Snowman Glove Dryer

*Project made by Mandy @ Sugar Bee - Craft Edition* Winter and snow - love it.  But what's the most annoying thing about winter?? - all those wet hats/gloves/boots thrown about the entryway.  Well, bring on winter because this year I'm ready with the Snowman Glove Dryer! This is a cost-friendly, FUNCTIONAL craft.  Made of inexpensive PVC pipe, there is a hole in the bottom that allows hot air to flow up and through the arms, legs, and top … [Continue reading...]

Penguin Coat Rack

*Project made by Chica and Jo @ Chica & Jo* Winter means many wonderful things to us, with the snow and the holidays and the decorations. When it comes to everyday life around the house, though, winter means lots and lots of winter clothes! Hats and scarves and coats and mittens get tossed everywhere when removed at the door, and keeping them organized can be a hassle, especially if you have little kids. We decided to make it FUN for the … [Continue reading...]

Interactive World Map Tutorial

*Tutorial by KoJo Designs for their win during the Hardware challenge* Our family loves maps. Everywhere we go, we collect a map. We use globes in all our decor and our girls would rather look at maps than have a bedtime story (seriously). For awhile now, there has been a huge blank space above our sofa in the living room. I wanted to fill it with a piece of art; something unique and creative. My husband wanted a wall map; think of the … [Continue reading...]

Reading Nook Hanging Chair

*Project by Mandy @ SugarBee Craft Edition* After wandering through the hardware store, I came out with:  chains, eyebolts, nuts, washers, painter's dropcloth, lumber, metal bucket, bubble wrap, and colored duct tape.  All for the same project - crazy!!  But it all pulled together for my amazing Reading Nook Hanging Chair. I LOVE the look - it's the shiny hardware that makes the biggest statement: The chair doesn't hang too high off the … [Continue reading...]

Aluminum Greeting Cards

*Project made by Chica and Jo @ Chica & Jo* This week's hardware theme sure was a doozy! We walked around our local hardware store looking for inspiration and found it in an aisle full of metal rods, poles, and grates. There was some lovely punched aluminum that came in large sheets intended for use in things like radiator covers. When we saw it, though, we knew it was destined for greeting cards. As pretty as the metal was on … [Continue reading...]

Child’s Art Easel

*Project made by Nikki at LilyBug Design* As a person who loves art, I like to give my kids every opportunity to be creative.  We spend quite a bit of time coloring, decorating, painting, and playing with play-doh.  When the hardware theme came up I thought this was the perfect time to make an art easel for my daughter.  With some basic carpentry skills you can whip up an art easel too! With one side of the easel as a dry erase board and … [Continue reading...]