Rattan Redo

*Project by Heather @ Dragonfly Designs for the season 9 Thrift Store Challenge* I found this little table at a Thrift Store for $5. The rattan was falling apart, it was chipped and scuffed and needed some serious TLC. After sanding, priming, painting, distressing, glazing and sealing ~ my table was transformed! But what to do about the rattan? Why cut it out and replace it with a custom cushion of course. And the cushion was super … [Continue reading...]

Shark Stuffie

*Project by Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique for the For the Boys challenge of Season 14* Guys. This was seriously the hardest challenge for me!! I know NOTHING about boys! So, I thought and thought and thought and then suddenly the projects were due and I still had no idea about what I was going to do. GAH! Then it struck me. Even though I don't have any baby boys I have lots of fun friends having boys. So, what do baby boys like?? haha I … [Continue reading...]

DIY Darth Vader Stencil

*Project by Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty for the For the Boys challenge of season 14* If you are the mom of a boy, then it is likely that he is now or someday soon will be obsessed with Star Wars.  If it hasn't happened yet, prepare yourself--it most likely will.  Even if you never show them the movies, somehow, they will learn about light sabers  Luke and Han Solo, and of course the big baddy himself- Darth Vader. My oldest son is no … [Continue reading...]

Airplane Engine Art

*Project by Kim @ Maiden D’Shade for the For the Boys challenge of season 14* Hello! I'm happy to be here for week 2! Did you know that paper models (for things boys like) are becoming really popular? Well, I thought I'd try one. I've been wanting to make something using the phrase "I Love Airplane Noise" ever since I saw it on a bumper sticker at a gift shop at an airplane museum. Come to think of it, I've been to several airplane museums. … [Continue reading...]