Knight in Shining Duck Tape Armor

*Project by Veronica @ Adventures of D & V for the Duct Tape challenge of season 15* In the world of imagination there is always a Princess who needs to be saved, or a dragon who needs to be slain. And those are both jobs for a Night In Shining Armor! Real armor is much to heavy for a young knight, so what looks like armor with out being so very heavy...Duct Tape Armor! I made this set of duct tape armor with everything a young knight … [Continue reading...]

Ruffled Kite

*Project by  Jess @ Spool & Spoon for the Duct Tape challenge of Season 15* So... duct tape, huh? I was kind of at a loss for what to do this week... and actually stood at the duct tape bins in AC Moore for almost my entire lunch hour debating what colors to buy. I know it's been a pretty trendy craft medium for the past few years but it's not one I ever considered actually using. I decided to try my hand at creating something fun and … [Continue reading...]

Duct Tape Lined Tote

*Project by Amber R. @ Craft Me Perfect for the Duct Tape challenge of season 15* You always here that duct tape can fix absolutely anything! It can also be used to make craft projects. I made this adorable tote bag from duct tape and a small scrap of fabric. This could be made with any fabric of any color or pattern and any duct tape of any color or pattern. The fact that it is lined with duct tape makes it waterproof. So it could be used … [Continue reading...]

Retro Canister Set

 *Project by Sarah @ Sara vs Sarah for the Thrift Store challenge of season 11* When I found this set of canisters, they were a nightmare straight out of the 1980s.  Remember the country geese phase?  These went with those.  The lids were white, scratched up and dented.  Yet, I did see some potential. After getting all the white paint off the lids, I pounded out a couple of dents.  Then I turned to a couple of 1950s thrifted cookbooks for … [Continue reading...]

Quilted Bean Bag Chair

*Project by Amanda @ Simply Homemade for the Thrift Store challenge of Season 11*  My husband is a genius, but I'll never admit that this was his idea. A few weeks ago, he asked me: "When are you going to rip up some of our blankets and turn them into bean bags?" Me: ?? Really, I had no idea what he was talking about or where he got the notion that I was going to "rip up" anything....but then my crafty self thought, "that's flippin' … [Continue reading...]

Patio Serving Shelf

*Project by Wendy @ Craft Goodies for the Thrift Store challenge of Season 11* To be honest, thrift isn't really my thing...{can you hear my husband yelling a loud "NO KIDDING!"} I just enjoy being able to make things so I don't always pay attention to the final cost. That made this challenge at first very daunting but in the end especially rewarding. I came up with something that I LOVE and didn't spend a thing!!! How's that for a … [Continue reading...]

Disney Jewelry

*Project by Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog for the Thrift Store challenge of Season 11* Calling all Disney Nerds!   You know how people say we spend a third of our life sleeping? I feel like I spend a third of my time in thrift stores. I buy almost all of my clothes there and it makes me feel pretty good about my carbon footprint (it balances out my long showers). This week's challenge was a doozy since I alter almost all of … [Continue reading...]

Lace Wall Art

*Project by June @ Creations by June for the Thrift Store challenge of Season 11* Week two..THRIFT Week!!!  At first was going to hit the thrift shops, then thought.. why?  I have been hitting thrift stores and auctions for quite a while so just did some looking in my goodies to make something with at a later date.. or NOW!  I love lace and have a habit of picking up old curtains and lucked out with a mystery box at an auction that had … [Continue reading...]