Anthropologie Caridad Ruffled Dress Knock-Off

*Project by Malory @ Snips & Spice for the Knock off challenge of season 15* I was super excited when I say that this week's theme was knock-off.  I knew right away that I wanted to knock-off an Anthropologie dress (they are super cute, and super expensive).  I looked through all of the pictures and thought this one would be perfect to wear to a wedding this summer. The most challenging part of making this dress was creating the … [Continue reading...]

Stacking Wood Trays

*Project by Jess @ Spool & Spoon for the Knock Off challenge of season 15* It's no secret that I covet craft supplies, but I'm a bit of an office supply hoarder as well. That's why this was exactly the knock-off project I needed to corral all of my goodies in one stylish place. Every once in awhile you come across something in the pages of a glossy catalog or in the windows of your favorite shops and your heart skips a beat. That's what … [Continue reading...]

Pandora Knock-Off

 *Project by Amber C @ The Craft Project for the Knock off challenge of season 15* For my knock-off craft I decided to create my own version of a Pandora bracelet. Pandora's version costs $590. I created mine for $10. I used sculpey to build all of the beads. Once they were sculpted and baked I spray painted them silver. I then did all of the detailing: I first painted the center of the heart pendant black and then added a coat of a gloss … [Continue reading...]

Bel-Air Bedding Knock Off

*Project by Veronica @ Adventures of D & V for the Knock Off challenge of season 15* We recently decided to invest in a down comforter for our bedroom. I had been searching for a duvet cover that I loved for it...and every one that I found, that I loved, was out of our price range. So I decided to make a knock off version! The style that we both fell in love with was the Barclay Butera Interiors Bel Air duvet cover. If you click over to … [Continue reading...]

Angela @ The Wray Sisters


Hi, I'm Angela! I'm a retired middle school teacher. Now I have the even cooler job of being a mother to an adorable 2 year old boy and  to a teeny tiny girl who will make her debut this June. I enjoy reading, writing, and of course crafting, sewing, photography, and blogging. I blog over at Better Together with my two sisters. Since my sisters and I don't live near each other, we started our blog in an effort to stay more connected. We … [Continue reading...]

Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog


Brittany Kugler is Craft Master General in charge of BK's Craft Blog. She spends her year between Cincinnati, OH and Spring Green, WI where he is lucky enough to be doing what she loves for a living; working as a Wardrobe Supervisor in live theatre. So basically she gets to play with costumes made for imaginary people. BK's Craft Blog was the suggestion of two friends who were tired of getting bi-weekly emails chock full of links and babbling, … [Continue reading...]

Jama @ Cool People Sew


Hi, I am Jama from over at! Some of you maybe wondering how you pronounce my name, so let me explain... JAY-MUH.  I was named after my Dad, James, who I love so much!! That may be more information than you wanted at first.  So now that we have that straight let me tell you a little about myself. I love to create pretty things and in my journey of creativity I began to sew.  I began sewing 5 years ago while my husband and I … [Continue reading...]

June @ Creations by June

me and boys

Hello!  I am June and I may or may  not have a slight crafting/sewing addiction! I am so excited to be on So You Think Your Crafty!   I started blogging  (CreationsByJune ) so my friends and family who live a distance away could see what up to and have found I really enjoy it!   I also have an Etsy shop, same name, CreationsByJune and I have a little of this or that, right now, quite a few vintage patterns, some pre made scrap books and of course … [Continue reading...]