{chalkboard} menu board

*Project made by Ginger @ Ginger Snap Crafts for the On The Wall challenge of season 14* It's January!  Time for those New Year's resolutions! Yay!  Well, one of my goals this year is to be more organized in my kitchen!  I've found that if I plan my meals out that I spend less money at the store, and I save so much time at home.  No more....what's for dinner?  We'll already know. :) I made this super easy chalkboard menu board to hang {on … [Continue reading...]

Hanging Succulent Garden

*Project made by Ginger @ Gingerly Made for the On the Wall challenge of season 14*  I have awed at and admired vertical gardens since the first time I saw them. But I have been reluctant to make one of my own because I heard they were difficult. Not so!! They do take a little time before you can turn them and hang on your wall, but other than the patience to let them root, I don't think they are much more difficult than other … [Continue reading...]

Catherine @ CathGrace

Hi I am Catherine, and I blog over at cathgrace, were I document my adventures sewing, traveling, and crafting up a storm. I like to think of myself as a "maker" since I am almost always creating 3-4 things be it furniture refinishing, fiber arts, quilting, clothes making, or whatever has struck me at that moment. I currently live in South Korea with my US Air Force husband, and 2 kids, and we are enjoying seeing the world and growing closer … [Continue reading...]

Ginger @ Gingerly Made

Hi! I'm Ginger from Gingerly Made where I write about crafting, food, and family. I'm really excited to be competing here on So You Think You're Crafty! I love to challenge myself and this will definitely be a challenge. My blog actually started as a 'green' momma blog. Hubs and I have big plans to move out of the suburbs and into the country. In the meantime we do a lot of gardening and trying live sustainably. All that sustainable, … [Continue reading...]

Ginger @ Ginger Snap Crafts

Hi! I'm Ginger. I'm the wife to one amazing guy & mom to 5 wild & crazy kiddos! I also LOVE to make things. It seems like I'm always in the middle of a project! My blog, Ginger Snap Crafts is a place were I share my cute, simple, fun & easy craft projects.I hope to inspire YOU to create along with me! Ginger Snap Blog : Facebook : Twitter : Pinterest Ginger's Projects:   … [Continue reading...]

Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty

Hi everyone!  My name is Valerie and I blog with my sister over at Occasionally Crafty.  We’re two moms who love music, love to read, and love to craft, when we can!  We do a little bit of everything at our blog, from home décor and seasonal crafts to sewing and recipes. I have two boys and a girl, play the flute and piano, teach piano lessons, read anything I can get my hands on, and love making things and sharing them with others.  I’ve been … [Continue reading...]

Amelia @ Night Garden Designs & Whoa Millie!

Amelia is a mama, an artist, and a designer of book covers who lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest. She blogs on art + craft + life, modern + vintage at the Night Garden Design blog (http://nightgardendesign.blogspot.com) and Whoa Millie! (http://whoamillie.blogspot.com). She also sells stuff she makes and treasures she's hunted on Etsy. Night Garden Blog : Whoa Millie Blog : Twitter : Pinterest : Night Garden Shop : Night Garden … [Continue reading...]

Kim @ Maiden D’Shade

Hi! I'm Kim. I'm one of the east coast craft bloggers. I am a SAHM currently. It's my favorite! I have two daughters, one is 17 and one is 10. I am married to a wonderful man. My family is very supportive of me, which is essential as a blogger! I enjoy making things, always have. There's just something about working with your hands and creating! I also love to go thrift shopping! I haven't been in a few weeks and am going through withdrawals! … [Continue reading...]