Rattan Redo

*Project by Heather @ Dragonfly Designs for the season 9 Thrift Store Challenge* I found this little table at a Thrift Store for $5. The rattan was falling apart, it was chipped and scuffed and needed some serious TLC. After sanding, priming, painting, distressing, glazing and sealing ~ my table was transformed! But what to do about the rattan? Why cut it out and replace it with a custom cushion of course. And the cushion was super … [Continue reading...]

Shark Stuffie

*Project by Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique for the For the Boys challenge of Season 14* Guys. This was seriously the hardest challenge for me!! I know NOTHING about boys! So, I thought and thought and thought and then suddenly the projects were due and I still had no idea about what I was going to do. GAH! Then it struck me. Even though I don't have any baby boys I have lots of fun friends having boys. So, what do baby boys like?? haha I … [Continue reading...]

DIY Darth Vader Stencil

*Project by Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty for the For the Boys challenge of season 14* If you are the mom of a boy, then it is likely that he is now or someday soon will be obsessed with Star Wars.  If it hasn't happened yet, prepare yourself--it most likely will.  Even if you never show them the movies, somehow, they will learn about light sabers  Luke and Han Solo, and of course the big baddy himself- Darth Vader. My oldest son is no … [Continue reading...]

Airplane Engine Art

*Project by Kim @ Maiden D’Shade for the For the Boys challenge of season 14* Hello! I'm happy to be here for week 2! Did you know that paper models (for things boys like) are becoming really popular? Well, I thought I'd try one. I've been wanting to make something using the phrase "I Love Airplane Noise" ever since I saw it on a bumper sticker at a gift shop at an airplane museum. Come to think of it, I've been to several airplane museums. … [Continue reading...]

Pull-String Robot Piñata + Candy Filler

*Project by Amelia @ The Night Garden for the For the Boys challenge of season 14* I made this super fun robot piñata using mostly found materials and some crepe paper that I've had out in the studio since (*gasp*) my wedding ten years ago. My piñata is a robot for an upcoming birthday party, but you could adapt the project for basically any theme. Just look in the recycling bin, and you probably have enough materials to start building … [Continue reading...]

The Creepy Clown Hat

*Project by Catherine @ CathGrace for the For the Boys challenge of season 14* Okay, so my "For The Boys" Week project is quite possibly my favorite thing I have made, EVER. I have a middle-schooler who pretty much doesn't play with toys anymore, and isn't very easy to impress with homemade things, so when I was thinking about what to make for him, I was struggling with what he would actually like, let alone use. The weather where we are has … [Continue reading...]