Book Rosettes

*Project by Heidi @ Made by Heidi* Recycle your old books!! and turn them into works of art!!! A few of my kid's books were on their way to the trash when I decided that I could use their fabulous colorful pages for a project. Aren't these rosettes to die for? … [Continue reading...]

Bag Dispenser

*Project made by Chica and Jo @ Chica & Jo* We've got one of those cardboard wine bottle "boxes" that we received with a gift, and we kept it because it was so pretty.  We've often wondered what else could be done with it, though, and finally came up with a great idea.  We recycled it into a plastic bag dispenser!  As dog owners, our favorite way to recycle plastic bags is to use them for cleaning up after the dogs, so that was a perfect … [Continue reading...]

Neck Tie Skirt

*Project made by Julliana @ Equal Opportunity Crafter* Time to recycle those old, unused neckties. Take them from your husband, dad, neighbors, and friends. Then make a super cute skirt for yourself or any stylish gal you know. This skirt can be made to fit any size girl or woman. It will match just about any shirt you have - awesome! You could try to find ties in all the same color way or go crazy and have them all … [Continue reading...]

Witch Princess

*Project by Ashley @ Simply Designing for the Pumpkin challenge* (this is her scary face ha ha ha1) What little girl doesn't love being a Princess for Halloween? Mine sure does. And let me tell you...she makes a CUTE Cinderella! But I also have a soft spot in my heart for traditional Halloween costumes as well. So this year, we created, the WITCH PRINCESS! And what is a Witch Princess you ask? (My husband asked me too!) It is a Witch, … [Continue reading...]

Costume Box

*Project by Heidi* Costumes... costumes... costumes... there are about a million things that come to mind when I think about making something with this theme in mind, and I thought, "why limit myself to just one costume?" That's when the "costume box" was born... It has a felt person pasted to the top of the box and tons of felt costumes/wigs/accessories inside to dress this little doll! You have a Frankenstein, pumpkin (complete with a … [Continue reading...]

Mod Bo Peep

*Project by KoJo Designs* Where, oh where, has my little sheep gone? Goodness gracious me- there you are! So glad I found you... now off to round up a herd of candy! What could be cuter than a mod Bo Peep costume paired with a fluffy sheep trick-or-treat bag? Not much! Even better, most of the costume (the pettiskirt, the hair bow, and the leg warmers) can transition from Halloween apparel to everyday wear after October 31st, so … [Continue reading...]

Strawberry Shortcake

*Project by Niki @ LilyBug Designs* I made a Strawberry Shortcake costume for Halloween.  I went for the "old school" Strawberry Shortcake versus the newly designed one.  I guess I just prefer her better since she's the one I recognize from my childhood.  The outfit includes hat, dress, pinafore, bloomers, painted green striped tights and trick or treat bag. For the hat, I painted the strawberries on the fabric, added a stuffed strawberry … [Continue reading...]

The Upside-Down Man

*Project by Mandy @ SugarBee Craft Edition* Need a quick and easy, no-sew costume with items that you have around the house??  Here you go: The Upside-Down Man I love this costume for so many reasons: --easy- no sewing required --made from items you have on hand --appeals to kids who still want to dress up but aren't into characters, etc - costume is great for adults as well --unique!! As a poor college student I entered as the … [Continue reading...]