finding things is different from the rest, however, is not always an easy task. The necklace is a basic bib necklace made of leather, lace and beads.  It's not too feminine but has a bit of a girly touch to soften it. The head band is simple.  Little pieces of leather on a headband.  It pulls it all together. … [Continue reading...]

Super Soft Fabric Slippers

*Project by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff for the For Me challenge of Season 10* For Me? When I competed clear back in Season Two this theme was the hardest one for me. So I was kind of bummed to have to do it again! I went with a total different outlook this time, and created something for me... because I know You will want a pair too! Here are my Super Soft Fabric Slippers! They are so comfortable and so stinking cute! Perfect for wearing … [Continue reading...]