Super Hero Cape

*Project made by Julliana @ Equal Opportunity Crafter* Boys like to dress up too sometimes! (And who say's a girl can't be a super hero?) I've seen some really cute superhero capes, but none of them were quite right. Still, I wanted one for my's what I came up with. This one is designed so it would be easy on and off (velcro) and not tie around his neck. This tutorial will include the pattern and sizing for Small, Medium … [Continue reading...]

Candy Corn Costume Tutorial

*This tutorial is put together by Chica & Jo based on their winning project for our Costume theme* With Halloween fast approaching, it's time once again to work on costumes. I learned last year while making Little Jo's costume that fleece is a fantastic material to use on costumes, because it's stretchy, warm, soft, forgiving, and doesn't require hemming. I love it! I used fleece again this year to make costumes for the girls, and I … [Continue reading...]

Week 1 – Pumpkins

Well here we are! The start of a new season. Welcome to Season 5! I'm so excited for you guys to get to know these ladies a little bit better. They really are talented women. This week we have something really fun to kick off the new season. I'm teaming up with Caroline from Always Expect Moore. She is hosting a week of celebrating Pumpkins, which just happens to be this weeks theme! It started yesterday and I'm so excited to see all the … [Continue reading...]

Candy Dispenser

*Project by Niki @ LilyBug Designs* Wouldn't it be great if you had a candy dispenser you could leave out on the porch for trick or treaters?  We always seem to take turns on who passes out the candy and who takes the kids around trick or treating.  This year we can both take the kids trick or treating and leave the pumpkin to hand out the candy. You too can make this great candy dispenser using a craft pumpkin, foam core and a knob.  … [Continue reading...]

Pumpkin Cut-Outs

Project made by Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition It's that time of year - fall - time to get out the pumpkins!  Don't just limit your pumpkin use to home decor and yummy treats - pumpkin up your "look" as well! Pumpkin Cutouts are a simple and cute way to wear your love of fall. For one option, find a discarded black shirt, and spice it up with a jack-o-lantern and fun sleeves. You or your child will then have a unique Halloween shirt for … [Continue reading...]

Pumpkins in Burlap

*Project made by Lauren @ Creatively Crafty Baby* Pumpkins! It must be fall... And I LOVE FALL! But I have no outdoor fall decor. Which got me thinking... A couple of years ago we used pumpkins and other gourds from our garden to decorate our front porch. Unfortunately they rotted and ended up being pretty gross in general. So heres my solution... Pumpkins in Burlap! No rotting... GUARANTEED! … [Continue reading...]

Pumpkin Booties

*Project by Kailyn @  Kailyn's Bit of Sunshine* I love, love ,love to sew by hand. One of my favorite things to make is baby shoes out of felt. In coming up with this weeks craft I was able to combine both. I found a bootie pattern that I turned into fun Baby Boots with a matching jacket. The green ultra suede fabric lined with wooly fabric Is super cute. I embroidered white punpkins, green vines, leaves and orange seed beed flowers. It … [Continue reading...]